Gucci Mane: #6 Hottest MC In The Game

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Huh? Holding down the number six spot is Gucci Mane? I demand a recount. I’m far from a fan, but goddamn it, La Flare’s having the best year ever.

Why He’s Hot: It’s been in the air for a couple of years now. Gucci Mane’s name has been bubbling — no, boiling over — in the underground scene, and he’s been inching his way closer and closer to cracking into the top 10 Hottest MCs in the Game since ’07. The Gucc didn’t just break through this year; he’s been able to leapfrog all the to way to the middle of the pack by having a cult following of pavement dwellers in the ‘hood and charming Middle America with a gold-tooth grin and a gaggle of guest spots on high-charting pop hits.


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  • Gucci over Jeezy? #killyaself MTV

  • Hisho

    I don’t agree with the list,, its crap so far

  • Mark

    the list has officially become a joke.
    no disrespect to gucci but fuck no,wouldnt have even guessed hed have been on the list,but hes ahead of raekwon,50,fab and jeezy.
    NO WAY.

  • Frank

    Wow. This is a joke.

    So Jada, Ross and Drake are fighting for the 5th spot? Because top four is going to be Jay, Em, Wayne, Kanye.

  • Spence

    10. Gucci Mane
    9. Drake
    8. Fabolous
    7. Lloyd Banks
    6. 50 Cent
    5. Kanye West
    4. Raekwon
    3. Lil Wayne
    2. Eminem
    1. Jay-Z

  • J.Spfld

    He rapped that him and Mariah go back like oscar mayer…WTF, Just for that line he should be barred from the list… I give it to him he does have some cult following but I don’t know why… You can hardly ever understand him, sounds like he has a runny nose all the time. WHAT they need to do is have a roundtable with Rakim, Melly Mel, KRS, Big Daddy Kane, so forth & so on, and they pick who they think is the hottest in the game, let the legends pick. NOT regular Joe Shmoes like me

  • loudmouth

    100000000000000000000+. Gucci Mane
    9. Drake
    8. Wayne
    7. Lloyd Banks
    6. 50 Cent
    5. Kanye West
    4. Fabolous
    3. Raekwon
    2. Jay-Z
    1. Eminem


    raekwon put out the hottest album of the year and he is spots under these wack rappers?

    mtv lost their soul a long time ago…..

  • mmkayy

    when are ppl gonna realise that its all opinion….. & it dont really mean shit

    all i wanna is why the fck did those ‘experts’ put up a voters poll if they weren’t even gonna consider the results….?

  • I hate to say it BUT

    I hate to say it but, maybe not in the North, because I am from the north, but EVERYWHERE ELSE South, Midwest, West Coast …Gucci been the hottest artist out this year and if not the hottest, top 3 and he been in jail most of the time…. he has 2 classic mixtapes that get more burn then peoples albums with DJ Drama’s The Movie Part 1 and Part 2…….. yall talking about Jezzy…. they dont even mess with him in the south like that anymore….. Especially in Atl…. or the DEEP SOUTH and yea Rae had a great Album but where he been the b4 that? and only person I agree with is Fab because he been everywhere and 50 has too….this is not a BEST MC list its HOTTEST (meaning who gets the most attention) and for a underground artist there is NO ONE hotter and I wasnt a fan b4 this year but being in ATL made me listen because he was on the radio with NON Commercial Songs ALL YEAR …. No breaks like Jeezy and alot of other ppl

  • mimi

    im done with this list
    fuck it

  • Mark

    fine its opinion,one mans opinion will always differ from the next but theres like 8 people around that table who agreed to make gucci #6.
    thats fucked up.

  • Oh MY GOD, this has officially reduced this list to a JOKE, Gucci Mane is the worst MC I have ever heard In fact I can’t call him an MC, the worst dr seuss half way rhymer I’ve ever heard, I’d even take lil wayne over him, and thats saying a lot, because I can’t stand lil wayne.

  • I hate to say it BUT

    if we talking hottest in the game dude is top 10

    if we talking best in the game he aint top 30

    but its Hottest…. and he’s hot…. hate if u want but I was in DC the other day and they was playing him…. IN DC? and my hommy in Cali say they play him more then anyone and I know for a fact that in NC, SC, GA, Tenn, FL, and all those places down there they play him more then anyone…. and he doesnt even have a album out its just mixtape music… who was the last person to get play like that Drake and 50…….

