50 Cent On Angie Martinez

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This afternoon, Boo Boo spoke with Voice of New York on Hot 97. As always, 50 bit his tongue for no one. Take a listen.

Part 1: 50 renames Kanye and Lady Gaga’s “Fame Kills” tour. Afterward, he says Jay-Z is the coolest punk. Oy vey!

Part 2: Speculates Eminem isn’t happy with the feature on “Forever”. 50 then says his career hasn’t peaked.

Part 3: Fif discusses his business venture with Kim Kardashian.

Part 4: Ferrari speaks on his #9 placement on MTV’s Hottest MC list and 50 Fest concert this Saturday.

Update: Now with video.

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  • rrahha

    haha…i was waiting on the first website to speak on his comments. They weren’t bad like that, don’t take it out of context. He was equating “punk rock” to “hardcore rap” and was saying that jay-z was the coolest punk rocker aka the coolest hardcore rapper and so he’s percieved as being more approachable than himself (50). And so people don’t feel intimidated enough by him to jump on his stage or act like he and kanye wouldn’t take an award from him.

  • rrahha

    Oh yeah and the gay show thing was something that he took from lady gaga saying that she has a huge gay following and that there will be a lot of gay people at her and kanye’s shows….

  • iCandy

    50 is right on all.. yes, ALL accounts.

    Kanye is a punk but it has nothing to do with Taylor Swift ( he was correct MTV stays hating black people but anyway )

    Jay-Z has morphed into something other than rap.. his is on some other shit right now especially with Forever Young/Already Home.. not hating just saying the truth. Jay-Z of today couldn’t fuck with his previous self. His skills are dulled and these albums are contractual obligations, his best work is behind him (so far). KC, AG raised concerns, close but BP3 has pretty much confirmed he’s gone from Oprah’s Son to Oprah’s Chum.

    That being said 50 cent is a bully and an attention whore. He wouold cut off his pinky toe to get ONE really goot viral video in return. He thinks he’s an artist.. he’s not. He’s not on Kanye’s level, Gayfish or not. Get that right 50 Kanye is an artist and so is Jay-Z.. you.. that remains to be seen. Eminem is an artist too.. first pick a SINGLE as in one song that represents where you’ve evolved to and then you can jump on the commentary about dissecting hip hop from your Ivory Tower. bah!

    So to paraphrase, 50 cent is right, but he’s no one to talk.

  • iCandy

    @rrahha all money is legal.. fuck what 50 thinks.. he wishes he could be on tour with Gaga. if he was, he wouldn’t be saying shit frst of all.

    I want to see him put on light show as pposed to this multi-series talk show he has goign on..

    doesn’t he have an album to push back? FOH!

  • rrahha

    @icandy…you right, but he wasn’t talking about that. he was just saying…really when it comes down to it alot of times dude says what other people think. if nas, mobb deep, cormega all go on tour and call it some name, but in the interviews they are talking about queensbridge alot people are gonna just call it the “queensbridge tour” or something close. So gaga kept talking about gay people this gay people that…so the first thing that comes to your mind is “the gay tour”. Simple reference, but comes out negative.

  • dmc

    maybe Em will clear things up on shade 45 this weekend

  • Toya

    Well, that explains why Weezy feels he deserves another track with Em. If what 50 says is true, none of the guys on “Forever” were in the same room together.

  • Industry Advocate

    Fif is an ass, and I don’t mean that in a good way! Nothing noteworthy since his first album, 4 singles, 2 mixtapes, 3 beefs, no albums! Nothing of GREAT quality since I Get Money! He’s a heeluva manipulator!!!!! He’s manipulating the public that knows no better. Dude has every right to doubt himself, he’s been letting himself and me down, repeatedly! The line that got me ranting like this is when he said his music/art doesn’t get recognized, yet he sold a shit load of records??? Get the fuck outta here!! I think if he came with a heartfelt serious album on where he is now, what he thinks about society and downfalls over some soulful tracks, he’ll win. A Book! What it sound like??? ha ha ha!!!

  • Industry Advocate

    Fif is an ass, and I don’t mean that in a good way! Nothing noteworthy since his first album, 4 singles, 2 mixtapes, 3 beefs, no albums! Nothing of GREAT quality since I Get Money! He’s a heeluva manipulator!!!!! He’s manipulating the public that knows no better. Dude has every right to doubt himself, he’s been letting himself and me down, repeatedly! The line that got me ranting like this is when he said his music/art doesn’t get recognized, yet he sold a shit load of records??? Get the fuck outta here!! I think if he came with a heartfelt serious album on where he is now, what he thinks about society and downfalls over some soulful tracks, he’ll win. A Book! What it sound like??? ha ha ha!!! Oh yeah, rrahha, you know DAMN WELL he was calling Kanye gay…again! Bitter over an ass whooping!?!?

