Michael Jackson “Who’s Lovin’ You” (No ID Remix)

MJ Remix Cover 3

This MJ remix shit is outta control. The shuffling drums are cool and all, but you really can’t fuck with perfection. Oh and this reminds me; of course that’s not me in the credits of BP3. The genius that is No ID, is “E. Wilson”. He prefers Dion. But his mama named him Ernest.

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  • the258lifestyle

    Shouts to MOTOWN for whoring out all this MJ material and to all these producers not doing it any justice!

  • B.Dot


  • they better off giving me NO ID tracks. i dont understand why you wanna remix a classic when you can make a new star. A waste of resources.

  • I like the track…just not with MJ’s vocals

  • BrixCty

    With a name like Ernest, I’d take on the moniker “No ID” too!

  • Not A Fan

    LOL @ Brixcty

    beat is banging. but dont use it for a classic MJ. its already perfect
    I could see Kanye spit on this…

  • Ismu

    I earnestly can say that that remix was beautiful… it has a classic sound with a contemporary drop to it. i have been a devout fan of him since i was in the third grade. thank you Mr Wilson.