Jimmy Iovine On “Beats by Dr. Dre”

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At a recent press conference in NYC, Interscope’s head honcho explains how Beats by Dr. Dre came to fruition.

The whole headphones thing came to life on its own. Dre and I were out in Malibu, I know some of you think Dre lives in the hood, but he has a house in Malibu,” said Iovine . “Anyway, we’re on his terrace in Malibu, and he says, ‘My lawyers want me to sell sneakers.’ I look at him and I say, ‘Fuck sneakers. Nobody cares what kind of sneakers you wear, but they would care about the speakers you use.’ And speakers turned into headphones.

Well, that makes sense cents.

Props: Woooha

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  • cha

    i really thought dre lived in the hood!

  • Oj Da Cornball

    Jimmy Iovine a bigger dummy for thinking that a guy we all know still haven’t spend his NWA millions still live in the hood.

  • mmkayy

    lmao @ fck sneakers….

  • Hip Hop Orangutang

    Speaking of sneakers….Dre is rocking some TIGHT kicks in that pictrure with Gaga and Jimmy.

  • Dark NYte

    Ummm, so Dre doesn’t live in the hood? What a shocker !

  • Wow! Now I REALLY know Jimmy Iovine is an ignorant racist fuck…Who in their right mines in 2009 thought Dre still lived in the fuckin’ hood?!?!?!? LMFAO!!!!!!! I hope not with the money he has. Then he would dubbed the realest nigga alive for pullin’ that off. Smfh @ Iovine. Ur smart, but not THAT smart. Lol!

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