On The Set: Chris Brown “I Can Transform Ya”

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Did Mr. Abs really have to have his shirt off? SMH.

Spotted: PDS

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  • Toya

    And it looks like only Swizz Beatz had time to lace up his shoes.

  • NuNU

    Naw… CB’s abs aint all he think they are. Weezy’s are better to me. Plus it doesn’t seem natural for him to have his shirt like he has recently.



  • Bukldown

    CB looks like a dork…..and that song is just as bad as “do the ricky bobby”

  • cb boats are the same that drake wore in money to blow.

  • kingill89

    what a douche

    and swizz beatz is stupid for working wit him he starting to fall off himself last good song he produced was “where the cash at” He need to change his format something becuz keep sampling im hustla not working doggy and lying about being on relapse aint working to well either

    and this nigga wayne need to stop doing shit for just a checc if he jumped on this song he shouldve jumped on that song thm white boys did that Macc Maine said was terrible and Wayne would never jump on if he jumps on this transformer shit he couldve jumped on them white boys song

    i just dont like that nigga he stealing LA swagg he trying to claim colors throwing up B’s and shit i just want this nigga to have like a roller coaster accident or somebody to shoot cuz in his spine i dont like this nigga man he need to like die or get hurt or something I wonder wy rihanna brothers aint put hands on this nigga yet I hope wrigley give him that Vanilla Ice Suge Knight treatment I want this nigga to slide and just flip up and hit the bacc of his head

    I dont kno man I aint like this nigga since he try to hate on Dream for giving away that bed song to J-Holiday thats when I was like fucc Chris Brown I mean how would he feel if they said in the beginning run it not going to work for you becuz you new and the tracc was made for usher this nigga is so arrogant like

  • MC

    This is the gayest shit I’ve ever seen

  • Honestly, dude should have hit us with smtg MATURE. Take a snippet of the music Mario is making. Yeah “Break Up” has Guccie, but its actually about something. Brown needs to go back to the drawing board cuz he really only has one good album.

  • YN’s a little jealous me thinks… ha!

  • cookie

    you really need to stop hating…seriously…it’s not cute…

  • raul

    just cause yn has a kangeroo pouch down there dont mean u gotta hate


    These niggas look like Public Anouncement!

  • Damn its alot of haters hatin’ nowadays….I say let em hate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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