Wale At The Nigerian Day Parade

Bawo ni (That’s Yoruba for “What’s up” )! Before hitting the Thisis50 stage last Saturday, Wale got a standing ovation at the Nigerian Day Parade in NYC. O da bo!


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  • aw they got Dee in the still shot. cool.

  • ^^ Dee who?

    …Deeeez nuts

    Africa is far (c) T-Boz

  • J.Boogie

    lol @ big homie

  • B.Dot

    Africa is far (c) T-Boz


  • Cick Nannon

    I know that Dee chick in the pink from somewhere. Part of Wale’s camp now or something?

  • Bomber

    No offense but Im going to go out on a limb and say the ladies in this parade aint coming close to the Puetro Rican day parade dames…just a hunch…

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  • iCandy

    LOL.. okay first off I love this man for making it though this melee.
    second. we’lll see if he’s there next year when he has no album to promote
    third. he knows Nigerians are #1 bootleggers.. lol @ “album in stores”
    nice that he showed up.

    Now let’s keep it real. I’m wondering why RapRadar refuses to be great? why didn’t you put the My Sweetie joint up since you’re quoting the shit. HUGE FAIL. Maybe even EPIC.

    This is a rap blog, why not throw up an MP3. this man has a few that won’t be on the album… My Sweetie fits this post. I demand answers.. this is just too egregiousa an oversight.