Kanye West: #4 Hottest MC In The Game

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And then, there were three.


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  • Sade

    This leaves Jay, Wayne, and Eminem…So Drakes isn’t on the list??

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  • and there everyone was saying kanye wont make the list because of the incident.

  • dmc

    After watching the video I still don’t understand why he’s number 4 on the hottest MC list.

  • paychexx

    okay yn up on it….good look yn….my prediction….3. jay z and drake tie….2.eminem…1. lil wayne

  • Yes, that leaves Em, Jay, Drake, and Wayne. I’ma agree with that tie shit. Jay and Wayne tie for # 3, Em at #2, and Drake may be #1 hands down…Remember, this is Top 10 Hottest in Hip Hop FOR THE YEAR. Not all time, of course. If Gucci can make it at #6, then u know those 4 r on there somewhere…

  • VTM

    With 808 & Heartbreak? WOW. Dude was singng an R&B album and get put as a hot MC, did you hear me? MC in the game?

    and is it just me how they calling all these dudes MCs when some are ntot even MC’s. MTV, just WOW.

  • misteredwards

    so far this list looks like my toilet after i take a shit. EFMTV!

  • Kofi

    Even if you through 808’s out Ye deserves to be on the list off the strength of his guest verses over the past year.

  • Frank

    Kanye had the best verse on Swagger Like Us? Bullshit, T.I. did.

    T.I. > Hov > Kanye > Wayne

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  • J

    I dont understand where they think these guys are the top mc’s in the game. Jay-z I give it to… but the Martian and Kanye ( get the F>>K outta here! Eminem then Jay… and there is plenty of other MC’s who should get credit before alot of other rappers