Dame Dash’s Piece Of The Roc

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Here’s the visual behind the making of Dame’s current project where he brings rap and rock together. Not feeling the title Blak Roc ’cause it looks like he’s hanging on to his past legacy but hey what’d I know. He clearly still has the juice to recruit some big dawgs to the table and the Black Keys sound kinda tough. Hey, is that RZA? They’ve come a long way since the ODB blow-up on Video Hits One. Ha!

Damn, I love me some Shawn and some Dash. Can it be it was all so simple then?

Props: Different Kitchen

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  • iCandy

    not wure why he’s going with Rock music.. what happened to the “you don’t understand my culture” mumbo-jumbo?

    If it’s for money, I can respect it.. but it would be nice to see him do the right thing… -in hip hop.

  • wow


  • Jay

    So…. Mos ghostwrote that verse for Jim, right?

  • @Jay duhhh. isn’t it weird to see the 2 of them in the stu together?

    and is that the Graham Av station or what? no hipsto.

  • sideshowRaheem

    That track sounds like it could be the shit………if they removed Jim Jone’s vocals.


    The Black Keys ALWAYS sound tough!

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  • polobear

    Not bad, It’s good to see Dame still alive and kickin. The only negative is that Jim Jones is part of the project.

  • i think i’ve heard something like this before….oh wait i have. ADRIAN CHAMPION. White Strips X Hip Hop. and that was DOPE. so this better be hot.