Jay-Z: “No One Is Scared Of 50 Cent”


When BBC1’s Trevor Nelson tells Jay-Z that Kanye is choosing his battles, Hov replies that his bae bro would’ve bum-rushed the VMA stage even if 50 Cent was at the podium. Ha! Pardon me, I had to laugh at that.

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  • twitter.com/robensz

    awww man
    here we go!!

    50 should take this opportunity to drop the album!!!

  • jamie

    dont make me laugh. kanye west would NOT get on stage and take mic from 50 lol EVER.
    50 cent would slap that biatch

  • B.Dot

    Word, lol. Kanye knows not to cross the gun line bawse

  • Art

    Hov doesn’t usually say nething I outright disagree with but we gotta get serious here. I mean look at the way Ye handled himself with the album battle verses 50. Though it was promotional but 50 was saying and doing whatever he wanted to Kanye. Kanye showed no signs of an attempt to try 50. Kanye chooses his battles he wouldn’t dream of grabbing the mic from 50 or even eminem for that matter.

  • lol here we go indeed we all know 50 loves himself a good slice of beef

  • Hov, you’re smarted than that. there’s a reason why he interrupted Taylor Swift and not Pink. he knew she wasn’t going to respond.

  • smarter, not smarted*

  • llll

    Look, i ain’t afraid of anyone!!thats true, but when u battle me, either u kick my ass or get kicked!!!does it mean that i’m scared, and i’m sure that if 50 and kanye had to fight each other, of course 50 is gonna kick his ass, let’s be honest, kanye is gay, he can’t do anythin, he’s got no mucle, nothin, but at least 50 got a healthy body, he’s not tiny like kanye!!!so jay i understand he’sur little bro!!!but if he can’t handle himself then don’t try to!!!he’s stupid!!even obama wants to kick his ass, and snoop said that he wants to kick his ass too!!!and knaye didn’t say anythin didn’t defend himself!!!i really don’t like him, he’s like these EMO guys, ya know!!so please hov stick with ur album and don’t say anythin stupid just because he’s ur bro!!!

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  • StryfeLyfe

    I think he would of. It’s publicity. 50 cent is a much bigger name than Taylor Swift. Even if 50 whipped his ass onstage, what’s the downside? More and more free publicity? Every one involved got bigged up except Kanye who probaly gonna make a song about the shit and sell a couple million records.

  • KingKong

    lol loved @ha pardon me i gotta laugh at that

    smh kanye wudnt of done it if 50 was on stage

  • DrDreBeats

    Fuck that Kanye wouldnt of stepped on the stage if that was 50 & Hov cant really talk about being scared when he still not came back at Game. Why would Kanye step on stage to get his ass kicked from 50? He would of stepped on stage if it was Pink that nigga was ready to kick his wack ass.

  • sideshowRaheem

    We still takin about this shit?

  • B.Dot

    Holdon pardon my back (c) Jay

  • Kofi

    50 Cent is like “The Fonz” everybody thinks he’s tough even though we aint never seen him throw a punch.

  • rrahha

    The ironic thing about all this is that 50 ran on stage when kanye and jay were performing a few years back and nobody did anything to him…but anyway, i hope this doesn’t go anywhere. We need people working to together and squashing issues in NY. Not creating new ones, especially not these two, two of the biggest hip hop artists period engaging in a “wrestling” match would not be a good look for NY or hip hop…period

  • LULZ

    lmao @ Hip Hop

    I swear all you have to do is talk Gun Talk and take roids

    and everyone automatically will be scared of you

    niggas talkin like 50 a championship boxer or something

    Hip Hop is slowing turning into the new WWE

  • teejay

    Kanye “Gay Fish” West v.s. 50 “Took 9 to the Face” Cent.

    Really Hov? I understand stickin up for ya boy but still.

    If a feud between kanye and 50 went down, kanye’s career would be over. Kanye already lost it with the public, 50 could murder him. Like he did everyone else.

    And btw, Kanye’s verse on run this town was whack. wtfuck yeezy?

  • Lupicc

    Lmao at u guys thinkin 50 is tough. He’s as fake as Lil Wayne. please

  • teejay

    50 has more street credentials than just about any rapper in the game today, mother fucker is 250 pounds of pure muscle, and we need not mention the shot 9 times. he’s ruined many rapper’s careers, and hell, the biggest thing is Dre wont fuck wit someone who’s fake.

    I’ll give you lil wayne though.

  • LULZ

    I’m sry man I get your a fan but mentioning the is “250 pounds of pure muscle” & his “street credentials” is pretty suspect

  • mimi313

    first time imma say somethin bad about the jigga man
    and hopefully the last time
    but “i dont think he (kanye) did anything wrong”..
    fuck that.. jay u cant just defend anything kanye does just becuase u guys r close
    u might be gettin too close
    threesome with kanye B and J in my mind.. ughh

    oh and 50 woulda whooped both your asses

  • mmkayy

    ahahaha Jay must still be mad about the Urkel line……

  • teejay

    @ LULZ
    Just mentioning to counter the claim he isn’t tough. Im not a dick rider or nuthin, just callin out bull shit. There are lots of things to be said about 50, but sayin that he isnt tough isnt one of em..

