The Return Of Rihanna


Guess who’s bizack. Ri-Ri announced on her new Twitter account last night that she’s ready to knock a few cats off the top of the charts this fourth quarter. Count me in as part of the hype machine ’cause I really wanna hear how the Fuck Boy Brown incident has affected her music. Straight from The A has gathered all the new flicks and behind the scenes video of the album cover shoot. Good luck to you, Ms. Fenty.

Sidebar: Another Wale leak popped up last night. This one was unauthorized and was the joint he did with Rihanna called “Contemplate.” Pardon the tags and take a listen.

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  • dickinyamom

    Watch how mediocre this CD is compared to the last one, to me she’s not talented they just beef her image up and she took it and ran with it, before that her first two albums ain’t get no notice before the bitch went ‘Goth’. She sounds like a yodelling goat and her stage performances are dryer then crack head lips. This chick is best known for putting on weirdo outfits just so paparazzi can take pictures of her…Wookie > Rihanna

  • JaYSoN

    To keep it real this bitch thinks shes is something sepcial posting shit like the wait is be honest i was hoping the wait wouldn’t be over at all..i got no love for her for the simple reason that she doesn’t even write her own shit..i mean like this bitch really has an easy ass job..all she does is pick songs she likes and sings the fucking on stage she can’t sing for shit i agree with my dude there