Russell Simmons Pays Tribute To Jay-Z


Pardon Uncle Russy’s tardiness, but I gather Hov reaching his 11th #1 album has finally impacted him. Now this what the fuck I call a delayed reaction. Here’s a sample of his new GG blog:

Looking back at his amazing career, it suddenly dawned on me, that in a hundred years from now, we’re gonna be talking about Jay-Z.  When we think of hip-hop, we will think of Jay. But what is even more important than his album sales, is his affect on American popular culture. Let us not forget that all the other “kings” didn’t come from the culture that created the music that they played. Hip-hop is the first cultural phenomenon represented by a face in the community where the culture came from. This wasn’t possible for rock n’ roll or blues or jazz…it was Elvis and Mick Jagger and Benny Goodman who were always considered the best. But, now the king of rap is confirmed black. And that means a lot.

Maybe Mr. Simmons can finish my book for me. Ha!

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  • DrDreBeats

    There aint no greatest but props to Jay he up there with the best.

  • ihammond

    what will make these young peeps recognize it. jay z is the don. he came he sow and he conquered.
    he wont be of any relevant if he is not hated on and criticized. he has been through it all. tell me one rapper that hasnt taken shot at jigga. just think about it. if he aint the greatest then what is he? i like hiphop. i like all the good ones. and i appreciated the best. respect your legends.

  • iLLersz1

    jay z is overrated plus hes a freemason !

  • YaBoiTone

    LMAO. TY iLLERz1 for confirming what we all already knew. no matter what, there is atleast ONE hater that goes to a website, reads it, and then shows how much of a hater they are everytime. lol. its sad really homey. one that u dont know anybetter, and two that ur proud to be a hater. You just read an article where Russell Simmons….THEEEEE RUSSELL SIMMONS is giving well deserved respect to jay, but for some inane reason, u still think it makes sense to say he’s overrated?? THE NUMBER ONE SELLING SOLO ARTIST IN THE HISTORY OF MUSIC and you still think overrated? and im not defending him as a dick rider either. im simply DUMBFOUNDED that anyone could still possibly think the dude is overrated?? for real dude? lol. lmao. what other proof do u need? does the dude have to turn water into wine or something?

    and wtf does being a mason have to do with anything?

  • Dry

    co sign ihammond & YaBoiTone

  • kingill89

    this is a stab at eminem getting all the praise becuz think about its plenty of blacc kings of music James Brown Godfather of Soul Michael Jackson King Of Pop Jimmy Hendrix King of Rocc if we not talking DMC its plenty of blacc kings in music BB KIng Blues King not to mention Gospel Like

    Russy just saying that becuz now eminem is starting to really take this game over like before it wasnt on record sales niggas was like Jigga is still better but now its to the point where everybody is on eminem shit and eminem is killing everything fan polls every thing now its official the White Guy has took over rap imo he did a long time ago a la renegadee and marshall mathers LP