Joe Crack’s Sample Clearance Problems


It wasn’t Curtis’ silly stunts that derailed Fat Joe’s project from being on the front burner of everyone’s minds, it was those damn samples. I just copped the new CD and two of my favorite joints had to be reworked. Damn shame!





Regardless, I’m still a card-carrying member of Team Cartagena. “Congratulations” knocks! Support my Boriqua buddy!

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  • MC

    Ha!…Nigga please

  • J Dizzzle

    Fif stay sh*ting on n*ggas.

  • Peekay

    album’s garbage. Joey needs to stick to the street shit. First 5 songs I think I heard auto-tune.

  • BK

    WACK !!!

  • Interscope Employee

    1st – beats sound the same…i dont hear the difference. oh well
    2nd – Fat Joe is done

  • bk maarten

    lol u actually bought this garbage… lol and fat joe was wilin if he thought he was going to clear that Jimi Hendrix sample.

  • mie

    ‘hey joe’ without the hendrix sample is fucking WACK! they should have just left it off the album and just put it out as free mp2. i cant believe how bad that shit is and why they would even releases it like that.


    Looks like they got inspired by Prospect’s last video….the candles in front of the pun wall…….

  • Damn, nikkas are so foul at the mouth when criticizing artists.

    Bet they wouldn’t say it to his face, LOL.

    I’m picking up 2 copies after work.


    Dope shit, YN.

  • Crack!

  • only album worth getting this week is Curren$- Jet Files

  • The Hell

    I swear half of these people that hate dont even listen to albums lol they just HATE. This generation sad as hell. It;s like on that Beef DVD those people saying Nelly beating KRS-One lol ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!! HIP HOP ON LIFE SUPPORT

  • If I didn’t think Fat Joe and some of his buddies would be offended and respond with violence and could accept constructive criticism like a civilized person, then of course I would tell him to his face that yes, while he has achieved moderate and relative success since crossing over to candy rap all while embracing and acting like he’s from the south, at the same time he shouldn’t ever forget that his best album sonically and lyrically was 1995 Jealous One’s Envy.

    Sadly, ever since then, aside from a few sparse, bright moments as a member of Wild Life fka DITC (read: NOT as a member of Terror Squad, a sad, joke of a rap collective), his musical output has fallen on the deaf ears of his former fans, who can’t believe that this is the same rapper who started off as a novice but showed tremendous promise and growth on his second, seminal album.

    Joe can “make it rain” with Lil’ Wayne all he wants but he will never be fully embraced by the same south region that he now calls home, and all he’s doing is further isolating his original fanbase, much of who, like YN, still want to believe in Joe as a rapper. But with each T-Pain, R Kelly, Ron Browz and Pleasure P collaboration comes another fan who severs all ties to being a fan of Fat Joe completely.

    Like every story, this too shall come 360 and we will soon find Joe realizing that shit ain’t that sweet “on the other side.” However, when he comes pandering back to the same streets that once had his back, the question is will the streets still welcome him back after years of being ignored while he focused all his attention on getting rich and promoting faggedy ass glossy music? I think we know the answer to that inevitable question. I’m not jealous nor envious of Joe at all.

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  • radioraheem


    You’re really full of sh*t. Reason why I say this is because your entire booklet criticizing Fat Joe has holes all over it. Joe’s last TWO albums were FILLED with NY street songs. With the album, Me, Myself, & I particularly, out of a dozen or so songs, only 2 of them were obviously commercial and on the South tip (Make It Rain) and (Clap & Revolve). Everything else was straight up street.

    I bet you didn’t even realize that on his last album – Elephant In The Room, there’s a song produced by the legendary DJ PREMIER! How many major artists even ask Premier for a beat anymore?

    With all that said though, I think this new album is one of his most commercial projects. A lot of the tracks are obviously commercial, but there’s at least 5 street cuts despite that.

  • “radioraheem” (what an original name…)

    After all that fake criticism you tried to level at me, you still agreed with what I said.

    One Premo beat doesn’t make an album great.

    This is how it goes for Joe’s albums:

    Represent – not great but a good effort from an undertalented rapper with a great supporting cast of rappers and producers (i.e. DITC)

    Jealous One’s Envy – Classic, plain and simple, even if Pun did write Joe’s lyrics (like everybody assumed since Joe’s rapping and lyrical ability made a quantum leap in less than 2 years)

    Don Cartagena – Decent, had some good moments (including your coveted Preem beats) but you could tell which direction he was leaning in — and it wasn’t toward the streets or the NYC streets in particular

    Jealous Ones Still Envy – His lead single featured Ashanti and he was dancing in mink coats and drinking Champagne in the video. What part of the game is that? Then he releases a song with R Kelly. Yes he had some so-called street songs on this album but they weren’t even good in terms of musical quality. His lyrics took a shift on this album too. In other words Joey began to officially sell out on this album.

