Understanding Kanye West’s Haircut


Lost in his VMA antics was the story behind K. West’s strange new hairdo. Well after checking one of his buddies blogs, YN has found out that the design is inspired by a Keith Haring painting. Seriously. More after the cut. Ha!


Picture 18

Frank Reps

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  • Actually an artist and stylist named Ibn Jasper aka Ferrari Murakami did it.

    Dope, I think.

  • iCandy

    It wasnt lost on all of us.. but a good point to note.. And, he’s worn somethign similar before to the Grammy’s a few years ago… a few arm-candygirls ago..

  • Kwame O

    It remind me of some basquiat painting… Its dope…

  • G

    Petey, the post isn’t about the person who did it, its about what inspired the person who did it. Learn to read…

  • Layla

    Petey, thanks for the info.

  • Layla

    His hairdid is Keith Haring, his clothes had a Tom Of Finland vibe….how u doooin?