DJ Whoo Kid Calls “Relapse 2” More Maniacal

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Wait, is that even a word? While I consult Noah Webster, The Haitian Barry White tells the 1515 Boys that Marshall is back on his bullshit with his follow up album, Relapse 2. Beautiful!

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  • yeah even more maniacal? should b some good shit to hear but i think he should use accent less he experimented with it so thats okay question is whens the shit gonna come out

  • it is a word but LMAO @ whoo kid putting the wrong em-phasis on the wrong syl-lable

    on topic: i’m really hoping Relapse 2 puts people in their place

  • nonny

    can’t wait for relapse 2, whens it coming?

  • llll

    Look people, relapse 2 is gonna be, the number 3 of ur favorite eminem albums i know that, trust me, i mean, he’s not gonna use the accent thats a sure thing, because all producers and dj’s said it!!!and forever verse was awesome, and the warning was like hit em up, so no worries!!whoo kid said it, and i said it before, he’s comfortable now, he’s more focused on the shit, thats why he didn’t announce a release date!!so supporte eminem and i’m sure he’ll give u what u need, and don’t hate on his first single, because it’s gonna be a pop song, that’s how he used to do, first pop song, then a dark song, then a fresh song, he’s creative….WAITIN FOT THE RELEASE!!

  • he should have royce on the album that would b fuckin nutz

  • mimi313

    this gon b crazy!
    wat did whoo kid say bout mariah in the beginning .. i couldnt hear it

  • Toya

    I think DJ Whoo Kid meant to say “ma·ni·a·cal”. Anyways…

    I agree with others. Em went through some stuff over the last 5 years so I wasn’t surprised that he decided to have some fun (he’s Em, did you really expect anything else?) and see if he could really rap again and at the same time see if the world would trully welcome him back. Now that the “welcome back” jitters are gone, made a diss track, and showed up weezy, drake, and kanye on a track, I think Em is going to really bring it this time. And if he uses the supposed “accents” again, BRING IT!! (Of course, I’m from the South so… accent? What accent?)

  • herbsaac

    Cool with me.. He’s not pandering to the public LIke Jay-Z did with BP3.. Showing that he may be a sell out when it comes to concerts like Jay-Z is .. but he is not the same as Jay-Z by putting out an album that can’t be appreciated by his fans from the beginning as well as his fans he gained in recent years.. Hova is a dumbass for BP3 and Eminem is just a normal artist again like nothing happened..
    like he never blew up..
    its great.. Hova can have the number one spot(oh wait relapse sold more than BP3 hahaha smh) Hova can have his bitch(hahahahah Kanye)

    As you can tell I really expected more from Jay-Z and was highly disappointed with the material on BP3 and I can’t believe all the blog sites form XXX to RR all were on Hova’s dick for no reason..

    Why did Jay-z have so many younger artists on his album.. specifically younger artists who have nothing but a co-sign to go along with their mediocre raps? Eminem had one feature on his album and I suspect this one will be different.. but if Whoo Kid is saying he is crazier(oh and by the way the word is not (maniac-uhhl as whoo kids ignorant ass was saying(how does he have so much money) its Muh-NYE-EH-Cuhl.. please whoo kid learn the english language if your going to be a radio host) anyways.. EM >>>> Jay-Z especially if we got off last album comparisons..

    FUCK ROC AND YM UNTIL THEY GET SOME REAL ARTISTS UNDER THEIR WING(not just people who sell their musical souls to make music they know will sell i.e. Lil Wayne, Drake, Kanye, Jay-Z 50 Cent) I fucks with B.sigel Young Chris..are they even still with the roc? I want my 3stax and Big boi back as well as my crazy white boy eminem.. Ineed Jay-z talkin bout coke and murder.. I need Nas to be off the grid(cuz Jay-Z bodied him) I need 50 to go back to listening to em and dre and not just puttin out love ballads and candy shop-esque titles..

    PLEEEEEASE MUSIC WORLD LISTEN TO MY CRIES… Stop thinking skinny jeans and mohawks are cool.. STOP IT.. this is rap not EMO.. GOD DAMNIT FUCK YOU GAYFISH

  • RapMusic09

    Cool.I think Em is gonna give his all with this album.Cant wait,im gonna buy it the day it drops!

  • Barack

    Hopefully it will be more like the MMLP. Listen to an instrumental snippet from Relapse 2 here!

  • Dark NYte

    hey sorry Barack, but that’s a fake. ^^^^^^

    Definetly looking forward to this album.

  • i am SO not looking forward to this…even as a hardcore em fan…
    can we get some growth PLEASE! You are 37 Marshall…stop rappin about the same shit from your first album
    i thought u were gonna be fine until Encore…you got stuck in the mud creatively then on Relapse you just took a big step backwards….

  • Toya

    “stop rappin about the same shit from your first album”

    I agree. Some of the stuff he writes about is getting a little old. Let it go, man. Yes, we know your mom’s loony tunes. Yes, we know Kim’s a bitch. Yes, we know Hailie’s your heart. Mooooving on. I’m not saying Em should go into complete fantasy and rap about money, cars, and hoes like other rappers (“Ass Like That” was enough) but I wouldn’t mind more of that reality-fantasy stuff like “3 AM” and “Same Song and Dance”. Do that and have a couple songs like “Underground” and “Hello”, and just for the heck of it another “We Made You”-“Without Me” vibey song, and Em’s return could be the highlight of ’09 for me.

  • amy

    can’t wait to hear it!

  • SamJB

    relapse 2 sucked1