Jay-Z Defends The Passion Of Kanye West


I’m a take the cookie, not leave my ring

Earlier today, Jigga went to Jo Whiley of BBC Radio 1’s crib and spoke on Kanye’s tirade at the VMA’s last Sunday. Sorry Hov, but your bae bro is a jackass. Lil Mama too, I don’t give a fuck boo.

Bonus: We in the houseee.


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  • VerseCutta

    once obama puts the government seal on it, there’s nothing you can say to help kanye.
    kanye is a US Government Certified Jackass.
    only option for him is to move overseas and he can start out fresh.

  • KanyeWestWasRight

    Kanye west was right, that Bitch taylor’s video should not have won that award. How did Beyonce win video of the year but not best female video, if she’s a female?

  • B.Dot

    kanye is a US Government Certified Jackass.

    *dead…can someone get a medic!*

  • sideshowRaheem

    I got to disagrees B.Dot. In a day in age where we’ve seen the hip-hop community defend and embrace suspected murders and even a probable child molester it’s kind of silly that Jay-Z is they only one willing to stand up of Kanye. Regardless of how much of an ass Ye looked liked the backlash he got was completely out of proportion to the “crime” he committed.

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  • B.Dot

    @ sideshowRaheem i see ur point. but this isnt he first time kanye’s acted like a fruit cake. personally, i can’t stand it when a guy acts like a broad.

  • Lala

    That’s not the full interview!!Where’s Part 2??

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  • cCandy

    where are my comments!

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  • karist

    Kanye west is hip-hop fan who just happens 2 rap and make beats what he did is what everybody was thinking when that gurl won” how the fuck she win the award when single ladies was being re did on youtube millions? Matter of fact he did taylor swift a favor how many of ya heard of her prior 2 this

  • B.Dot

    Think about it. If it was at the BET Awards or the Source Awards (remember those? lol), this would barely be a topic

    But Michael Jackson wouldn’t have done that, Marvin Gaye wouldn’t have done that…none of the greats wouldve puled that stunt. kanye should be condemned for his behavior

  • VerseCutta

    it doesnt matter if beyonce should of won or not, dont start disrespecting other people because you have an opinion, if he did that to the wrong person he would of got fucked up, but he did it to
    a lil country white girl,how pussy is that.

    plus his track record is full of homo acts like that,he says he’s not gay,but cant control his emotions,so maybe he’s just a hermaphodite.

  • sideshowRaheem

    I’m not even saying it’s that outrageous that he got attacked in the media the way he did but to have no one standing in the guys corner is nuts. Camron going on national TV and saying he wouldn’t call the cops if he knew a serial killer was living next door to him was at least as big of an asshat move as Kanye’s actions but even Cam had his defenders. Also take into consideration that before this Kanye has never actively attacked another artist in the media even though he has had multiple jabs thrown at him and plenty of opportunities to fire back but when he’s under fire everybody seems to be taken shots. That’s the only part that seems fucked up to me not that Ye didn’t bring all this on himself.

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  • Dare I say that Taylor Swift Video was thematically better than Bey’s. I watched single ladies a million times myself cause I could watch Bey do that for hours. Taylors video was like a movie. It was a great video. Bey had 9 nods…she wasnt going to win them all. I doubt too many of us are up on all the hot new country shit….neither am I. But in music Taylor Swift seems to be a bigger deal than Bey right now. Do the knowledge. Bey’s lateat album went double plat but Taylor Swift has been on the charts for 44 weeks and is slightly over 3.8 million. She outsells all of the artist we talk about. Kanye shoulda stayed in his seat. But that shit was all planned 2 get us talking anyway….and it worked.

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  • Jay is right! the music has to be passion and real is real so all the dumbazz’s that talk about Kanye is really the ones who dont know music! He did what he did and I do understand why and most that see award shows may have never received an award but being in the position as a Music producer my self. Sometimes you just feel that most awards are given to people based on who you know and not the true business of the deal. So as far as for Kanye, keep doing it and albums will sell!

  • okok

    Nowadays record sales don’t matter. Taylor has more talent than other teen music stars from this decade (the DISNEY MAFIA) but I don’t see her becoming a big deal internationally just like her Country genre friends. She had better sales due to her fans mostly being those teens who relate to her music which is sad because it isn’t even that great and plus most those kids have bad taste in music. Her music reminds me of those lame 90’s teen movies that Not Another Teen Movie made fun of. Kanye and Beyonce are a big deal almost everywhere. Many people can find these two to be annoying but they are innovators and very talented people. I am not going to talk about MTV because they just suck this decade like the majority of the mainstream. MTV VMA’s is garbage and people made Kanye’s thing a big deal for reasons that shouldn’t be a big deal or just show how divided people in this country still are today.

    He should’ve known anyways that MTV usually doesn’t give him awards most the time and shouldn’t of attended or plan on going in the future. Remember VMA 2007 when Graduation came out and he didn’t get shit from MTV or when they used him to perform Love Lockdown at the 2008 VMA’s just for the ratings and attention.

  • okok

    Oh and my bad I typed about MTV when I said I wasn’t going to. Oh well thats what I think about that channel.

  • willie mcfly22

    yo on sum real ish im really done with this kayne thang…look the man did what he always do. let move on..the whole look and feel of Jay in the house witht the English lady feels really rock starish..lil performance chillin wit the wine..its that real grown up look. what otha rapper doin that…hip hop movin along..niiiice

  • Elle

    Jay is right. Everyone is jumping on the “I hate Kanye bandwagon” because they been haters waiting for the boy to slip up so that they could throw him under the bus. It really was not that big of a deal he said exactly what everyone was thinking, he just was supposed to do it in another way. Obama stating his opinion to the folks that threw him under the bus just shows that even the president can be a little dumb when judging people’s characters.