  • sideshowRaheem

    A couple of things on this. First Ye has embraced the gay community and I don’t see why it considered a bad thing. Of course he’s gonna have a few ignorant chumps take shots at him for it but the last time I checked we in the middle of a recession and “gay” money is green just like everybody else’s so while the rest of the hip-hop community remains homophobic Kanye puts himself in a position to sell more records and concert tickets. Second, Em shot the video for forever after knowing who else was on the record so obviously he wasn’t that upset over the features.

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  • incilin

    Ya really need to put download links for these. 50 is a Top 5 hip hop interview,

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  • saywhat17

    LMAO @ 50, callin jay the biggest punk in hiphop aint gonna change how people see jay or feel about his music. Jayz’s music is about jayz, jay never came into the game saying he was hardcore hiphop, JAYZ CAME INTO THE GAME AS A HUSTLER.

    Another thing is like nas said 50cent wants the respect jayz has when it comes to hiphop as a whole and his music, but he doesnt have that, having money is good but if u dont have the respect musically then its pointless. Jay, nas and em have changed hiphop and have kept it @ its best since they hit the scene, without these guys hiphop will be watered down, FACT.

    Telling ignorant bloggers that ur a thug but ur ass dont go no where is what i call some real B.S. The only time they see u is when ur youtubing and shit. At the end of the day kanye west and lil wayne will get more respect in hiphop than u.

  • MC


    So you’re telling me 50 didn’t also change hip hop?

  • Joe inferno

    lmfao fif got slaped by jay and fif came back with the sniper rifle.I wonder if jiggaman will respond.

  • KingPoetic


    50 changed hip hop, but differently than a Nas or Jay-Z. Yes, 50 made a lot of money, in the industry and had everyone trying to rap like him for awhile, and changed how rappers go about “beefing”, but that’s where it stops. Jay and Nas’ contributions apply to every aspect of the game and are damn near innumerable, although I’m sure someone could take the time to explain the important ones to you.

  • saywhat17

    I am telling u, he tried to be the new tupac but doesnt know how to do it right, tupac made incredible music and played the thug game
    50 had one great album and the rest got watered down, he lost all the respect he would have had, now kanye and wayne get more respect then him cos they have made better music and have had more impact on hiphop than he did since he came out, FACT.
    His impact came like hurricane but then it faded, hiphop is not about coming in like hurricane, its about consistency, today wanye and kanye have a better catalogue than 50cent, that is where 50cent is today.
    U cant play the thug game and never come out of ur million dollar house, yet when ur stans see u, ur on youtube or doing interviews, do u think tupac would cosign his shit?

  • KingPoetic

    It’s also weird that saywhat has some kind of valid points, but messes it up by saying fact and making weird tupac analogies

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  • saywhat17

    50cent became a victim of his own success, i still say it now and will continue to say it, when u have new rappers coming up only wanting to be the next nas, jay and em , then u know u havent layed ur blueprint on the game.

    To make it worse, we even have new kanye’s and wayne’s, but no one says they ever want to be the 50cent of hiphop, they rather say tupac , snoop or cube. He is a rapper that just ethered himself, he had so much going for him, but when rick ross is lyrically better than ur ass and is making better albums than u, then u know u have FALLEN THE F8CK OFF.

  • Hit


    Idiot, Nobody wanted to be tupac, 50 is 50, he is straight from the streets and actually lived that life he is rapping about, and 50 makes better Rap music that those guys, and I don’t what yall hatters will have to say after BISD drops and be a classic and 2x the numbers of the camel.

  • saywhat17


    its clear ur a 50cent groupie, get off that 50cent juice and stop talking about fu8king sales, u sound ignorant like a muthf8cker.

    the fact is ur boy has been selling records but like kiss said his best days are gone, 50 most soild album is still get rich or die trying. He still hasnt grown since then.

    50 cent clowned jarule and became the new jarule, jarule was selling millions of records even more than jay, so as u can see ur points are invalid. I bet u jarule has a better catalogue than 50cent LMAO.

    we are not talking about sales here we are talkin about longevity and impact, lyrical, solid albums etc, get it right.

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  • MC


    Nigga first off all, Nas is my favorite rapper of all time.

    Second of all, besides his 1st LP’s impact and his mixtape impact, the nigga has the most successful/relavent website of any rapper of all time. His impact today is way more heavy than people give him credit for. (His second album was good too…by the way)

    Third of all, as far as his catalogue (looks at saywhat17), go to a concert or watch a stream of him performing. This nigga has joints upon joints upon joints. You have to count his mixtape shit too because that’s apart of who he is as an artist.

    I’m not the biggest 50 fan, and I know dude has had plenty of missteps in his career, but I’ll never be blind to the obvious. This nigga’s a beast in all aspects of his career.