  • Toya

    Ha! Kanye ain’t crazy. Well… He is crazy but he sin’t THAT crazy. I think Kanye would have some respect for other rappers. At least enough to not commit career suicide.

  • big j

    smh @ IIII

    ‘let’s be honest, kanye is gay, he can’t do anythin, he’s got no mucle’



  • Kanye do that to Fif?! Ha! Mr Knowles Fall back!

  • kingill89

    he didnt get up there when eminem we made you video beat out Jay-Z D.O.A. and his Love Loccdown he didnt get up there when Shawty Lo beat soulja boy for best new artist at bet hiphop awards then he throw a tantrum about justin timberlake after justin timberlake already gets on the stageI mean Jay-z is just succing dicc lol come on my dude 1st he says that it was okay that he did now he stating that he wouldve jumped on if 50 was on the podium in the infamous words of eddie murphy Get the fucc out herre

    i mean jay-z has low key became the lil brother i mean kanye stop cutting his hair then jay stop cutting his hair kanye start roccing louis v jay start roccin louis v kanye put a scarf on his necc then jay start puttin a scarf on his necc i mean jay went from business attire to emo kid in 2 years from roccing suits on the stage to wearing cargo pants and leather jaccets Kanye runs Jay-Z whole life pay attention when kanye do something jay-z is rite behind to follow expect Jay to walk on somebody exceptance speech or expect him to attend the next award with a bottle of henn becuz thats all jay is doing is following kanye

    watch cuz going to ask beyonce to cut all her hair off or some shit its to the point where Kanye control every aspect of Jay-Z life even this nigga marriage man Kanye is Jay-Z’s Hero sad

  • sideshowRaheem

    Talking about what somebody(who was drunk) might have done to somebody(who wasn’t even there) if they won an award(they weren’t even nominated for) maybe the stupidest shit of all time. Trevor Nelson you take an “L” for even bringing this dumb shit up, Jay-Z takes a “L” for not slapping him in his peanut head as soon as he asked it and we all take a “L” for disusing this super hypothetical bullshit days after this tired story was over and done with.

  • ill

    put jay in the you played yourself section for this week for that comment shit he need to be in the blackout section to for that stupid ass comment Jay has been saying literally stupid shit for the past month like when he said sidkiccs are for girls n this nigga had a sidekicc in excuse me miss video i mean in LA niggas get robbed for they kiccs all day

    idk man Jay is good on traccs but when he collaborate with a really talented rapper he gets outshined everytime from TI outshining him on SLU and watch what you say to Eminem and DMX outshining him on his own traccs and when i say talented im not talking about whats considered talented today Im talking talented in 1999 talent where niggas wrote they own hooks and shit nowndays we got snoop in top 10 categories without him writing his shit i mean there are some that show light of talent(Kid Cudi,Drake, Nipsey Hussle) but that cant cmpare to the 98 99 DMX’s and Eminems Nas’s the debut album version of lloyd banks and games the second album version of cassidy or the clipses like he would shine on niggas like wayne and kanye becuz they not as good as people play them out to be but niggas like TI Eminem DMX and NAs if these dudes dropped albums as much as Jay-Z does and stat at the ssame time interval all of them would be considered beter than Jay shit 2 me all 4 are better


    “YOU LIE!!!”

  • koa29

    haha… man 50’s a big guy.. he’d whoop hov and ye’s ass in a fight. i like kanye, but he wouldnt of gone up there if someone like 50 won an award over beyonce. but i think it was funny what kanye did, i dont really care lol

  • koa29

    haha kingill got a good point, jay-z swagga jacks kanye like crazyyyy

  • bmore

    Jay, you a fool for this! Ya played yourself, homie! Kanye aint running up on Fifty or any other rapper! And no rapper is running up on 50!

  • Lmfao! He right though aint nobody scared of 50 cent.
    Gotta love Jay for that! Thats why we keep him on a Radar!!! Ha!!!!




  • dmc

    didn’t 50 punch out floyd

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  • dickinyamom

    What ya’ll bitch ass niggas scared of 50 Cent?? If somebody asked that same question about one of ya niggas after somebody threaten to give him a black eye would you had said “Of we scared of him we wouldn’t do that ” cut it out. 50 ain’t no fuckin’ body….


