R.I.P. Mr. Magic

Word on the curb is the legendary New York hip-hop radio DJ has passed away from a heart attack. Simply put, he set the blueprint for rap music being played on the airwaves. More details as they come. Rest in Peace, Sir Juice!

Update: Miss Info has DJ Premier’s condolences.

Update 2: Mr. Cee Tribute Mix.

Update 3: Unkut Salute.

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  • Toss

    rip. i remember buying his albums (mr.magic’s rap attack volumes)

  • rrahha

    RIP Mr. Magic…

  • R.I.P.

  • o shit thought he was talkin bout the guy from No Limit….RIP anyway

  • biggestSaint

    I was hearing it but didn’t want to believe it . STOP IT 2009

  • RIP to a pioneer – on another note.. i wish my life was edited in 80’s split screen shots.. the coolest

  • cha



  • YN,

    I worked with Magic, Cee, and Fly Ty for 3 years down the street board Operating the Classic Showcase . He and Fly Ty wanted to run their own board so I just sat there got paid and learned the history that’s got me the job I have today. Learned his history, our history.

    Even as I watched his struggles, I never lost respect for him. He still kept that smile in the mist of his struggles.

    This is the exact reason why we have to honor and revere our legends and those who pave the way for us while they’re here like other genres of music because life is so short.

    This is the reason I’m so honored to work with legends like Grand Master Flash, DJ Premier, Red Alert, Tony Touch, and other legends here at Sirius XM.

    They are going to have to pardon me if the soul brother handshakes get a little tighter, its only appreciation and gratitude.

    R.I.P. Magic

    Sgt. Hawkins


    “…..I got to have it, I miss Mr. Magic, versatile, my style switches like a fagot….”…..Nas, One Time For Ya Mind, Illmatic

    “…..hanging pictures on my wall, every Saturday “Rap Attack” Mr. Magic, Marley Marl….”…..Biggie, Juicy, Ready To Die

    RIP to the pioneer Mr. Magic, thank you for your contribution and inspiring legends!!!

  • Dfama

    wonder if Conrad Murray had anything to do with this??..hmmmm.

  • Wow man I remember listening to Mr Magic’s rap attack show on the radio with my older cousins. I was only like 6-8 at the time but i still remember it. Listening to the old shows from wbls made me reminice.

    Rest In Peace Mr. Magic

  • RamJam


  • I worked with Magic, and Fly Ty back in 200/ 2001…on the Classic Showcase. It was the best experience thus far. Magic was managing as I was trying to oursue a music career. He was my biggest fan and I was his! I had so much respect for him. He was the coolest and I am glad I had the pleasure to be in his life. I loved him and he loved hip hop! I will miss him as I already do…my tears are still falling. My heart goes out to his family! Much Love!
    Sgt. Hawkins…contact me via myspace…..Reginald! I havent seen you in years!

    Love, Kdabra


    My bad ya’ll, Nas’s referrence was from “Halftime” not “One Time 4 Ya Mind”, I might’ve been listening to one and thinking about the other.

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