    Loyalty – Ironic name for an album that doesn’t feature on single DITC member. You probably forgot but DITC put Joe on, put Joe in the game, co-signed him. I think Joe forgot too, since this album features Ginuwine of all people.

    All or Nothing – May as well be an R&B album. Another R Kelly collabo to go along with songs featuring Nelly, J-Lo & Mashonda, and also is looking to keep eating off the success of Lean Back (which WAS NOT on a Fat Joe album to begin with – not a coincidence)

    Me My self & I – Another ironic title, considering Fat Joe is from the South Bronx and not “The South”, A random listener might think otherwise after listening to the multiple Lil Wayne collabos on this album. This is Fat Joe’s official attempt at biting from the south and attempting to capitalize on the south’s popularity by pandering to their style of music, further isolating his original fans (i.e. Me!)

    Finally, Elephant in the Room – Seriously, you’re trying to defend this album because it has one Premier track that is about cocaine? Never mind that this album finds Fat Joe remaining on Lil Wayne’s dick, still embracing and exploiting that southern sound…

    What ever happened to not accepting anything less than a complete album? Represent wasn’t great but it was a complete album. Jealous One’s Envy was a complete album. But from that point on Joey was clearly only concerned with chasing the money, and that was evident by the way he dick rode whoever was hot and bit their style (see Lil Wayne for more on that).

    Until Joe releases an album with production from the original cast of beat makers (Buckwild, Preem, Lord Finesse, Show, Ahmed) he is going to be an also-ran, never a winner.

  • radioraheem


    Actually, no. I did not agree with anything you said. But what I did say though was that this new album is more commercial than his many of his past albums. I can bet though, you didn’t bother listening to his LPs after Jealous Ones Envy.

    All Or Nothing may as well be an R&B album? I can name at least 8-9 songs off that album that were street cuts. But I guess that isn’t good enough? Then fastforward to Me, Myself, & I — there were only 2 obviously commercial songs there. Everything else was very street, 10 NY street songs. I’m still waiting for you to prove otherwise. You only named “Make It Rain” which I had already mentioned. You kidden me right?

    Elephant In The Room… Still embracing the Southern sound? Lil Wayne was on one song and the beat is clearly not a Southern one. You really going to sit hear and say “Crackhouse” was done over a South beat? You realize that Alchemist produced a song, KRS One was on the album too, Steetrunner did a couple, DJ Premier did one, Sean C and LV did a couple beats, etc… Aren’t these east coast NY producers?

    Try listening to those albums thorougly and then coming back to talk.

  • The fact of the matter is that my opinion is consensus while you are clearly just riding Joe’s dick for the sake of riding it.

    Joe’s later albums are miserable attempts at crossover fame. There is no place in real hiphop for gay R&B anthems, period. I guess you are much more tolerant of inferior product than I am.

    Enjoy the future Fat Joe albums, because judging from his sales, you have been among his few supporters.

    Sales don’t equate skills/good music, but in this case I think his low sales are very indicative of the product he is selling.

    Good luck detaching yourself from Joe’s dick, my good friend.

  • radioraheem

    Your opinion is your opinion, it is not the consensus. Further, you fail to realize it is worthless comparing opinions between someone who didn’t listen to the albums, versus someone that did listen to the albums.

    That’s why each time you respond, it’s pretty easy to pick apart your comments. It’s like child’s play. You didn’t even realize he had a wide range of east coast NY producers on both his last albums. And yet, you somehow find courage to talk sh*t.

    Enjoy criticizing artists about their albums despite not listening to the albums. It’s quite a gift you have.

  • Look at ALL the comments here besides yours and you tell me what the consensus is.

  • Big Meechie The Mack

    I Noticed The Re-Worked Beats Too & I Hated That Shit!!!! They TOOK The Bassline Out of Music & Now It Practically Sucks…lol. I Burned The Album w/ The Old Version Of It Anyway & Fast Forward Thru The Talking…lol.

