Asher’s Not Feelin’ Obama’s Nobel Win


This morning, President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” Obama became the third incumbent president and the first in 90 years to receive the prize. In a press confrence earlier today, he said he was “deeply humbled” by the honor. But not everyone was moved. Asher Roth took to Twitter and gave his opinion on the accolade. After all, he is entitled to it.


YN Update: Angry at Asher!

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  • kelito-vision

    this white boy don’t know when to shut up….expect hateful statements about Asher in 3,2,1……

  • TAME

    nah hes right tho IMO… like obama i love him and shit but he still is trying to find out how to ship the stimilus package.

  • KB

    right Asher. i agree.

  • JB

    Asher better sit his racsist ass down somewhere. I aint heard nothing from that cracker ass white boy since I love college bullshit


    Nigga he aint racist ….Obama dnt care about black people or white people …he part of the New World Order

  • AV

    Why is a white person no longer allowed to say something negative about the president? Black people weren’t being racist two years ago when G.W. was getting his ass handed to him from every side. And you know what? He deserved it. He, and his admin, weren’t doing their jobs properly. And now that Obama has been elected it’s suddenly racist for any white “star” (and I’m saying that loosely because it’s Asher Roth here) to say anything against him? It’s not like he pulled a Kanye here – “Obama hates white people.” For fucks sake, Asher’s wearing an Obama shirt in the picture above; how the hell is he gonna be racist? I personally feel that Obama didn’t deserve a Nobel peace prize at this point in his presidency, but it certainly can’t hurt to have our president winning a global award for PEACE so I’m not against it.

  • john macabee

    not gonna lie, when i heard obama got the peace prize i said “for what” but i also don’t have a problem with it because he did do something quite legendary… but the bigger issue is rappers need to stay off of twitter…. scooter puts asher’s twitter account on pause in 3,2,1……

  • Dwayne

    This m’fucker needs to shut up.

    There is only ONE white boy who can rap (Eminem),

  • O rly?

    Hmm..? If ‘talking shit’ means reaching out to the middle east for peace talks (you know, those dudes haven’t really liked us for the last few decades) and nuclear deliberation to try to rid the word of civilizations greatest threat, *Bush voice* weapons of mass destruction. Then yeah, you totally can. It’s really meant to set an example for all the other world leaders to get their heads out their ass. Ex. Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong-il, Medvedev, etc. He can only do so much, hopefully this will provide a better understanding that his intentions are right so others can follow suit.

    And on another note, maybe Asher should have stayed in college. He obviously doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about. Yes everyone is entitled to their opinion, but that doesn’t mean you won’t look like a fucktard when you express it.

  • Dman

    nahh hes kind of right on the obama thing nothin 2 do with racism just because white person states his opinion on obama dont make him racist shut ya ass up

  • chillo

    He’s comfortable in his white supremacy, let’s leave it at that.

  • Peez

    If you ignorant bastards don’t understand why Obama got the prize do some research on the award itself. He got it for his efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples, which means his been around the world pretty much undoing all the bullshi* that Bush and his people messed up. He’s attempting to take America from the most hated back to where it used to be. It doesn’t have shi* to do with a stimulus plan or health care. Just do some research before you actually take time to agree or disagree or even comment another under informed honky tonk talking down on Obama.

  • O rly?


  • Kofi

    I’m not gonna knock the guy for having an opinion but you have to question his judgement in making that kind of comment considering who his audience is.

  • Tysonz

    This kid is a joke.

  • B. Digital

    I’m glad that I voted for him and I’m happy that he is my president. I think it’s great that he won a Nobel Peace Prize in only 9+ months on the job but is Pres. Obama this generations MLK? At this point, he is no where near but he is on the right path.

    Mr. Obama did mention that he was surprised that he even got the award. But the bottom line is that I hope he follows through with what he has been talking about in the last 9+ months – reduction in troops in Iraq, closing of Gitmo, affordable health care, bringing down the number of nuclear weapons, etc.

    As for Asher Roth, he is entitled to his opinion and from what I can tell he is definitely not a racist (Would a racist wear an Obama shirt????).. IMO there is nothing wrong with criticizing someone every once in awhile.