    It’s funny how Jay-Z & Weezy stans never like to point out their flaws. I can run down a long list of duds from these niggaz from the last 3-4 years. Including some enjoints on BP3. And when Wayne dropped that trash ‘Prom Queen’ shit, niggaz didn’t have shit to say.

    If you’re not a 50 fan, fine. But don’t try to discredit him. You just end up sounding stupid.

  • Mark

    Jay been getting a free ride for years now,but cmon now the black album was his last great album,and that was 4 albums back.
    and thats coming from a fan.

    rap has a shelf life and both 50 and jay are close to it,jay closer than 50.
    both will be remembered in exactly the same way in years to come.

    and kanye is as homophobic as the next guy,check it up,50s only saying what everyone is thinking.
    kanye will be performing to a huge amount of gay men.
    he may say so what but cmon now,it aint hip hop.

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  • saywhat17

    LMFAO @ 50 stans getting mad their king aint even have it like wayne or kanye.
    When kanye become more relevant in hiphop than ur so called gangster ass, then u know u have FALLEN THE FU8K OFF……smh……lol
    I challenge ur so called great rapper to make a complete lyrically dope album that will be better anything out…….smh …..lol

    I dont want to give my concensus on that outcome of that shit….lol

    In the meantime shyne is going to be the new badboy of hiphop, just watch….50 better wake up.

  • saywhat17

    And those talking about having hits @ his concerts….what type of weed are u smoking….does ur ass know wayne can say the same shit too……u talkin about mixtape hits right….smh….lol

    U might as well take it like a man u are that 50 aint doing shit for hiphop for the past few year but bit*h @ interviews and make his homemade tube vids. I applaud him though, he should have signed up for comedy central when chapelle left instead of staying in rap…lol


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  • bullfrog24

    50 cent hasn’t been relevant since like 03-05 lol he is a step or 2 above soulja boy

  • Polobear718

    I love you guys for these radio rips. It’s like livin in NYC again. SChweeeeet!

  • tedwai

    if em didnt know who was gonna be on the song why does he says drakes name in his verse

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  • OCHO V

    Co-sign Saywhat17… that is 50’s contribution stans being all into record sales and that’s a fail! It has nothing to do with contributing to the art. i don’t get all the 50 stans on here it’s insane getting at people for having opinions, if you honestly think 50 is on Jay-Z’s level lyrically or even success in the game you are delusional. You can be a Jay-Z critic and still know he’s molded rap culture for over 10 years now for better or worse, that’s power. 50’s been gone since Beg for Mercy in my opinion. And the fact that he has to pick beefs his entire career makes him no better than The Game. I hate Fat Joe’s music but leaking a man’s album and fucking up his money is pathetic not to mention all the youtube videos, he’s a sideshow kinda like the Ricky Williams of rap cause he’s got the ability but when it comes down to it he’s a goof and let himself fall off. Oh and that C.O he clowned tore him a new one all year. Let the hate begin, diss me you’ll never hear a reply for it

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  • Mr.realshitwheniherit

    50 got dis shit on lock. all haters open ur eyez…… he da ultimate hustler givin niggas an equivalant hope bitches wake DA FUCK UP.. if u hatin ur life is not an will not be sweet suckers..LMFAO

  • Da Judge

    What Up BANK$!! 50 Quit that Shit!! BANK$ Kno what He doin!! Ain’t NO Crew gettin IT like The Unit!!!


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  • Dry

    Co-sign Saywhat17!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dry

    50 should grow the fuck up! This whole beef shit is outdated.
    he’s 30 something years old and acts like he’s still 15. Get off kanye’s dick fif!!
    this guy is still bitter because the roc boy did outsell him in 2007…Get over it, it’s been two years now!

  • JayZStan

    50 made millions off beef.. he isn’t stopping anytime soon. That’s what he does best. Sidebar: Kanye would be MAD scared! Don’t get it twisted!

    Yo 50 is mad wild though! *listening to his Lil mama comments! LOL*

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  • Bobby

    @iCandy, i get ur point but i think Jay killed it on every single track on BP3. I don’t know what you ddnt like about it cuz the lyrics were so real. In forever young, u hear a man talking about his legacy being celebrated for years&his transition from “was-to-is”.Anything wrong with that?
    Fifty has and is still looking for a chance to get at Jay-Z. i was gonna say i wonder why but when u listen to “star is born” by Jay and u hear where his name (50) comes up u will understand. Jay has been start to deny him the opportunity but yet still hitting him with jabs like “No one is afraid of FiF”.
    Jay-Z is the greatest of all times in every sense of it and the way he puts Kanye and Fifty in the same class shows it all. It’s not always about music. It’s verbal skills used on and off the mic.

  • Bobby

    BTW Fif shud stop tryna act all tough! He would have never thrown Lil Mama of the stage, the same way he would never thrown a fan off the stage. In his usual way, he would have laighed about and make a joke after!

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