Freeway “The Calm Before The Storm” PSA

Free switches up the plans for tomorrow’s release. The ahki pushes back The Beat Made Me Do It mixtape until the first Friday of November (Nov. 6th). Instead, he will drop a new project tomorrow, The Calm Before The Storm. He still has his Eminem tribute mixtape Freelapse as well as The Stimulus Package with Jake One on January 19th. And if that is not enough Freezer for you, due to high demands from fans, he plans on dropping that Month of Madness. Y’all got all that?

Spotted: Nah Right

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  • God -vs- Devil

    I wonder if in Heaven, god gets humans worshiping him? I sometimes wonder, when I pray at night, does he hear me, or does the devil in disguise hear me, because at the end of the day, nothing ever changes, and I was once told, if you want it to change, do it yourself.

    I stand at the gates of heaven, but I do not ask to be rung in, I just like fucking with the devil, make him think I am going on gods side, as I am not sure, who is on my side. Therefore, I have to watch both sides as I stand alone on the outside.

    A red drop of blood follows me everywhere, and I wonder, is that a drop of Jesus blood, or is that a drop from my own sins, as I have seen many die. There are so many questions, with no answers, leaving me to wonder, why was I born in the first place, I did not ask of it, but here I am, living it.

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