  • mike

    of course

    great for obama but u accept that ? really barack ? come on son ?

    mr obama creates HOPE this year with the election, first black prez and all but

    that’s the usual choice, not a bad choice, yall okay but definitely not the right choice !!!


    people do not understand that if bill gates will act wit all his money right now that would be greater than “when i’m gone, all my money will be for the humanitary thangs and all”….


    Totally Agree with Asher .. OBAMA IS EXPANDING THE WAR IN AFGHANISTAN !!!!

    PEACE ????… CHANGE ?????

    Ok… keept telling yourselves whatever u want

  • fuck u haters

    i see its some honest people in here not alot of stupid ppl trying to pull the race card its his opinion and i agree with it

  • DrDreBeats

    You clowns are so thick. Anybody who doesnt agree with Obama is racist? I am black I dont think Obama has preformed good so far as President… what now u faggots?

    Asher can have his opinion just like all you homos on this website. Pull the race card out your ass and eat the shit faggots

  • Asher Roth

    Oh great… You’re thinking I’m racist now for voicing my opinion..

  • Hey Bitterness

    Do you know what the fuck is going on in Afghanistan? The wars intent is to rid the terrorist organizations that pose a threat to the entire world. They use Afghanistan as their ‘home base’ for their operations and hideout. The majority are Arabs and have no business being there. The goal is to protect the Afghan people and rid them of this plague, then give the land back to the rightful citizens. Suck it.

  • chillo

    Asher, an opinion based not based on facts is white supremacy, period
    Dre beats- cajoling people to eat excrement and questioning their sexuality shows the mentality level of the average Asher Roth stan. Bravo

  • DrDreBeats

    I aint an Asher fan you idiot. He has an opinion and he has every right to express it. So I guess Kanye is racist for expressing his opinion at the MTV awards. Chillo you are an idiot, you the type of clown that pulls the race card about anything you can.

  • *Sigh*

    This has absolutely nothing to do with being black or white.
    White supremacy is the belief that white people are superior to people of other racial backgrounds. Making an opinion not based on fact is called being an idiot, not white supremacy.
    He’s not racist. That’s just a ridiculous comment to make. I do think he’s an idiot though. However, I think that most people are just pissed off about how he worded his opinion. It’s not that he deserved it or not, it’s that he labeled his progress as ‘talking shit’. Which is being an idiot.

  • AqSin

    Damn! I like Asher Roth, I like his music and he seem like a cool dude BUT this is like the third time he’s said some borderline shit about black people. It is his opinion and I agree with him to a point (I don’t understand why he go it either, I’m Obama isn’t sure why he got it too!) but Asher has to stop saying shit like this! He is a RAPPER! Not some pop artist. If black people don’t like you, and think you’re racist you’re going to have a hard time being a RAPPER, we won’t buy your shit. That’s a white guy saying nigger on a song and trying to sell it to black people. IT WONT WORK. Asher, please, pretty please with a fuckin cherry on top, STOP TALKING ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE. I cant defend if you keep saying shit like this.

  • Peez

    DrDreBeats you’re E-thuggin right now homie, you need to “C’mon Son” yourself. All that extra wildin for different opinions makes you sound like a clown. And I don’t think dude is a racist, he’s just misinformed like alot of people. Point is what Asher does for a living is talking shi*, you know “I love college and weed” or whatever the hell that song was, so for him to even come out his face like that is crazy.

  • Elle

    It kills me when people say that Obama is not keeping his promise to make changes it’s only been 9 MONTHS SINCE HE’S BEEN IN OFFICE! where the hell were y’all when Bush took the 8 years he was in office and didn’t do sh*t except send people’s children, mothers, daughters, fathers, etc. out to war only to return back coffins??? Obama’s been in office for no more than a year and y’all expect change to happen that soon, he does not have a magical wand in his pocket to clean up the mess, it takes time and 9 months can not clean up mess that took 8 years to make, lay the f*ck off. He deserves the nobel peace prize just because he was the first black to be in office, even if he’s only half.

  • OJ

    I guess this guy didn’t plan doing “BLACK music” for too long. Nice 1 year career buddy.

