Kanye West x Spike Jonze: We Were Once A Fairytale

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This is what happens when a “See You In My Nightmares” video turns into a strange Spike Jonze short film. Now we see why this was shelved. Too bizarre for words. But, entertaining I guess— in a guilty pleasure kind of way. Poor rodent!

Props: RLF Nowhere

Sidebar: This guy’s my literary labelmate and I guess his book is really coming out. I see you, Malaika!


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  • Kofi

    Kanye West Can’t Act………..he knows

    “all the way to Hollywood and I can’t even act” — Kanye West – “Forever”

  • Chris

    I actually thought the acting was on point as far as what the role asked. (Him playing drunk)

  • I think he did a pretty good job.

  • Fxx

    seemed pretty good to me. you guys just shit on anything he does.

  • Errm was i the only one who felt awkward the whole way through?

    … but Fake projectile vomiting FTW!

  • ELE

    He did a good job, i understand y it got shelved doh, it was too bizarre for certain audiences i enjoyed it

  • Deuce

    I thought it was dope… its different… kept my attention the whole way… one thing though, did Kanye rape the couch?

  • Crakbry

    Shit was hilarious! It ain’t mainstream, but it’s creative and unique. I’d rather see this than another assembly-line Hype video…

  • Jordan

    Yeah why do you guys always hate on kanye? All of ur stories have negative titles! Kanye west is a genious, but you guys are too busy hating on him to notice

  • JaYSoN

    On a real tip the dude can’t act for shit

  • Jamiezz

    Don’t see how your saying he can’t act. He was drunk and played a fool pretty fucking well. Shit had me rollin. “I love short girls” “OH thats your girl?” LOL

  • Renzel

    YOU didn’t get it but it’s ok. It’s not about the man’s acting it’s about the message. If you don’t get it I can’t explain it to you!

  • AirJustinn

    Contrary to what to the big homie, YN, saysm I thought it was pretty ill. I think they should have dropped this around the album.

  • Greg

    Yeah yn you didn’t understand it bc you don’t know what symbolism is

  • sideshowRaheem

    There’s nothing wrong with Ye’s acting in this clip. The video is dope excellent use of sound design and lighting also nice shout out to Mayer Hawthorne and the County during the scene where Ye and that chick fuck in the back room.


    TEAM ‘YE ALL DAY!!!!! Loved it!! 🙂

  • brl

    very interesting?! i thought he was funny as hell! just like an intoxicated club goer! “this is my song”, LOL! it really was, LOL! still trying to figure out what the hell that ending was all about? but i enjoyed it none the less! kept me involved the whole time. the vomiting was hilarious!

  • Yo!

    Dope Vid Ye’ …. criticized Mike to death who’s next?

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  • That was nutty. Didn’t mind it.
    I’m looking forward to that Kanye/Plympton book. Bill’s short films have some of the most inventive cartoon violence I’ve ever seen.

  • Dman

    all i gottta say is WHAT THE FUCK ? 😐

  • willie mcfly22

    yea this shit was wierd non the less but i liked it. Ye always wit some different. its art to me….that nigga fucked the couch tho…thats sum real drunk shit!!

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  • jahsaudi

    dis shit make me not wanna drink lol seein lil shit like dat woow…but i think he usin this video as a metaphor that he’s killing his “big ego”

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