Young Jeezy: #7 Hottest MC In The Game

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Ha-Haaa. Coming in at number seven is the coldest man on the mic, Young Jeezy. Here’s why:

Why He’s Hot: Young Jeezy may not yet have a mainstream, marquee name like some of his platinum peers, but the Snowman is an undeniable rap goliath. In hip-hop, his moniker holds just as much weight as the other big dogs. How else could he bring out Kanye West and Usher during the big Birthday Bash concert in his hometown of Atlanta last summer, and then turn around in 2009 and usher out surprise guests Mary J. Blige and Lil Wayne? And by the way, when Jay-Z decided to perform his earthshaking “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)” in concert for the first time anywhere on the globe, he came out during Jeezy’s set at the “Summer Jam” show in New Jersey. And he followed that with a prominent slot on Lil Wayne’s “America’s Most Wanted” tour last summer, which ran for six weeks and was one of the most successful tours of the year thus far.

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  • mimi

    JEEZY??? he hasnt put out an album or mixtape.. or single! in the past year
    50’s been doin it big with the mixtapes/singles and he’s 9?

    i get Fab and Rae but jeezy?? and 50 #9??? fuck mtv fuckin haters

  • Fuck 50

    Snowman got it he def should be there

  • Joe inferno

    LOL MTV shows you how much they dont know shit about hiphop jezzy wasnt even active in 09 chef and fif put more work in .

  • prophecy_projectz

    MTV’s hottest MC list, ladies and gentlemen…

    Where the 4 rappers so far haven’t released an album in at least a year or flopped with the stuff they have put out. MUCHO CALIENTE! EN FUEGO! These guys are scorchin!

  • Where’s

    Where the hell is JOE FUCKING BUDDEN if he not on this list its bullshit
    Hate em or Love em he def put out more and better product than the 4 on here now
    and you cant deny he on every website and he is entertaining to the point websites record his blogtv shows even if its to hate like BDot does

  • ReppinHard

    Some of you people need to get off the internet and into the real world that’s all I have to say….

  • lo-lo

    soulja boy had a better 2009 then jeezy

    fuck Mtv’s list

  • ppl are sheep

    I said it before and ill say it again this list is screwed up. I dont see how Fab didnt have a better year then Jeezy. All they started talking about was how many people have got on stage with Jeezy? What is that, I dont know but people like Jeezy and the Game always seem to be high on this list eventho they havent had much success compared to some of the other rappers. Also i guess its not cool to have something to say and its more cool to talk shit about someone so you can feel better so good job. All ive said is that this list is by MTV which should have some type of credentials on how to pick the hottest rapper but it seems like MTV is only picking favorites without trying to be smart and fair.

  • B. Digital

    Is Young Jeezy the 7th Hottest MC in the Game RIGHT NOW? No

    Is Young Jeezy the 7th Hottest MC from Sept. 2008 to Sept. 2009? I would have to say yes because “My President” & “Put On” got ALOT of airplay in the last year. Plus the “My Recession” was the #1 album with over 250,000 sold in his first week (more than Rae and Fab combined on their first week) .. He may not get that much respect in New York but he gets alot of love from the South and other parts of the country.

    As far as 50 Cent, I lived in the South and I’m currently in the Westside and they play old 50 every once in awhile but that’s about it. Also in the last 365 days, he is known for his rap beef with Rick Ross and his album being pushed back a number of times.

  • llll

    1-Eminem(relapse, the warning, forever)
    2-Chamillionaire(KING OF MIXTAPES, HANDS DOWN)
    3-Ludacris(He never go soft)
    4-Slim Thug(One of the best albums of the year)
    5-50 Cent(Trying so hard to comeback)
    6-Lil Wayne(biggest tour of the year)
    7-Raekown(i would put him in number 2, but not too much of a fan!!)
    8-Methodman & Redman(their album deserves to sell better numbers)
    9-Fabulous(He’s growing)
    10-Llyodbanks(man i love this guy, but this year he didn’t put what i wanted, still, HOT!!)

    look this is my own opinoin!!!feel free to dicuss, but don’t hate, i just think mtv puttin out the most poplour rappers, if they put llyod banks, they wouldn’t say why he’s really hot!!!they just gonna talk about his tours and bringin heat to the crowd!!!so expect wayne on top 3!!!!we already know its a fucked up list!!!

  • mmkayy

    yo seriously is gonna be no surprise when the “roundtable experts” pick Jay #1…
    why even bother.. smh

  • murK

    the list is probably gonna look like this

    1.) Jay-Z (obvious)
    2.) Eminem (obvious)
    3.) Kanye West (MTV)
    4.) Drake (Buzz, Forever song)
    5.) Lil Wayne (Just Because)
    6.) Rick Ross (Fake, but had a Hot Album)
    7.) Jeezy (WTF?? hasn’t done shit the whole year but put out that one video…smh)
    8.) Fabolous (that album was hot garbage & didn’t even sell as much his prior ones)
    9.) 50 Cent (Mixtapes & all the things he does business wise)
    10.) Raekwon (Classic album/sequal,,,,should be ranked way higher…like #3)

    *Wouldn’t be suprised if Kid CuDi, Jada, or Lil Boosie showed up somewhere on the list…

  • murK

    oh and Gucci!

  • B.Dot

    Where the hell is JOE FUCKING BUDDEN if he not on this list its bullshit
    Hate em or Love em he def put out more and better product than the 4 on here now
    and you cant deny he on every website and he is entertaining to the point websites record his blogtv shows even if its to hate like BDot does

    Joe budden is a cornball. he’s more known for his girls ass and getting socked in the eye then his music. IMO He hasn’t made a good or IMPACTFUL record since 2003. Those websiodes are hurting more than helping.

  • jeezy that nigga…fuck yall thinkin lol….plus he was first nigga to ride thru his hood in a lambo…that counts for something ha ha ha……..”my president is black”

  • Youngin

    Jada Number 6 Tomorrow Fellas…Holla

  • etam* K

    Congrats2jeezy,well deserve.listen all u lames-mtv is doing this base on the calendar year from now2last year this yall lames nt remember my president is black& put on?the recession was a great album, dnt know bout u lames but I hear improvement.keep it up jeezy&cont.2bless the mind of a hustlers everywhere.

  • K to the B

    Kanye, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, T.I., Eminem, and Drake are the next six (in no particular order).

  • Frank

    6. Jadakiss
    5. Rick Ross
    4. Kanye West
    3. Lil Wayne
    2. Eminem
    1. Jay-Z

  • dmc

    i think Em deserves the number 1 spot
    hes been gone for like 5 years and he sold 1million albums world wide in the first week
    and he is clearly on a higher level then anyone else in the game right now

  • mmkayy

    so i guess RR would rather see Gucci on the list rather than Buddens…..

  • eminem should get number one and out of everybody gucci mane deserves to atleast be on the list he been putting in work in the mixtape game since like 2005 and when he got out of jail this yr he had a bigger buzz than drake atleast in black america