  • One white guys says something about a black and you all go nuts…
    ya’ll kanyeing too much!

  • On another note did Asher just shit himself in that pic?

  • truthfully speaking

    @ AqSin

    How is his opinion on this matter “borderline”? Every person I have spoken to today have said the same thing, and these are all Obama supporters. It´s not about white or black in this matter, it´s about facts. How is it that America is involved in like two wars right about now and is receiving the peace prize? Strange right? War and peace prize at the same time, somethings not adding up here. And come on do you guys (not you AqSin) seriously think that a dude like Asher Roth is a racist? Come on now. Allow yourselves to step back think for a minute before you judge.

    Not trying to be all preachy..and what´s up with this whole Shyne Po thing?

  • Dry

    This Asher guy should just shut the fuck up!
    If you guys were livin’ outside the US, you would understand why Barack got the Nobel Prize!!!
    Here in Europe, people got a better image of the US thanks to your president, he’s trying to maintain the peace with the muslim world…That’s why he got the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE!!!

  • chillo

    Dre beats, i don’t pull the race card, I just know that in the absence of rational thought(look it up) any opinion that comes from a position of privilege with no forethought is White supremacy. I forgive him, and you for co signing his disease. As for Kanye, he needs Jesus and a stylist, i can’t speak for his racial bias or lack thereof.

    Chillo, The idiot(because Drebeats said so)

  • *Sigh*

    ^ You obviously don’t know the definition of white supremacy. You fucking idiot.
    Main Entry: white supremacy
    Function: noun
    Date: 1864

    : a doctrine based on a belief in the inherent superiority of the white race over other races and the correlative necessity for the subordination of nonwhites to whites in all relationships.

    An opinion based on incorrect facts is called being ignorant. Just like you’re being right now, for example.

    -Again, you’re a fucking douche bag. GTFO.

  • Afura

    You guys are fucking stupid, it has nothing to do with racism.

    Also many rappers say stupid shit so try relaxing

  • chillo

    a doctrine based on a belief in the inherent superiority of the white race over other races and the correlative necessity for the subordination of nonwhites to whites in all relationships.

    And this wasn’t what was done by Mr. Roth? Read your own Google search and stop being a tough guy.

  • *Sigh*

    ^^Actually no it wasn’t what he did you fucking idiot. Maybe if he said ‘Obama didn’t deserve that award because he’s black and only white people deserve it because they’re the supreme race *Kanye voice* of all time.’ But you see, that’s not what happened here at all. Nothing close to it in fact. He just expressed his discontent that Obama won the award so early in his presidencynot because he’s black and thinks that white people are better. Personally, I disagree with Asher, but he’s not displaying white supremacy. Get your head out your ass.



  • Ghost donT BLeed

    im not really a fan of asher’s, but he has freedom of speech just like all of us…And i think its bull shit that he say’s one thing about obama…(not even racist) and all u black panther wannabe’s hop onto the race wagon…..well hop the fuck off loser’s…..we off that :D.

  • or is he jus constipated?

  • AqSin

    @ truthfully speaking

    This one wasn’t borderline. I was talking about his previous statements. The “nappy headed hoes'” thing. I know he’s not racist and I know he didn’t mean it like that but as a rapper he should know black people will hear what he’s saying, especially when he’s talking about a black president.

    I’ve been defending him still, but somebody really needs to just talk to him. Black people are sensitive when it comes to racism, even when it wasn’t really racist in the first place, just like this situation. I wasn’t offended but I could understand how other blacks would be.

    I think it’s weird Obama got the prize too, I think, if anything, it’s way too early it to him. Politics is a whole nother discussion, but I hear you.

  • sef

    Ashyroth doesnt represent hip hop beat it bird boy, whos paying his way in the game, cause he raps like a nerdboy whos daddy got money if Obama dont deserve a nobel for his lifes work then Ashyroth dont deserve any credit in hip hop make a hit battyboy!!! No f&*& it NERD POP..


    this is exactly the petty bickering about whether black satan is better than white satan that the bildeberger group, the bohemian club, the OTO, the masons (a.k.a. the ILLUMINATI) want yall to be having when they pull bullshit like giving a 9 month old president the nobel peace prize so it looks legit when he calls world leaders to form a WORLD GOVERNMENT in 2012. a lot of fuck heads who can’t get beyond RACE will atleast be happy its a black (as in half white, half muslim african????) man in charge.