  • Toya

    I think people forget that MTV is not hip-hop oriented. They’re more rock and alternative IMO. So of course this poll is going to be insane. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised at this rate if Kanye out ranks Jay-Z.
    I think it would be interesting if people in the hip-hop industry got the chance to rank individual rappers. Like how some of those college football ranking polls are done.

  • Pcire

    Okay I was going with the list so far, but how is Gucci number 6 fuck outta here this nigga dont belong on the list period.


    The fact that Gucci Mane is even considered an “MC” by anyone at all is an abomination to the art. Maybe he belongs a list of “Most Popular People in Rap 2009” or something but an “MC” he’s not. A true MC could breath better on a track than Gucci can rap. Who’s next Plies? These niggas don’t deserve the title of an “MC” but apparently the folks who decide who makes the list or not have trouble distinguishing someone who’s selling product for the moment (regardless how garbage the shit is) and an “MC”, rappers like the Guccies and Plies will continue to make this bullshit list. Learn the difference dickheads, MCs have quotables and marquee verses at the very least!!! What has this dude ever spit that made an impact? What has he ever spit that made you grimace your face in amazement? What has he ever wrote that made you want to rewind the track? What legend is he worthy of standing in the same room with… let alone get on a track with? What the fuck does he stand for? What’s his message? Who’s radar (no pun intended) is he on but the no nothing about the culture label execs who only see this as another opportunity to pump out ignorance via the token rapper fully equipped with the gaudy faux truck jewelry, grill, criminal record, and nothing intelligent to say?…….I’m done, but you all get the point. bottom line is that an MC, Gucci Mane is NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • B Digital

    I told someone 3 days ago that since the list is from MTV either Soulja Boy (Yes he is garbage lyrically but if you think about it objectively he had a good 2009) or Gucci Mane will be on the list.. So that leaves Jay-z, Em, Kanye, Lil Wayne in your top 4.

    IMO Jadakiss does belong on that list but I think MTV will choose Drake in the 5th spot due to his So Far Gone Mixtape and arguably he has the most buzz out of anyone.

  • B.Dot

    The list is based on popularity and relevancy, people. hate it or love it, but Gucci’s like on 2 of the top 10 singles on radio right now

  • mmkayy


    yeaa exactly 8 ppl from > MTV < who all seem to have some kind of a speech impediment… smh

  • J.Spfld

    I’m on my Louie shit, wtf is a gucci mane…

  • LockerRoomCEO

    MTV Base their list off whos hot right now if you watched the show the previous years. Gucci has a cult follwing no matter how you look at it. So to leave him out would be an atrocity due tro the fact that the last few years he has been running the streets. I love Raekwon as a legend but the only reason he made the list cause he drop OBFCL2 this year and Fabolous dropped that wack ass album. But Gucci has the following the songs and the street cred so you can deny him.

    Jay-Z, Em, Drake, Kanye and (I definitely hate to say it) Soulja Boy in that order from 1-5

  • S.Percell

    9.50 Cent
    8.Gucci Mane
    5.Lil Wayne
    3.Kanye West

  • What do ppl not get about the word HOT. It doesn’t mean hes BETTER than the cats hes in front of,it just means hes HOTTER(more popular at the moment). Damn I hate breaking simple shit down to ppl! Lol
    Also @ j. spfld ODB said “me & mariah go back like babies and pacifiers”. Not excusing Gucci’s wack ass,but just sayin

  • Kwame O

    LockerRoomCEo is on the money… If gucci mane isnt on this list it loses all credibility… or course he isn’t the most lyrical… But he is the epitome of hot right now…More people listen to Gucci than Raekwon, Jeezy, and 50… a matter of fact.. IF U DONT KNOW GUCCI MANE IS HOT… WHERE HAVE U BEEN?

