T-Pain Cops A Plea To Jay-Z

jay and tpain

“I just gotta be more careful.”

After blamin’ it on the Nuvo, blubberin’ about being hated on for five years, and defending the light-skinned regular chick by his side, Faheem uses Drake’s “Successful” instrumental to send an open letter to Hova. Guess this guy doesn’t believe in Twitter.

“Alright, so let’s talk about this Jay shit
Somedays I wish that I ain’t never say shit
And Diddy said, ain’t no excuse for what I did
But I felt like he was knocking the same shit that feeds my kids
I do music cause I need it to make my world spin
So when you down it, it’s like you dissin’ my girlfriend
And Jay one of the only niggas I hear bringin’ it
So I didn’t think that he would even entertain the shit
Cause entertainment is see through
But if you really feel like I’m dead, then nigga me too
I ain’t tryna write you’re rhymes
But you coulda skipped one DJ and all you had to say was ‘
T-Pain, we cool’
But by all means don’t take this as a diss or hatin’
I just wanna explain my side of the situation
So if you knew just how much respect that I had
You’d know that I’m a real nigga when I say, my bad.”

Does anyone think Jigga gives a fuck at this point? Not me, autotuner.

Props: Team Supreme for the tune and transcription.

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  • RamJam

    Emo-ass T-Pain…Jay ain’t sweating you. You apologizing to his back anyway.

  • Mac

    T-pain’s cool…. good job teddy

  • RamJam

    …but to his credit, these are decent verses and I dig the fact that people are having to be REAL on songs.

  • Why even bring it up? Jay is in a whole different stratosphere from ANYbody in the music industry. He has the power to bring back Versace shades if he really wanted to. Apology null and void. Just keep recording and that’s it.

  • Honestly, i think its like passed the point of no return. What T-Pain was saying was not just entertainment like he was lying and saying in the song. That nigga was saying some shit about the guy that had nothing to do with music. Jay never once said anything about him that was personal. He only stated his opinion which was that he did not like autotune and that it was taking away from music. thats Jay-Z opinion and an opinion indeed not a fact cuz autotune was hot and made mafuckas alot of money. So for T-pain to say all that shit about Jay-Z being old was uncalled for that has nothing to do with music. And Jay-Z hasnt said anything aobut it publicly yet only his people are coming at T-Pain. Shawn Carter is not sweating this clown.. go sit down fool

  • B.Dot

    Why even bring it up? Jay is in a whole different stratosphere from ANYbody in the music industry

    *puts on up NASA issued helmet*

  • RapMusic09

    Fuck auto tune.The shit is horrible

  • wow

    he can actually rap decent…the perspective is that of a pretty good rapper
    im impressed…

    he shouldnt have said anything in the first place and just did a great album behind this DOA shit and he would have been good…

    with or without autotune this guy is a hitmaker…his songs have wonderful melodies etc

    but i see where he felt the need to clear it all up
    now he just needs to move on

  • rocstar

    yo hov got these niggas shook!

    another 130k this week? damn hov slow down u killin em out there they need first aid

  • willie mcfly22

    t pain sound like he beggin, c’maon homie get over it…what shoulda happened tho he should had lil mama has a feature HA! but Jay is like the boss of hip hop right now and got all his lil niggas fuckin up and tryna apologize…

  • tedwai


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  • trizzy yayo

    yeh, i dont think jay gives a shit about anything any more. he’s got the oprah middle class white woman money crowd sewn up. i love jay, but how can you say DOA wasnt a shot a tpain? like, “hey auto tune is shit. you sound like tpain. oh. no shots at tpain.” and then he says how rap’s lost its way and its going to be a great depression, but then he releases bp3, which has to be one of the worst jay albums ever?

    anyways, respect to tpain for apologizing. takes a better man to do that. and the fact he did it over a drake beat (who uses autotune HEAPS and isnt hated on) isnt lost on me. it is what it is, i guess…

  • paychexx

    this song is cool, the man was man enough to say my bad, that shit dont make you soft….now jay may not care, but he gotta respect it….who knew t-pain had flow better than your fuckin rapper….t-pain that was cool my dude, fuck these hatin ass muthafuckas, keep auto tunin. 100