    Hey Joe… Is STILL Pretty Similar w/ Just A Slight Difference In It But It’s Still Doesn’t Have The CRACK Feel. Album Not As Good As The Last One… Even Though He Is Better Than 50, This Album Was Sub Par & So So… We Want FLO-JO Type Shit FUCK ALOHA PLEASURE P Loving In The Club & Shit You Can Have One Sweetie Track, But No Loving The Bitches All Up & Down The Album Like It’s R&B or Some Shit….lol. Hell This & Ain’t The GROWN & SEXY Streets Like A Club or Something Nigga Keep It REAL!

  • Thank you Big Meechie.

    radioraheem can’t seem to stop hugging Joe’s nuts long enough to realize the same rapper that got us to become his fans back in the early 90s doesn’t exist anymore because of his own pressing need to create ringtone raps instead of that Joey Crack shit we all know and love[d].

  • Now you got me on some extra anti-Fat Joe shit.
    Remember when Masta Ace put Joey in his place?
    Ace is still getting it in, raw as ever, and has been putting it down for years before Joey even thought about rapping.
    Q: Why is it that Ace can stay consistent and Joey can’t?
    A: Because Joey sold the fuck out and would much rather collaborate with Lil Wayne and R Kelly…

    10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4
    3, 2, 1 reasons you’ll never be this raw
    My crew is representing for BK, don’t play
    Or you might have to get Crime Watch around your way
    Cause Brooklyn keep on taking it, still from way back
    Say black, trying to get that fortune like Sajak
    There must be at least twenty reasons you can’t win and
    In this rap game you’re hopeless, here’s a top ten:
    10’s very simple and plain, it’s petty crime
    It’s only ’94 when you wrote your first rhyme
    And now you think you got more skill than power tools
    But never could your feet fit up in our shoes
    You only got one delivery
    One-dimentional rappers is dead as chivalry
    Don’t get your spot blown up, block sewn up
    I lift MC’s to tone up, rip your zone up
    I got more flavors than women’s douche
    Make ends with Mexicans and rock dreads in Flatbush
    9, you can’t see mine, can’t find mine
    Can’t do mine, step to mine, when my crew find
    A fronting-ass nigga, we get in this
    You don’t want to get beat and boxed like Biz
    You ain’t wild cause you run with wild kids
    Now the chorus is gonna tell you what 8 and 7 is

    “At 8 you’re a sucker, at 7 a motherfucker”

    6 — I bury that ass like Halle
    All up on tracks like a trolly, my golly
    Like Bob Marley, we jammin’, by all means
    And real gangsters don’t talk shit in magazines
    5, never judge a rapper by the song he make
    Some of the coolest rapping niggas will drop your ass in a lake
    And on the other hand, some of them screaming “Keep it real”
    Their video’s the only time they ever busted steel
    4 — you don’t phase me, this ain’t Star Trek
    I know where you park your cars at, as far as that
    Beef that’s going on in all these spots
    In parking lots, niggas pop more shit than shots
    Funny, dummy, lyrics don’t stun me
    If I was your only pair of pants, you still couldn’t run me
    Out this rap game, it’s I.N.C. for life
    Niggas gonna know soon, cause Brownsville’s trife
    All up in the mix like blenders
    Offenders, life enders, whatever genders, don’t offend us
    Coming at you, gonna catch you, and when we find you
    Don’t lose count, let me remind you

    “At 8 you’re a sucker, at 7 a motherfucker”

    One two, one two, this be number trey
    Might be in the game, but I don’t think you wanna play
    I’m coming with the flav, getting more rich than Bay
    I say, this Master jams more than Jay
    And two is, my crew is, coming with the newest
    Can’t do us, knock your teeth out trying to cue us
    You want to step to us, come clean on the scene
    Without the drama, my team making all the green
    I’m in your spleen, no afro with mad sheen
    In my ride, young teen girls getting mean
    Every Day just like Mary J.
    I’m downtown Brooklyn where niggas play
    The corners and blocks like street lamps, I beat champs
    In rapping, leaving niggas wondering what happened
    And that be the number one reason you can’t flow
    But bring back the other two shits to let ’em know

    “At 8 you’re a sucker, at 7 a motherfucker”

  • radioraheem


    The user named THE HELL already summed you up in one sentence — “I swear half of these people that hate dont even listen to albums lol they just HATE.” Because you criticize albums you haven’t even bothered listening to. It’s your gift in life, and that’s fine. And yeah, you definitely do fit the extra anti-Joe bill.

    And Masta Ace? Is this the same rapper that got ate the f*ck up by Boogieman and then literally disappeared for a few years and then finally started resurfacing lately?