  • Mac


  • Got to be shittin me? I cant listen to that shit without geting a haedache.
    I dont even care who else is on. Maybe 10 but 6? so theres only 5 rappers
    Hotter then Gucci? sayin that Bullshit is in? Thank GOD for OB4CL 2 and
    anything but dude. Hes a cornball

  • Dark Skinned Jermaine

    Yo This List Comes From A Network That Refused To Play Black Artists Unitl Billie Jean
    MTV lost Its Credibility when they cancelled yo mtv raps

    what the fuck criteria is this list based on every year its something new
    internet fame

    so rakim allah wouldnt rank back in the day cuz of web hits

    this list is in conjunction with major labels see how nas has never managed to crack this bullshit list and snoop hit last year with that auto-tune shit and he admitted he doesnt write rhymes no more
    i even saw they made a soulja boy card

    c’mon son!
    so here it is someone is getting jerked and i know it aint the last four


  • 323DonDaDa

    This some ol’ bullshit…. Over Fab? 50? Jezzy and the Rae? These cats from MTV need to hav anutha sit down to really think what they talking about.. Losos way and OB4CL 2 are hot albums and 50’s mixtape game is way hotter than a average cameo on Mariah album that nobody knows that came out…If his cameo was soo hot y is Mariah gunna push less than 50 units..
    5.Lil Wayne

  • llll

    look, this list is for the most popular rappers!!!i mean gucci been on the radio forever, 50 cent wasn’t that popular!!and this list is fucked up, i can say jay-z will be first, because he did more interviews and parties than eminem, and eminem is gonna be number 2!!!but we all know that eminem is the best rapper alive!!!and pac is the best rapper ever!!!

  • Ohh hell no……how is homeboy even in the top ten….dayum MTV really went left of this one….Let me Guess….Soulja boy is number #1…..SMH!

  • jprez


  • sergio*

    jaja its a wrapp!!!!!!!!!! jaja…………SOULJA BOY IS THE HOTTES MC den???????? jajajajaja MTV is run by aliens!!!!!!


    @ 323DonDaDa This some ol’ bullshit…. Over Fab? 50? Jezzy and the Rae? like and Blakout615 said this list is bass on what the artist done this year the buzz the hits the songz the features yall gonna by who think is better bt its about who hot and not 50 Cent drop like 3 mixtapes and release like 5 singles already from Before i self distruck now name one hit song or hot song 50 had or was on this year???? im Waiting ??? i rest my case …..what jeezy do THIS YEAR ???? shit …fabolous drop losos way that was his only buzz and his shit FLOP rae drop a ablum thats it were the hit records??? Gucci Mane is the HOTTEST nigga in the hood and the mixtape game he is on two top 10 billboard records right now hes shit get played in the club EVERYDAY he even brought his homie into the rap game OJ Da Juiceman is blowin up……Now if that aint HOT idk what it is

  • pd

    great job Gucci ,you dont compare to jezzy and thats a good thing.That guy is ttttooooooo needy.the next time he come to bday bash I guess he will need the President,The crowd was walkin out out on his performance and the permoters rushed Lil Wayne in….ask ATL ……he is sooooo not hot here.

  • Tysonz

    Gucci Mane is probably the hottest in the hood right now, real talk Fabolous shoulda not made the list, at least Joe Budden got the internet game on lock. Jeezy shoulda ranked in number 9 or 10, he aint been doing shit lately and his last album was his worst of all 3.

  • LockerRoomCEO

    Tysonz your crazy ” The Recession” was the the best album to come out in the last 3 to 5 years. It was definitely the best album of 2008 so you can”t hate. Everybody has an opinion bottom line Gucci is hot right now so you deny the mans buzz. Like I stated MTV based their list on right now not eternity. Next year most of these guys wont be on this list. 323 that war angel mixtape was better than a lot of niggas albums.

  • Kay Cee

    Ok now I knw hip hop is truly dead…R u serious? I cnt even understand a word this country bamma says…Better than Jeezy? Better than Cory Gunz? Huh? Shut the fuck up!!! smdh….

  • My guess is that Kanye will not be on the list at all. He hasn’t really rapped since Graduation, plus MTV is probably still pissed at him.

  • TEG75

    Plain and simple. you cant just have a good mixtape and make the list so for those who put Lloyd or 50 on here you are ridiculous. This is about the hottest MC and whether i like it or not Gucci is hot.

  • writing on the wall- the movie -the movie 2 -chicken talk- gucci sosa-hard 2 kill-trap house-chicken talk 2 Do u niggas even no how many classic mixtapes and albums fuck his features u niggas cant under stand gucci then ur not from the hood point blank .