• ctg

    I told Jay I was going on Oprah
    next thing I know he on the couch with Oprah
    In the back of my mind I’m like “damn, hold up”
    translate español “coño Hova”

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  • Lil’ Nello

    Thanks for the preview but I will pass till it airs next week like a true Jay fan!

  • untouchable jay

  • then i move weight like im oparahs son/ huh? i show u how to do dis son

  • Damn! you be on point with the soundtracks…. “and my interviews are hotter, HOLLA!”

  • Pure Dopeness! Take heed to whats going on here really! Jay-z & Oprah= Powerful!!!!

    Did yall see this interview about the “Discography of Jay-Z”? ( http://bit.ly/3F1UgB )