  • 1qaz


  • Politicians lie daily to us….obama got that award for what ?
    he is a puppet for the new world order …..oh yah i forgot

    finally asher said something smart….he’s starting to make sense..
    dont like his music though but he right about obama and the whole situation

  • Tysonz

    MAn he needs this press to stay relevant I swear dude got corny ass rhymes and songs, I mean im all for white people rap, paul wall, everlast and shit but this is like rap music for white people in cubicles and shit.

  • Jerz

    I applaud Asher.

    How in the fuck do you win a peace prize after increasing war efforts in iraq and afghanistan, bombing and murdering innocent pakistanis, pushing for a war with a country that poses no real threat to our country, has complied with UN regulations, and has done NOTHING TO US ; furthering the bush doctrine of stripping people of their civil liberties, expanding government, perpetuating and even expanding monstrous and clandestine torture practices worldwide, stealing far more money from the american people and giving it to wall street and central bankers than Bush ever did further plunging our currency and economy towards complete collapse, further distancing our government from the democracy envisioned by our founders to a socialistic military dictatorship, and last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST giving more power to the private criminal Federal Reserve which is the primary entity responsible for every economic crisis americans have been oppressed by for the last century.

    FU*K Obama. I wanted him to be about what he claimed to be about when he was campaigning too. I even bought into it for a little while, although I always knew better deep down based on his voting record and affiliations.

    He is more of the same. Actually hes worse. The man should be locked up not running a country. Get mad if you want. Better yet, get educated.

    This recession is nothing compared to the collapse of the dollar which is inevitably going to happen very soon. Either we the people will take back power over our government that is rightfully ours as dictated by the constitution or we will have an outright military dictatorship. Wake up people!

    Ron Paul. Campaign For Liberty. Look those terms up, read, and act! You can make a difference. Let it not be said that we did nothing…

  • AqSin


    That shit was funny. Jay Z worships the devil….. riiiiiiggggggghhhht. smh. For three hundred million in a year I’ll sell my soul to that motherfucker too. Where’s the contract?

  • RICH1

    obama doesn’t call the shots, none of the president have, the nation is run by the elite. the Illuminati. they just have these elections to fool everyone into believing ‘we’ have a voice. we don’t they elected obama because his proper way of speaking, which can calm the nation down during these hard times. the Illuminati is going to rule soon, dont take the flue shot its going to wipe humanity

  • mac DIESEL

    I think it was a good choice picking president obama. People expect this man to fix all of america’s problems in one year. It was that fuckin hillbilly cowboy george bush who fucked this country for 8 years. Obama was the one who voted to remove american soldiers from iraq and afganistan. People wanna criticize obama for not fixing problems but these are the same people who don’t have solutions themselves to fix the problems in this country. Asher roth is uneducated and lost. He is ignorant. It’s obvious he doesn’t follow with wuts going on. Obama is helping with international relations among other countries. The man is at least trying. He’s thinking of ways to fix problems. Don’t criticize him when if u don’t have a fucking solution to the problems america is facing. Wut would u do asher roth about the problems we have? Do u have any soulutions? People are quick to critcize because it’s easy. People have an issue with obama winning the nobel peace prize but before obama won the peace prize did anybody really care or pay attention about the nobel peace prize or who won it the last time? NO! I fucking doubt it. The peple who voted pres obama to win the peace prize saw the vision, the intent to guide america and the world to a brighter future. It’s going to take time to see results in what pres obama is trying to accomplish. He said in his speeches way before being elected that it was going to take time to fix the problems america is facing. Asher roth is an ignorant idiot who think he got all the answers. What would u do asher roth to fix the problems america has? What solutions do u have to fix america asher roth?? Cause it seems like your the one who’s “talking shit”. U fucking asshole!!!!


