New Music: Rihanna “Russian Roulette”


“So just pull the trigger.”

Barbed wire across the boobs? Ouch! As far as the music goes, a lot of bass, sultry, theatric… Ok, I’m wit it. But then again, I already got my Team Ri Ri jersey on. Ha!

Props: Mr. X

Bonus: Splash got the instrumental. Think you can sing better, songbird? Knock yourself out!

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  • bueller

    not mad at it

  • Dana

    Ri ri just doesn’t have enough talent for me.

  • Tonya

    I’m not feeling it.

  • Jan

    Kinda flat, isnt it? Nothing like expectations from the cover. Hating the hair. I want Ri back not some domina wannabe.

  • mimi

    i can transform ya (chris) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> russian roulette

    this aint no bager

  • who wrote this ne-yo? and produced it? i think anything she puts out will do well.. she needs to quit chopping her hair..

  • Gary

    This sucks because Rihanna cannot sing, and it’s so flat and boring.

  • Sarah

    I wonder if she’s singing about Justin Timberlake. You all know that they’re dating. I still hate the song.

  • Karen

    Riri cannot sing ballads. Yeah, I know Riri and Justin were going together. She declared her love for white boys a long time ago. Chris has been the only brother she dated since she became famous.

  • I.S.A.A.C.

    Now, i dont think has has the greatest voice but… I’m loving this track! It got this dark melody straight out of Phantom of the Opera or something. I think it sound dope. We need variety like this where we can vibe to an emotional song that doesn’t compromise to any commercial expectations.

    Idk… i’m not a huge Rihanna fan but this is great to me.

  • I.S.A.A.C.

    she* has lol not “has has” ^^^

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  • ReeReeFan :)

    she is just PHENOMENALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!
    i love uu beybi,stay d bestttt!!!!!!!
    i just love youuu!!!!



  • Evil-Genius

    rhianna is becoming to such a slut , The way she dresses is just terrible looks exactly like a hooker.
    When I see her on a live stage Its like watching a Whore singing.
    I remember when she was cute when she went on stage for the first time on the Tyra show and did her song hey mr Dj , was all innocent , Now she whored it up.

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  • koa29

    “But then again, I already got my Team Ri Ri jersey on.”

    her name is rihanna.

  • Dany

    the music is not so interesting but when you add a beautiful fashion fwd Rihanna to the equation iyou obtain $$$$ it’s popmusic and you know how it works bling bling

  • JaYSoN

    This woman is mad overrated the song is wack as fuck

  • Bill

    nice the cb stans are here

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  • lady-t86

    this song is reaaal boring

  • PurpleGoblin

    This song isnt boring at all… you ppl r so quick to jump on the criticism train and I AM 2 but, give the women a chance and let her sing. I DONT LIKE RIHANNA at all but, neyo wrote this song for her.. meaning this lyrical content reflects on what Rhianna’s been through. But all bs aside, i think cb joint DEMOLISHES..C.B.iz.Back

  • charma

    I think people should leave her alone, if that’s how she wants to live her live, then thats her way .I love the song.