Mariah Carey On Oprah

As YN indicated, Mimi held a concert earlier this morning in Central Park. Following her fruity introduction, she performs a “I Want To Know What Love Is” off Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel. After the jump, she speaks on her new film Precious and chops it up with her husband Nick Cannon. Sorry Em, but no Mary Poppins talk.

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  • MissGennyS

    wow Mariah is annoying in this

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  • dmc

    they talk the same way, its like “im so rich and my shit smells better then the queen of england”

  • vic

    of course it does! Why r u hatng and watching? Whitney and Mariah are not to be duplicated, they r the best!

  • Goldfinga

    Great interview. I love Mariah’s sense of humor. She’s from long Island! LOL Her and Nick too too cute. and webmaster. Slimey Mathers is irrelevant. Yall fools keep trying to attach his psycho ass to her. Just like he does for his sales. Mimi is leagues above. Memoirs is gonna be a great CD.

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  • L4L Love

    Mariah and Nick are so damn cute!!! i love them to bits!!!

    this was a great and funny interview, Mariah sounded amazing, when i saw her in Vegas she was even more phenomenal and breathtaking and i shelled out over $700 to go to Vegas to see her and it was worth every penny!

    the people there that saw her for free are some lucky SOBs, but they only got 1/10th of the real show she put on in Vegas!

  • L4L Love

    oh yeah, and Nick a cool dude, he know Mariah hardcore fans are more than willing to go out and embarrass our self for Mariah because we love her that much.. all bs aside Mariah is the best and if i was in those guys position i would have done the same thing, and might have been even more crazier and falling out crying and running around on stage hugging people praising Mariah and Oprah and begging for that day to never end

    they prob stayed at a nice hotel and ish, lucky!

  • mimi313

    im gonna kill this bitch for real now

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