Mos Def Defends The Passion Of Kanye West

“He ain’t slap that girl.”

On the final leg of the Ecstatic Tour last Wednesday, the Mighty Mos took the time to support Kanye at a show in Baltimore. (clear audio above, no visual) And again in Philly the following night (muffled audio, blurry visual). Like his tourmate Jay Electronica, Dante thinks Jay Leno crossed the line and should be dealt with accordingly. Oh boy. Bring back Arsenio!

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  • sideshowRaheem

    So, its reached that point now. The backlash of the backlash, first Jay-Z now Mos Def. For the record that nigga was 100 percent right.

  • LOL

    “fu*k me jay leno”

  • fuck mos def

    i aint ridin with him no more! kanye has no morals !!!

    ..hope he dies fast, really fast (pause)… car crash…

  • Makonnen

    fuck mos def says: i aint ridin with him no more! kanye has no morals !!!

    ..hope he dies fast, really fast (pause)… car crash…

    he must be a white girl or some shit

  • dickinyamom

    Ya’ll house niggas scared that Kanye gone get us niggas in trouble, go shuck and jive and kiss the “massa’s” ass then, they blowing it outta proportion because it’s an opportune time to castrate a successful black man with indirect racism. Have you seen the skits on Late Night Talk Show’s?? Have you seen the blogs?? White people eating this shit up, it ain’t wake up Mr.West, how bout wake up all you house niggas…

  • Funone

    Mos Def and Kanye both hate white people, I’d expect this

  • sam

    with an articulate name like “dickinyamom” you should be ashamed. what have you done to help your race? what have you done to push back the boundaries of racism? It is not just white people that are eating this up. Do you really think there is a mass of white conspirators witing till a black man acts up so they can broadcast it? You belong in the psych ward with the people who think they are being spied on by aliens you paranoid, ass backwards racist. Oh yeah, and if you want kanye west to be the poster child for what a successful black man is you got even more problems. Success isn’t measured by how much money you have but what you do to the world. The way he has acted through out his careers is indicative of a very unsuccessful person.