Chris Brown Jerks Off

Well, not really. But here he is doing that dumb dance at LeBron James’ celebrity All-Star Game in Hollywood this past weekend. Now, go fuck yourself. Ha!

Props: Bossip

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  • Can

    this video is really unsettling for me, for a lot of reasons.

  • shemesh

    not watching the video because it looks like trash, but the kid in that still looks like an alien

  • Andrea

    I LUV CHRIS BROWN & DA NEWBOYZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • kingill89

    man he always stealing LA style 1st he was krumping then he was Walkin Now he Jerking this nigga steals so much of LA Swag and he 4rm Virginia Like Come on Daddy Jerkin was like 6 months ago my nig that shit is played out now man and Then The New Boyz aint the shit to jerk to I mean that New Boyz Song is like a year old now thats the only song they got You wanna Jerk you gotta mess with TayF3rd YG or Cold Flames

    IDK man i just dont like this kid he tries to act like he 4rm LA then he try to act like he a blood man he roccing skinnies when only niggas 17 and under should be doing that i mean come on my nigga Chris you Like 21 cuz put some jeanz on that fit my nigga stop throwin up gang signs and do the moon walk or glide cuz man I dont like this nigga LOL

  • pololol

    dude no one outside of la/cali cares where the FUCK it started. sit your ass down.

    u niggas used to claim you claiming new boyz…damn. just shows how much the west coast fell off.

  • taylor d

    ^^ we used to claim pac, cuz pac claimed us so calm down……and evry coast fell off from the 90’s