  • dmc

    kanye is imature, but how is that an excuse for a grown man

  • Not a single comment about that great rendition of Roc Boys? Well I thought it was actually better than the original. It was the easy listening, HGTV version. We in the home?

  • Mataz

    Gerald I agree i dont know about better than original i’ll put it at equal par but yes i think its better to focus on the rendition this Kanye thing is so pre-historic now. lets move on folks!

  • cabot

    It’s all about marketing — no one gets that. Drives record sales on both ends. You know how many pre-planned stunts like this I have witnessed from within the industry? Endless. Sad part is the fans who buy the records, and actually care are just marketed a bunch bs concoted by managers, publicists, record companies, networks, etc….when all they want is to see the star that they are fans of come on stage and thank them



    R0C NATi0N!!!!

    DATS RiTE h0V STANd By y0 b0i!!!!

  • realheadz

    anyone who believes none of this was fabricated needs a reality check.

    how many times has kanye done this? and on MTV? Or how many awards shows which few watch? Everyone keeps saying he’s a prick, which he does have a big ego, but why is everyone so shocked? Because of Swift? Please, lol… come on, he would have done it and I’m surprised it hasn’t been on a more consistent basis. Nothing new from Kanye. And considering MTV is what made the dude, the mere fact that they are in the media right now, you think they are going to not have anything to do with him again? Nah, all fabrications. Scripts… real talks.

    Pop music in the US is in a sad state. People are tired of Hiphop… All a marketing scheme to get the interest on Country music again in the US. Then like when Kanye crashed Justice in 06, he made a tune with Daft Punk. same shit will happen. He will somehow be involved in making a tune with Swift, or some sort of country music star. You’ll see.

    Besides, ODB was the original VMA crasher in 1998… look it up. 😉




  • jamal

    If it was the other way around we would be screamin racist this and that up a storm. That said its sad you would defend kanye. He was wrong. If he wasnt why did mtv remove him from the building. At least myself and beyonce arent racist.

  • Dame Dash

    Imma clap you up camel face. Don’t ever show up in New Mexico where I’m hiding right now because of the court cases thats haunting me.

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  • ————————————————————————
    Imma clap you up camel face. Don’t ever show up in New Mexico where I’m hiding right now because of the court cases thats haunting me.

  • Well, for those who care, here is the audio rip download to his “Roc Boy’s” acoustic version

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  • KanyeSux

    Oh man..i love all this hate against kanye because he DOES deserve it..his ego is crazy and funny thing is he’s a bad rapper too so I don’t know where he gets it from. As for the taylor swift incident it’s just another stunt showing how immature/big of an ego he has. Defend him all you want Jay-Z, but at the end of day you know it was wrong :P.

  • hate me

    Bunch of dumb ass mother fuckers and 15 year olds on this site.

  • starz

    Kanye did that cuz he knew she wouldnt kick his ass. If Pink, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, or even Lady Gaga won a moon man woulda been at his head before his ignorant ass could finish. There is a place and time for everything, but I guess he never learned that. Okay so what we expected beyonce to win, she expected beyonce to win. And in all fairness Beyonce won the categories that mattered best choreography and best video overall. she wouldnt have won that if she won best female. but newho Kanye is another ignorant black man with money. He needs to buy himself some class, I would be pissed for anyone who fell vicitm to his outburst. He apologized on his blog b4 he did that wack ass acting on Leno, so why couldnt he say that there? But like one of the guys said hiphop is known for supporting people who are pretty much in the wrong, spotlighted for negative things.

  • The Public

    Some moments cannot be replaced…and the thievery of those moments inexcusable….Kanye’s true colors showed in that immature egotisical selfish act….I can only pray that this hits him where he will really feel it..his pocketbook…

    John Q. Public

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  • Julian Reed

    Everybody stop bitchin, Kanyes rich, taylor swifts rich who cares! Its stupid to compare them because Swift is an average artist who sells so well because she’s a young face in a wide open music genre. Kanye was an inconsiderate ahole, but I cant get mad at him for telling the truth. In my opinion rappers should be given more leway when they do stupid things because unlike Taylor Swift they come from nothing, you can’t expect they will change who they are just because of money. The VMAs are a joke. Black artists get no love or recognition. Eminem winning best male artist? Taylor Swift winnning best female artist? I just wouldn’t go out of protest. And fuck swifts “moment” she’s rich as hell, who gives a fuck about a punk ass VMA. And she lipsynched her performance! Beyonce gave the people a “real” performance and showed why she should have won everything she was nominated for. And those bastards wonder why nobody from the black community came last year! And for all of yall haterz of Kanye, fuck you! He’s innovative and 1 of a kind. Don’t mistake hip hop for rap! There’s a huge diffrence. Kanye like Jayz is highly intellectual in his music. But I do wish the media would shut the hell up about it! Its over! Unlike Swift he has real issues to deal with mentally!

  • The Public

    “There’s a huge diffrence. Kanye like Jayz is highly intellectual in his music.”
    “And those bastards wonder why nobody from the black community came last year!”

    If you consider Kanyes “performance” at the VMA Intellectual…well enough said…..

    And if the VMA’s are such a joke..why the tearful comment that the “black people” didn’t come last year…as i wipe the tears from my eyes…

    Respect “and the label of Intellectual” is earned….and this “ain’t” the way to earn it…

    nough said…

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