B.o.B. “Satellite” (Highline Ballroom)

Last Sunday at the Highline Ballroom, B.o.B. performed “Satellite” off his mixtape, B.o.B. vs. Bobby Ray. Nearly 24 hours ago, I caught up with Mr. Simmons at Atlantic Records. Briefly, I heard a record he’s featured on with one of his labelmates. Can’t give away too many details, but it’s definitely a cool single.

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  • goldxfish

    B.o.B is such a great artist and i THINK i know what joint you’re talking about — illroots had an interview with him there was alot of insight on his debut album..hmm

  • Ben Fayett

    could it be that his mysterious label mate is Lupe Fiasco? 😉

  • B.Dot

    i’ll never telllll *evil laughter*

  • Brummagen

    A collab with Lupe would be more than ill