Flick: Eminem Meets Slaughterhouse


Look who made the cut. Ha! “Forever” video premieres today on 106 & Park.

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  • Pic FAIL.

  • gottilove


  • dmc

    lol dam

  • B.Dot

    Nope. you better believe it (c) Jeezy

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  • Interscope Employee

    how bout u re-up the pic

  • mimi313

    i cant c the pic!

  • mimi313

    heres the pic yall


    crazy! Em+slaughterhouse! damn this made my day

  • joebuddens

    is this Real?

  • I can not see the picture?

  • nonny

    nice, looking forward to the video

  • When will the video be online?

  • wow

    y wouldnt it be real??
    royce and em are cool
    im sure it is real
    its funny how these clowns tried to lay low since the album dropped bcuz that shit flopped
    only built 4 cuban linx 2 > slaughterhouse album

    Reakwon and the Wu Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mn

    I love em and shit, but this dude needs some fashion tips ASAP. My god this jigga used to dress so weird back in the days. But I guess that was the style. I’m so glad he left that shit tho.

  • CHILE !

    EM need to do a collabo wit slaughterhouse asap!

  • ProfessorChaos

    Great news!

    An Eminem/Royce collab is long overdue.

  • The Goose

    so aint kanye diss budden in the song? then he shows up on ems part love it

  • :::::::FOREVER VIDEO ON MTV.COM :::::::


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  • zonebx1160

    actually it aint fake this a still from the video the whole slaughterhouse was there even the alchemist

  • bb

    it’s real

  • jesus

    when/where did ye diss budden?

  • the streets

    the rap game is all fucked but only in the main stream media jay-z just put out the blue print 3 and it was number 1 on the charts but it was the worst album he ever made and its still better the most albums out right now and that’s sad but there is a bright side people in ever city there are artiest staying true to the game making mix-tapes making music there way the true to the streets way and you wont hear it on the radio because if you did there music would change just look at Gucci mane and plies they were hot on the street but when they tried to go main stream they sucked ass look at Lil Wayne his mix tapes were FIRE but his albums PLEASE!!! need i say more. in closing all i can say is support your local artist so they can keep making the music you like in my area the d.m.v we got allot of tight rappers but you will never hear them on the radio like the ”mob boys ” chaos” the committee boys”and them rollinup records dudes . I’m glad there not on the radio cause i now there music would change and i like bump there shit in my car.

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