• *roffles at the picture*

    I love this woman

  • iCandy

    Joe budden = hater

    Tahiry = Harlem.

    So, she put him in check. Joe Budden is a wack mofo.. I can’t stand him lately, he put her in the spotlight and then now he’s acting childish and patronizing her callign her stupid basically.

    Tahiry girl do your thing.. fuck these nigga’s make money!!!

  • iCandy

    I heard the interview this mornign and almost crashed my car.. lol I was so mad! Joe Budden, the attention whore goign at lil Tahiry trying to throw shade and can’t let a bitch breathe and move on with her life.. ugh!

    He puts his whole life out there, he can’t stand she’s makign a name for herself without his simple ass.. I hope she gets a bigger rapper or a richer mofo just to make it cut a lil deeper.. can’t hold a good chick down.. wack.

  • p4l

    Tahiry got that one lol

  • Toya

    Exploiting their breakup? Until recently I didn’t know who these two people are. Wouldn’t it make sense to make money off of breakup from a rapper that everybody knows?

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  • BrotherDante

    This nigga Joey sound drunk.

  • iCandy

    lol @ Toya

    Toya Carter? lol she is definitely the ultimate when it comes to the “my breakup made me rich” game

  • Sorry Buddens, But I’m tappin dat ass now.

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  • funniest thing was when she said he asked about whats her plan she was like i aint have a plan when i was with him so why he worried about me having one now

  • true story

    joe shouldn’t of called the show but . . . .

    fuck that bitch b. she would have been just another big ass if it wasn’t for joe and niggas know this. he put her in videos and all that shit. xxl spread was on the strength of joe; this interview is on joe. yall lazy dick niggas blinded by the ass and not looking at this bitch for what she is and what she’s doing. I can see right through the shit; she’s been using this nigga from the gate. she’s a big ass bartender what the fuck does she really have to talk about besides joe.

    this nigga joe should stop all communication with the bitch. any time some one even mentions her name he should be on some, who the fuck is that. unless she latches on to another nigga she’ll fall soon enough. speak through the music fuck the bullshit.

    c’mon sun, you niggas are really bitching supporting this bitch, c’mon sun you know she used this nigga sun. you internet niggas will never ever ever get close enough to this bitch to even smell the ass in the breeze so just keep it 100.


  • sideshowRaheem

    Joe is looking like a real sucka right now. First he used his relationship with her to bring some much needed attention to his carrier then he gets mad at her for petty much doing the same thing to help herself. GTFOH!

  • Toya

    Toya Carter? lol she is definitely the ultimate when it comes to the “my breakup made me rich” game
    One could say the same about Eminem’s ex-ex- wife (even though you could also say Em made way more off her name).

  • starbucks

    they’re funny. funny peculiar.

  • wow

    ya´ll crazy! fuckin tahiry would be nobody if joe didn´t put her on! go get your $ bitch, but stop lying!

  • Didn’t he exploit their whole relationship? I’m just sayin’.

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  • Raekwon

    ^ Buddens shut the fuck up.. You don’t want another eye jammy do u? U pussy ass nigga.. Tahiry sucked my dick as payment for letting my goon sock u in the eye

  • llll

    hahaha, couples arguing, that’s the best thing in the world, i love it when the bitch tryina shut his mouth and talk, and budden is on weed!!lol, that stupid man loves her, that’s why he called!!

  • maelstrom

    Yo, this nigga is such a jerk that I don’t even have a problem with letting the hate flow. Damn what a fuckin’ faggot. He’s the Perez Hilton of rap. He got punched in his eye and then cried on Youtube for a whole fuckin’ hour. I’m glad his album only sold 1700 the first week, didn’t even chart. That lets me know that everything is as it should be. I will never support this dude, ever. I will make sure that nobody I know supports him. I will tell them to tell everyone they know and to instruct THEM to tell everyone THEY know. He makes Jersey look bad. He’s like the rick ross of the northeast. He needs to eat a diseased dick and die

  • Alpo

    Yeah I plowed that bitch a week later. JC stand up!

  • Dollars4dub

    Does that night have a flip phone and a belt holster? No Bueno!