Mariah Carey “I Want To Know What Love Is” (Live in Central Park)

You know YN loves some bootleg flip cam footage. Mariah Carey performed her new single for Oprah Winfrey and a sea of her New York lambs this morning in Central Park. Nick Cannon was also in the house gettin’ all kissy-kissy. Full show rip coming super soon.

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  • mimi313

    that “kissy-kissy” link u got up there is just down right nasty
    she looks like a whale who’s forcing that guy to kiss her
    thats just so wrong
    Wronger than hard rock!!

    i cant believe Em kissed that thing

  • L4L Love

    Mariah and Nick are so damn adorable! She already know what love is!

    the person above me is a fucking Eminem Stan, and its easy for someone to say some mean shit behind the computer, you prob a social reject, pimply faced unsexed obsessed homo that likes watching that video with Eminem getting teabagged by Bruno!

    see I can say mean shit too, smh fucking Stans!

  • wow


    nobody cares about the music, just em, nick and that gossip stuff.

    she´s the greatest singer alive and that cover version is beautiful! em is one of the greatest who ever touched a mic. and his new video in detroit where they tear down the legendary Tiger Stadium is great!

    we should be thankful for 2 great god giftet talents and not look for their mistakes constantly.