Drake Disses Kia Shine


If you diss Drizzy, you’ll never hear a reply for it. But if you claim responsibility for his biggest hit, he’s gonna address the matter. This pretty much confirms our previous post.

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Sidebar: Kinfolk gets clowned? It ain’t nothin’ new.

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  • Hmmm…

    This shit don’t sound right, somebodies lying…

  • Crumb

    The truth always gets people in an uproar… sooo Kia gets a check to shut his mouth bout what he did do and didnt do and Drake will still be seen as a lyrical monster cause no one will tell the truth… fuck that shit…. expose Jimmy Brooks

  • bk maarten

    Drake is in denial Kia-Shine won an award for his pen game on “The Best I ever had”

  • yum

    lets c how nigaz gonna shake this one…that wayne song never dropped officially
    how does kia shine own anything unless he wrote waynes lyrics on the original track or drakes on best i ever had….hummm

  • NOUS

    HA! I KNEW it.

    Come on, are y’all serious? Why would Kia Shine write like THAT for Drake and not for himself? Have you heard a fucking Kia Shine song?!! OMFG, it’s the worst shit EVER. Either he’s lying, or he’s stupid. Either way, that nigga is a massive fail.

  • bk maarten


    how is he lying he just won an award for writing for the song. there is no hiding that fact he won a legit award for writing for the song. if it were the entire, half or quarter of the song he still wrote.

  • ReppinHard

    Are people really stupid to believe Kia Shine wrote anything for Drake? Come on now! Have you people ever heard a Kia Shine song?!

  • Uptowm

    Where the hell are you guys seeing he got an award…People need to shut their mouth and get their facts straight. That picture with Kia holding an award was from a previously made track. All of you are just haters looking for a reason to not let drake be great…

  • YO!

    http://www.bmi.com/photos/entry/539611 << aint seen where he won anything..

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    PEOPLE PEOPLE………….Kia Shine fucked up by 1st saying he co-wrote “best i ever had” the word co-wrote threw alot of people off (me included) he went on Angela Yee and…somewhat cleared it up. He said he helped with the melody and cadence of the song(which is something we all can do) Kia Shine didnt personally write 1line of “best i ever had” but he says he co-wrote it bc he helped with the SOUND of it…….If thats the case i got perfectly good ears and can help with the SOUND of a song… cut the check!!

  • Kamus is trying to act like he knows something about music.
    Drake used a piece of a verse,,, from some little wayne shit…
    That Kia Shine originally wrote and supplied cadence/melody for reference on a track he produced…
    If somebody used some lines out of your verse and used it for their 1st big single and blew the fuck up..
    you might feel entitled to some royalties
    the bottom line is the song wouldn’t be the same if Kia Shine didn’t exist.
    Hence the claims of ownership
    oh and Kamus email me when you help mold the SOUND of a #1 Hit Single

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