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  • LULZ

    reading some of these Comments makes me ashamed of what some of our people have become in this day in age..suggesting that Asher is a racist or anyone else for that matter who just happens not to be black simply because they have a disagreement with some of Obama ideals is just plain IGNORANCE POINT BLANK PERIOD..SAME TYPE of Ignorance that ruled us less that Human at one point in time..this man was merely stating a valid opinion with no ill feelings towards Obama or any opinion that I to share despite the fact that I love Barack Obama and that I to am Black

  • slav

    LULZ how the hell are you going to make up the word “biasness” and then tell people to “grow the fuck up and stay in school.”

  • aj

    guys he aint being raciest at all!! Obama is his president too.. he can have any opinion he wants..
    in this situation i have 2 agree with him.

  • kira

    asher how about you got a record deal by sounding Just like Eminem? we didn’t hear you complain about that/

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  • I have to agree with Asher on this one, Obama hasn’t exactly put himself out there to have rightfully earned this award, I honestly think the Nobel people should have given him more time to prove himself. I voted for Barack for one big reason: he said he would bring the troops home immediately. Now he’s considering sending more over there, that doesnt exactly spell “peace” to me, which is the essence of the award Obama is being given.

  • Kingo

    Wow alot of you guys are idiots! Just because Asher Roth does not agree with Obama winning the peace prize he is racist? That is just ignorant and stupid, a wake up call for you guy’s Obama himself was surprised he won the peace prize, check out the speech he gave about it on friday he to was shocked. Does he deserve to win the peace prize? NO NO NO he hasn’t done anything to deserve it, so if I don’t agree that he won I guess it makes me a racist. “KIRA” what the hell does him sounding like Eminem have anything to do with this, maybe you are racist…im just saying.

  • Kingo

    And I also voted for Obama but let’s get real here, people need to stop loving Obama for simply being Obama. The man has not done shit but gone overseas and apologize for America, and that my friends is a No NO. I don’t always agree with what we the U.S do, but I will be damned if I were the leader of the country and go overseas to apologize to racist anti semetic country’s such as Germany , Spain and France!

  • BritBritthesmart

    i agree…Obama aint do nothing “nobel peace prize” worthy since he been in office. I admit he seems like a good man but not that good.

    You CANT put him in the same category as all the great people who’ve won that award. They done things to change the world and he hasnt done anyhting to change the world. I mean hell he JUST got elected so its not like hes capable of doing something that fast anyway.

  • Odog

    asher is right. its not that obama didn’t deserve the award its that there are more deserving people out there have dedicated their lives to helping people and promoting peace globally. obama is a face of a country and political party if anything. just because hes the symbol of hope and growth for minorities and the economically disadvantaged within america doesn’t have anything to do with peace.

  • kounterkulture

    Interesting viewpoint Asher, I wonder what Vanilla Ice, Marky Mark (sans Funky Bunch), Lil White, DJ Sven and MC Miker G’s thoughts are on this topic of Obama’s Nobel Prize?

  • What has Obama done to win the Nobel Peace Prize, well, according to the esteemed panel of judges, it is what he is working towards, peace in the middle east, peace within America, peace with allies and enemies, understanding, the people who say he did not do anything yet do not pay attention, he has not let continue the disastrous policies that were being taken as common under the last administration, what has he done, he has created pride and belief in a nation of people who was limited on their thinking, people were so limited, they did not believe a BLACK man could be President, his own people felt that way, so imagine what others feel, he has made the African American family, a priority, he has put a smile on my grandmother face, he has done more for the thought of the Black man than any other person in the history of the black man, so when you ask what has he done, everything, he is the freaking President, and everything that happens, whether it is the Wall St bailout, Medicare, Welfare, Social Security, Jobs on the Federal level, he is dong that, that is what he did, he makes decision everyday that affect and effect your life, how about bring respect and prestige from other countries, al qaeda and rush limbaugh as well as asher roth says he don’t deserve it, because his actions of changing the thoughts of people, were not actions, well you tell that to the Puerto Rican kid who realize that they can go to the highest body of justice in america and become it, you tell that to the black kid who is sitting in grade school not knowing one day he can become the highest ranking member for and about education, what has he done, nothing and everything, he is the President of the United States of America and his name is Barack Obama

    He has time to get around to peace

  • james

    Nobel was the man who invented dynamite, so I guess Obama does deserve the prize for blowing innocent Pakistanis sky high

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  • iCandy

    FUCK this white boy….

