Eminem “Rock The Bells” (VH1 Hip Hop Honors)

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3605081&w=425&h=350&fv=configParams%3Dtype%253Dnetwork%2526id%253D444185%2526vid%253D444185%2526uri%253Dmgid%253Auma%253Avideolist%253Avh1.com%253A1623452]

No bootlegs here, buddy. Check out this sneak peak of Marshall Mathers tearing through a James Todd Smith classic. I know what you’re thinking and I agree. Looks like a top 10 Hottest MC to me. Ha!

VH1, son!

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  • john macabee

    vh1 gave us the ill headfake

  • dani

    eminem = cute.

  • Top 10? He’s not even top 5, he’s top 2!
    His verse on Forever killed everyone on the track and off the track.

    That one verse is better than any material Lil Wayne EVER put out period!
    and that aint even em’s best verse… ha!

  • iCandy

    lolll dani.. u really think so? he looks “startled” these days.. I can’t put my finger on it.. he’s thin, ghostly white, you can see the white in his eyes.. I wonder what it is..

    But he put it down for LL.. can’t believe he could’t even show his ass up to hear his own song. fuck NCIS nobody will remember ya ass on TV!!!!!!! SMH

    Why isn’t it good enough to just be a hip hop icon? Wanting to be a TV/Movie Star, CEO or Spokesman killed hip hop

    Anyway, The white boy did good… wish LL could have come out to show respect. Nelly did good too and BowWow I’m sure would have liked to also do something for LL.

  • iCandy

    *blank stares* 0_0 @ Em Stans..

  • nonny

    fuck mtv, eminem should have been #1. whatever, relapse 2!

  • mikey

    Eminem #1 Hottest MC
    R2 will be a classic

  • dani

    @ icandy. yes.. yes i do! i like that he seems so… calmed down. that shit from back in the day.. all that yelling and fart sounds and shit was annoying. he look real manly now. and he’s finally dressing decent. you can’t act like he couldn’t get it! lol.

  • mikey

    i think em is acting nervous doin interviews and media stuff because hes gettin used to life without drugs

  • iCandy

    nah girl.. he definitely couldn’t get it.. lol iono what ur talking about.. he looks like a corpse.

    *no offense or anything*

    oh and I found Nelly’s… I’m not going to compare them point for point but Nelly held it down and Cut Creator was there last year too so.. it was pretty memorable..

    check the fresh: h..t..t..p..://irc.lv/video?id=CJtD8nOq2kK9

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  • iCandy

    @mikey.. I hear you.. I really do but life without drugs IS life. this should be what’s normal not that other ish.. it’s not like he was high his whole life? Lately he’s just looking like a zombie with makeup on.. not sure what it is.

  • iCandy

    **ALSO** PROPS to Eminmen for not saying the line about nappy headed girls… cuz you KNOW I was waiting for it.

  • Toya

    I’ve heard a lot of people say they miss the old Eminem. While I think both the new and old Em are good, I really like the new Em. He seems more human. More… settled. “Back in the day”, he seemed so defensive. Like he had so much to prove (and so much to hide).

  • mikey

    ye i know what u sayin
    i think em just needs time to get used to the medis coverage like interviews etc
    i dont think he will ever fully recover from proofs death
    i think on r2 he will get some deep emotional sit off his chest

  • iCandy

    @Mikey um I liked Relapse.. wasn’t an Em fan before at all.. and I got into Relapse, so first time ever I’m sayign I’m looking forward to an Eminem album.

    I forgot all he’s been through actually.. Proof.. wasn’t he close to JMJ too.. he also stopped dying his hair blonde that might be it too.. iono.. but yea hopefully he just bounces back to health and vitality

  • mikey

    yeah relapse was great
    nah he wasnt close to jmj
    u should check out eminems previous albums if u liked relapse
    im sure em will release a near classic album with r2

  • Evil-Genius

    This video is not available for your region

    VH1 FAILS.

  • Saudi Arabian Terrorist BOMB BOOM BANG

    B. Dot, can you rip it and have it available for download? It ain’t working for my region.

  • Saudi Arabian Terrorist BOMB BOOM BANG

    I’m sorry, I meant YN. My bad.

  • koa29

    the guy didn’t do anything sober in his career until recently. be it alcohol, weed, ecstacy…etc. now he’s sober… and it takes time to be able to perform that way when you performed a certain way your entire life.

    i like the new em,

  • MissGennyS

    I agree. Before he always seemed to be pissed at everything but I guess that would come from always have to work 5x harder to earn any respect being the white boy. Although I do like the pissed off Em (something about them bad boys) he seems more leveled and happier now. Definately glad he’s off drugs… it means we will have him around a lot longer! Oh and I don’t know what anyone else is seeing but to me he’s looking damn sexy!

  • Brooksie

    iCandy – Can I please see what you look like on stage in front of people and perform a rap song or even a bed time story? Once you do what Eminem does, then what you say will actually matter because hiding behind a computer, typing a few words on a blog does not make you a judge, only a hater. I bet you pick apart everything you touch and look for the negative in a positive. Give it up, you are not looking cool, you come across as a person speaking out of their ass.

    They call Eminem fans Stan, so I guess that makes you, what, a Mariah?

    I know this might shock you, but white people, are white, you might be use to seeing orange or bronze people, but we normal white folk, are pale and taste like Elmers Glue, especially when our careers consume us.

  • Kellita

    em is definitely cute =]

  • sms

    Great performance. He improved so much from the first time he did We Made You. Black Thought is great too, they spit back and forth smoothly.

  • basjkdsa

    can’t watch the video, only comes up the replay and share buttons :S… anybody got any other source?

  • That was dope, damn shame LL couldnt come thru to peep this tho. Em didnt miss a beat when spittin the verse

  • vai pa puta q ti pariu essa desgrasa nem tem video ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh