New Video: Birdman Feat. Lil Wayne x Drake “Money To Blow”

Birdman and his flock, splash in cash in his latest video off Priceless. Irony, personified.

Props: NR via Blaqshep

Update: Vimeo is buggin’. YouTube replacement courtesy of The Maguire.

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  • Pitri

    This just goes to show that the only reason people were anticipating Forever And the video was beacause of em..look at this one it has two of the same people that where on Forever and It seems like no one relly gives fuck..

  • young sleezy

    i like the song, i like the beat, drake blows shit up. HOWEVER, how many more songs about money are these fools gonna make?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    its the same shit over and over again. mix a lil jigga and shady in a pot and give me the greatest of all time. will take that then listening to this garbage any day

  • barzini

    anyone else notice that drake was alone in his shots and birdman and wayne were together in 98% of theirs…no clip of all 3 together…either someones being left out…orrrrr someone said nahhh im not down with that kissy kissy bullshiiiiiii

  • Savage

    Why did Drake say the same thing Wayne did at the MTV awards with Leona Lewis

  • MJ

    in replt yoo..barzini, the reason ther in different shots is cuz they did it all in miami first..but then drake had to get his knee surgery back in toronto..and birdman&weezy finished it all up..thts why they na together in any shots

  • barzini

    mj…i just think drake refused to kiss daddy birdman…so he couldnt be in the shots with them…lolll

  • Mike Edwards

    Anyone else had enough of all Wayne and Birdman’s videos being all about fucking money? Yes you got money… get over it ffs.. This is the kinda sh*t that makes people say ‘Hip Hop is dead..’

  • @ Savage
    That was originally Drake’s verse that wayne spit at the Mtv awards

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