    Asher if I SEE YOU…. I’ll leave it at that.

  • racism

    wow he didn’t say one thing about obama being black and you all turn around and say its because obamas black that hes against him receiving the nobel peace prize. “You’re a part of a culture built by Black and Latinos and you continue to speak in a disrespectful way towards African-Americans” from the blackout… so if someone is black they get some sort of pass from criticism? isn’t that a prejudice treating someone different because of the color of their skin? I don’t see where he was being “disrespectful” to African-Americans. “The hip-hop community galvanized to help elect our commander-in-chief and we shouldn’t turn our back on him this soon. What are you really doin’ to change the world, disco kid?” He’s an American he can decide for himself if he likes what Obama is doing and you’re right Asher Roth isn’t really doing anything to change the world but then again he wasn’t voted to be in charge of the country that rules the world and is merely a citizen unlike Obama. Why the fuck does it always have to be a racial situation when Obama is getting criticism from someone who is white, stop pulling the fucking race card you sensitive little bitch.

  • Toya

    Sorry but the tweets seem pretty anti-Obama. While I do think the award is jumping the gun (I mean what does he have to strive for for the next 3 years?), the Nobel Peace Prize committee has the right to award the prize to whomever they want. I don’t think Ryan Seacrest should have a star on Hollywood Boulvard but we all learn to deal.
    Yes, there are people who have really committed their lives to establishing peace in the world, and they probably should have been picked but guess what they didn’t receive enough votes. And when you’re committing your life to something, you really shouldn’t expect to get a pat on the back for it otherwise your heart is not genuine and you’re not truly doing X for the love of others.
    Personally I can’t help but be on Obama’s side because I just feel that anything ANYTHING he does will get his ass jumped. He seems to have someone jumping on his ass and fighting him just because they can. Don’t remember Clinton or Bush (that’s how young I am. Only remember 2 presidents) having this much resistance from all sides.

  • SonyCi

    WoW You Guys getting at Asher like he called Obama a “nigger” or something damn. This is what make me dislike people cuz as soon as you say something bad about Obama than your not black or you a racists because you disagree. WTF type of society is this. Asher stated his opinion which many including myself share. What has he done that makes him worthy of “The Nobel Peace Prize” cuz I dont know somebody please tell me, and i gotta laugh at the Editor for this line “he has done more for the thought of the Black man than any other person in the history of the black man” , So I guess all the stuff that Martin and Malcolm did for the thoughts of young black males is just null and void huh.



    What does race have to do with this?

    It’s pretty scary that someone can’t voice their opinion of our President without you calling them “disrespectful to African Americans”.

    Nothing Asher said has anything to do with our President’s skin color.

    Asher was obviously an Obama supporter when he was running for office, and has been let down by his performance thus-far… just like a lot of other people…whether they are part of the hip hop community or not.

    People have had negative things to say about every other president we’ve ever had, why is Obama off limits?

  • Christian Vegas

    I think the president is doing a fine job and I approve. I like the direction he is taking our country and the world. I don’t, however, feel that what he has done SO FAR merits a Nobel Peace Prize. In a couple of years sure, give him the prize, I’m sure he will deserve it.

  • sdfgkjdkh

    YN, why can’t you accept honest criticism without claiming that it results from the irrational hatred of people with different levels of melanin? This is 2010 not 1864.

  • Chris

    So just because he doesn’t think Obama deserves a prize, and Obama happens to be half black, that makes him racist?
    That self-victimization is exactly why things like racism persist in America.
    I know black dudes who think Obama didn’t deserve it, are they racist against his white side?
    Your all ignorant. Fuck outta here.

  • arg

    have made so many on the page after this pls take a look and see what that yn poor example of his race read what he said !

  • Steve

    Ashers right,Obama didnt deserve it. its not racist, its the truth.

  • All I know is that I am eployed at a big biotherapeutic corporation in Clayton NC and I endroce Barack Obama with all my energy. I would love for all my friends and colleagues to re-elect Obama in 2012!! I LOVE YOU OBAMA