• Lu-pay.. Forgot about her ass.. Im glad I am reminded

  • Yeah Tracee Ross is “ASStastic” – better than alot of these video ho’s ASSetts!!!

    Give her a standing applause!

  • I want this book sooooooooooo bad, even more now that Tracee’s assets are involved, but $50 is kind of a setback….Oh well, what tha fuck! lol!

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  • Joe Blow

    Thats Ass.


    daayum… neva knew he got dat

  • iLLersz1


  • ive seen this work of art up-close in person a couple of times…truly remarkable.

  • BrotherDante

    GOOD LORD Tracy Ross!
    Can I put the tip in?

  • B.Dot


  • I always thought Tracey was just average now I see why everyone sweats her cause of that ass! Pardon my language but GOD LAWDD that ain’t an ass that’s a Badunkadunk!

  • iCandy

    Shes hot and so is Lupe..

    I’m just glad her head is in the shot.. I see the progress and appreciate it.. even though you’re still just posting a picture of her ass, tlking abotu her ass when she is a talented black actress from a very musically-royal lineage. but yea.. let’s talk about her ass…

    *wondering if the world is running short of video models?*

  • iCandy

    she is also involved in social causes and philanthropy, her ass is with her when shes doing good things…

    Can I just add a *Kill yoself* in advance of any hate towards my views or my comment..

  • Kanyevil

    yes, she is a wonderful, talented human being. a wonderful, talented human being with a fine ass.

  • GI JOE

    big fat ass booty, that muthafuhqa right!! damn traci, i’d hit u in that thang. fuhhhq!!!

  • I ♥ Tracee Ellis Ross so much: pretty, funny, smart and yeah, that ass is pretty much mesmerising. Tracee FTW!

  • I like Tracee Ellis Ross.

  • Troy

    Tracee Ellis Ross got that grown woman ass, full round and mature…Plus she’s smart, educated, talented and yeah, she got that ass….

  • Big T

    That’s one of the reasons why there ain’t nuffin like home grown baby!

  • MisterE

    Tracy knows she has an ass that most men would worship (not to mention titty nipples from hell!)…but (no pun intended)…she also knows that she doesn’t have a Beyonce face, or a JLO face to go with that amazing ass. So I’m sure she has much insecurity about letting herself shine as a sexy voluptuous celebrity babe. So she keeps out of the lime light of celebrity hotness, regarding hot photo shoots with magazines such as King, FHM, etc. Yes the above photo is a rarity but try if you might and find something similar as that pic, your efforts will be futile.