DJ Webstar Meets The Wu-Tang Clan


Look how geeked this guy is.

Def Jam super employee Shawn Pecas celebrated his born day last night and many rap luminaries were invited. I don’t consider DJ Webstar one of ’em.


Yeah we’ll sign your autograph lil’ autotune boy.

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  • wow

    ghostface on OB4CL2 “i dont care if you 25 niga you still my son” ….lol

  • the look on Ghosts face is funny as hell…. like hes sayin “who the fuck is u” “get ur non-rappin ass outta here”

  • B.Dot


  • Afura

    Haha fuck yeah, RR has good taste in hiphop.

  • Wow I thought that was Kenan Thompson at first. Both pics. Ghost’s facial expression in the last pic is classic.