  • Wow! You’re defending a generic rapper like Fat Joe to the death but you have absolutely no historical knowledge of Hiphop??? I’m embarrassed for you right now, honestly.
    If Boogieman is the only thing you can reference when I remind you of how Ace shit on your fave Joey, I now understand why you are such a diehard Fat Joe fan.

    Even IF Boogeyman did win that battle, Ace has something called a “career” to stand on. A career that includes a steady release of 7 albums since 1990. Boogeyman barely released a single, and didn’t even have an album!! LOL! Oh boy, ignorance is truly blissful for you!

    I guess you never even heard Ace’s song Acknowledge where he obliterated Boogeyman and ended any thought of a possible career!!

    “Yeah I heard of the Boogiemann when I was a youth — scary!
    Until I found out that he was fake as a tooth-fairy
    Since my last mission this nigga’s been ass-kissing
    I took a minute, I gave your single a fast listen
    Tell me this — with no pot to piss in, How you dissin’?
    You group home’s about to report that you missing
    And I don’t know who was worse, the track or the verse
    I’ma get to your producer, but I’m smacking you first
    See I couldn’t even find one nigga that heard of you
    I did find a few cats that wanted to murder you
    But I told ’em “Chill”, I let ’em know you was my son
    And I promise I can pay support till you twenty-one
    Consider me the clothes on your back and a warm meal
    Who knows, this might just get you a deal
    And the day that your album go on sale for the first hour
    Just remember like Nas nigga, ‘I Gave You Power’
    I figured I give ya some help, cause you need lots
    I make your producer change his name to Speed Nottz
    Tell him I say “Fuck him!” for doing the tracks
    Matter of fact, fuck Fat Beats, for doing the wax
    I’ma diss you via e-mail and then through a fax
    I’ma diss you by two-way, I ain’t gon’ never relax
    I’ma diss you over fast, slow track or no track
    If your shit wasn’t so wack, I’d diss you to yo’ track
    You that little fish that I catch and I throw back
    And by the way, give 50 Cent his flow back
    You that cat in the club that get hit with a bottle
    Fuckin’ with me? You better off trying to hit lotto
    And don’t answer back, this is hard shit to follow
    And you can’t spit nigga, so you obviously must swollow, motherfucker..”

  • And right on time, here is the debut of the new video from the lead single from the new collabo album from Ace and Edo G called “Little Young,” which makes fun of these stupid ass rappers with the name “Lil/Little” and “Yung/Young” as part of their silly rap names… This includes Lil Wayne, who is probably raheem’s 2nd fave next to Fat Joe.

  • radioraheem


    You’re real funny. My comments towards your anti-Fat Joe tirade was simple. But your written hatred towards the guy is enough to fill the pages of a XXL magazine.

    And I’m not about to sit here and argue with someone who thinks Masta Ace is like a god in hip-hop. Next thing you know, you’ll be telling me that Kool Keith is one of the top 5 rappers dead or alive. Oh, and yes, Boogieman ate up Masta Ace so bad that Ace didn’t comeback for years. Ace was even booed during the battle. That did wonders for his legacy, didn’t it?

  • “I’m not about to sit here and argue with someone who thinks Masta Ace is like a god in hip-hop. ”

    This coming from a guy who is trying to convince me that Fat Joe’s body of work is significant in rap!! LMAO! *dead*

  • [youtube=]

  • radioraheem


    Notice that my discussions had nothing to do with saying Fat Joe is a god in hip-hop. Nor did it have anything to do with Ace who hasn’t had any major record release in quite sometime. It had more to do with commenting on your BS in regards to his albums. Like your bullsh*t saying that Joe forgot DITC and other nonsense when clearly shouted out the entire DITC on the album Elephant In The Room. Not even realizing that Fat Joe was also on Diamond D’s last album.

  • Joe’s greatest song ever, 14 long years ago…


  • I thought you said you weren’t gonna sit here and argue… lol
    You fell for the trap just like Fat Joe fell for 50’s trap… simpletons – both of you!! ROFFLE!

  • radioraheem


    I said I wasn’t going to sit here and argue with you about the greatness of Masta Ace! LOL… Because next thing you know, you’ll be telling me that Kool Keith is TOP 5 DEAD OR ALIVE.

    Reading is fundamental.

  • Kool Keith is a pioneer, period.
    Out of that virtue he is easily top 5 before Fat Joe could and/or would be considered for such a ranking.
    You continue to demonstrate your ignorance and lack of respect when it comes to hiphop music and culture. And I continue to prove just how attached to Fat Joe’s dick you are by the way you can’t stop responding to me when I tell you that Fat Joe is garbage.

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