    True if 50 and Kanye squared up..just by looks, Kanye might get his ass whopped….but FYI ….getting shot 9 times and surviving don’t mean you a good fighter ..it just makes you lucky and the shooter a bad shot…..i mean hello you got shot…theres a hole in ya body because of a speeding projectile…..lol at dumb motherfuckers thinking a slug ripping ya flesh is cool…i’m pretty sure 2pac wasn’t happy he got shot…since when is the dude laid out on the ground the MAN and not the dude that put him there?….y’all the same stupid fucks that think you gotta do a bid to be a rapper….which makes y’all lame as shit…go to school niggas….hahaha


    oh and 50 ain’t killed nobody’s career….lyrically EM did it….Ja-rule aka “Lil DMX” wasn’t going nowhere anyway…50 ain’t out rapping nobody…he gotta sharp business man mentality and the money to get at you that way…plain and simple…anybody who’s witnessed true skill (BIG, PAC, etc)…and is a 50 cent G-unit fan should get shot 9 times…get the fuck outta here….lol

  • ceo realtalk

    thank you HOV fifty anit nothing but a ja rule wanna be 50 doesn’t right songs like Ja or have real industry writing credibilty as far as a writer goes he’s a fake real niggas seen that past his first six months that’s why thoes albums dont drop anymore he know ‘s the curtain has been pulled so now he wants to be an actor exactly an ACTOR!!!!!! Wait for the new Rule cd next hear HOV should HAVE A FEATURE

  • A lot of people dont know the 50 not only doesnt smoke weed or use any drugs,he doesnt drink just works up..and im sure he would rather suck fish dicks than run up on 50 or yayo or banks for that matter…jay’s drinking to much .

  • out instead of up

  • Brooksie

    Face the facts the man took nine bullets and still standing, he is a bit scary if you look at him from afar, but up close, his eyes speak truth, the man would never hurt any women, but might bitch slap Kanye.

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    whats so funny about this shit is that he says that kanye wasnt wrong for his passion but he was pissed when Lil Mama jumped on the stage and ruined his performance so he contradicts himself hella hard becuz kanye did worst than Lil Mama did

    1st of all becuz he bullied a lil girl out of a microphone;sidenote i guess jay aint got no problem with that since he pushed that lil girl in her face baccstage;

    2nd its not like Lil Mama snatched Alicia keys or Jay-z mic and start rapping or singing or even get on the mic Kanye stole this girl mic

    so its real fucced up for him to ridicule Lil Mama for having that passion for his music but say Kanye wasnt in the wrong for what he did

    Jay-Z just lost a fan real talk he riding kanye too hard man real talk i can see if he keep it 100 and say yea kanye was in the wrong but he going to say it was inappropriate but he wasnt wrong for dumbass inappropriate and wrong is the same fuccing thing

    Jay-Z dont need no pen to rap but i think this nigga should write his interview answers before he go on air becuz he sound mad stupid

  • ????????????????????????


  • Aroundabunchofclowns

    I guess it’s hard to be a rapper a do press at the same time because so many people are haters on these blogs. Are y’all men, I mean like 18 and up, or are y’all like kids or something. Do you admire these rappers that much that you think that 50 is this big, bad dude because he got shot or because he works out at the gym. Carrottop works out at the gym. If it was a lot of truth to any of 50’s lyrics, he wouldn’t be sounding like he’s running out of material. I respect Dre also, but one dude said something about him associating with real dudes, didn’t Dre get smacked up at some award show. Jay doesn’t care about Game, Game just wants to be famous. I like Game’s last album but y’all really think because Jay ain’t respond that he scared of game. This dude just broke Elvis’ record, he’s a legend, he’s not focused on Game. A battle with The Game would be back tracking everything that Jay seems like he’s trying to do. It’s people like y’all that make hip hop bad. Not every rapper is gonna be the toughest dude out there. What Jay was saying was “Nobody is scared of 50 Cent.” That was in conjunction with that diss that 50 threw Jay. Jay’s a said street dude just like 50, they are both on multi-million dollar platforms it would be stupid for Jay to be scared of 50. Y’all need to find some dudes who know Jay and ask them what he’s about because I don’t think y’all lames know. I hate to blog but y’all seem like a bunch of corny like dudes who just hate on people for no reason at all.

  • SamJB

    50 is so fucking gay, and so is Eminem!

    Kanye beat 50 in sales back in ’07, and if Jay say kanye step on stage I believe him.. .Kanye kinda dude just do shit and then later be like ‘damn my bad’

    yall fake ass niggas on here just going off 50 looks, dat nigga look to buff and too gay and he is Em’s bitch!

    fuck outta here

  • Kanye Shits on 50

    ^ the name says it all!

    sales wise, music wise, lyrical wise, in looks too!

  • 2Kool

    ^ GAY

  • the streets

    the rap game is all fucked but only in the main stream media jay-z just put out the blue print 3 and it was number 1 on the charts but it was the worst album he ever made and its still better the most albums out right now and that’s sad but there is a bright side people in ever city there are artiest staying true to the game making mix-tapes making music there way the true to the streets way and you wont hear it on the radio because if you did there music would change just look at Gucci mane and plies they were hot on the street but when they tried to go main stream they sucked ass look at Lil Wayne his mix tapes were FIRE but his albums PLEASE!!! need i say more. in closing all i can say is support your local artist so they can keep making the music you like in my area the d.m.v we got allot of tight rappers but you will never hear them on the radio like the ”mob boys ” chaos” the committee boys”and them rollinup records dudes . I’m glad there not on the radio cause i now there music would change and i like bump there shit in my car.

  • koa29

    ya guys r dumb, 50’s fuckin jacked and he boxes. guy would knock out hov and ye.

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  • phila

    i got your back well done!!!!!!!!!!