Rakim Feels Funny About His “Unauthorized Biography”

Rakim says he’s ambivalent toward Nas’ ode on disc two of Street’s Disciple. In fact, he says Esco never reached out to him after it dropped.

Bonus: In case you haven’t heard.

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  • rrahha

    In fact, he says Esco never reached out to him even after it dropped. Sigh.

    typical Nasir

  • Levels

    It’s titled the Unauthorized Biography of Rakim. He’s supposed to authorize it? ‘fuck outta here

  • JihaD


    That was Rakim’s point– Don’t just put my business in the street like that; or, even if you decided to do it, why haven’t you bothered to hit me up and speak on it?

    Its funny how Nasir’s talent often gives him passes for repeated bouts of bitchassness like this; Its like people continue to celebrate him especially when he’s fucking up…


  • Yerrrr

    No disrespect to the God MC, but this would have been interesting 5 years ago. I don’t even remember what the song sounds like. [/forward]

  • pro-rican

    I swear to GOD, I use to be a kid argueing for Nas to the death “Naw its ok, he never put AZ out like he was supposed to. Its ok to have your bm fucking a nigga she knew he didnt like. Its ok, he could of had thee best RAPING crew but the LA-LA-LA was more important. Its ok, to let the same girl whos milkshake brought all the boys to the yard; hit you up for 2mil. Its ok, the bravehearts where the worst” Damn it you couldnt call Rakim? just a heads up? “hey im makin a song about you”. Go buy AZ Do or DIE or Coremega hustler/Rapper. Smarten up Nas

  • Nathaniel

    lol nigga all that shits on the internet anyway. rakim acting like people didn’t know till nas made the song. he chronicled shit thats not secret in hip hop.

    nigga makes a tribute song, and the God mc has mixed feelings…fuckouttahere.

    “born into this world, william griffen THE GREAT” -nas

    just gotta have something to complain about.

  • pro-rican

    Doe or Die AZ. 9 lives

  • John Jacob Jingle

    Ok, this news is 2 years old. Who cares if Nas didn’t reach out? He paid tribute to someone he looked up to, isn’t that good enough? Nas has accomplished way more than rakim and after 16 years in the game, Nas is still relevant and pushing units! As far as substance, creativity, longevity, stayin true to the art, sales wise and flow, Nas is the best rapper we’ve witnessed so far.


    All respect due to Rakim Allah but this is soooo left field of him to now (5 years later) to reveal that he has mixed feelings about Nas’ tribute record to him. For those who haven’t been paying attention, check this out…….On May 2, 2006, approximately 2 years after Streets Disciple dropped which featured U.B.R on disc 2, Nas and Rakim did a lengthy interview called “Nas & Rakim: Meeting of The Kings” with MTV, here is the link of the whole interview on the MTV website http://www.mtv.com/bands/n/nas/news_feature_050206/index.jhtml . You can also find video footage of it anywhere. They sit side by side throughout the interview and their asked several questions in front of each other like Nas & Jay-Z did with Sway after squashing the beef. Here is an excerpt from the interview that completely contradicts what Rakim is saying now:

    MTV: Rakim, Nas paid you the ultimate compliment in 2004 by recording “U.B.R. (Unauthorized Biography of Rakim)” [on Street’s Disciple]. What was it like when you heard that song breaking down your whole life?

    Rakim: That kind of puts things in perspective. You got this far and somebody that you respect, somebody that’s on a high plateau, took time and showed you love. And to hear a lot of it, I was like, “Where did he get that from? How did he know that?” He does put things in perspective, man. He kind of opened my eyes, like, “OK, people’s watching. People really know about Rakim.” It kind of let me know where I was in the world.

    Nas: Thanks, man. I always wanted to know how you felt about that, ’cause if somebody made a song talking about me and stuff like that, I wouldn’t know how to react. I just had to make a song about Ra ’cause if we in there making songs in the studio, let’s make songs about things that are important. The dude is important right now, so I made a song about how he inspired [people] a great deal. I used to look at Ra like, “This dude’s an alien. He’s an alien. He’s not from here.” That’s how I feel to this day.

    MTV: How much research did you do for that record?

    Nas: It took me a day. I went online. I was up on Rakim forever, though — you ain’t up on Rakim, then you don’t belong in rap. I was always up on Ra and I met him as a kid. I was a young teen getting into the game and I met Ra. He came in the studio by himself, put the [medallion] on the table. With the cables, two beepers — it was crazy. I [hadn’t] never seen a cell phone, really. I seen them on the TV, “Magnum P.I.” and “Miami Vice.” But I never seen the big, crazy joint — the joint you beat somebody over the head with. The dude was cool then, same as he is now. This brother has always been a cool brother.

    Anyyway, the point don’t believe the hype. If he had an issue with the joint he should’ve said so then. Still to this day I saw that track as paying homage to his idol.

  • Bootsie 2Goats

    Sly nose wipe @ the end = epic


    Furthermore, I think the track was fucking genius. Niggas don’t even pay homage the way Nas did on this joint unless the dude they’re rapping about had died. And Rakim’s so called reaction is exactly why niggas don’t pay as much homage as they should to guys they look up to cuz they always turn around and use it against you. Eric B & Rakim’s beef with EPMD was well documented way before Nas mentioned it. Rakim has mentioned his wisdom’s name on several of his own records (FeFe). That’s like Jay getting mad cuz someone said Beyonce’s his wife. Nas calls you William Griffin The Great as if saying your government name was blowing up your spot when its plastered on the back of all his albums. He ran down all your contributions and influence to the game. he gave you credit for “inventing a new style”. I guess KRS-1 should be mad at Nas too for saying he would dedicate his next Unauthorized Biography to him. This is such bullshit. Again, this is why the young MCs coming up are so disrespectful to living legends cuz when a nigga pay homage they get spit in their face.


    I feel like Rakim should have reached out to Nas to thank him for reppin so hard in his name. Thats like you sending someone a gift and the recipient gets mad cuz you didn’t call to make sure that they got the gift instead of reaching out to thank the person who sent it.

  • Chris

    People are looking too deep into this. Rakim has already spoken about this repeatedly. I think he just felt weird about his private life being put in there which Nas kinda cautioned and said with respect (“With this first line I’mma be easy…)
    But Rakim has spokent to Nas about this already and to his face and cameras like that MTV sitdown in 06 he was cool.

    I dont know why this makes Nas a “Bitchass” all of a sudden. He’s fucked up certain things but other maybe the song not being as great as hoped there’s nothing to scold him over. I dont why Pro-rican rrhadd and JihaD thing this is some damming indictment or something.

  • LongWinded

    really there isn’t much to say after what Queenz said. You can make the case for Kanye and the Big Brother track but seriously, who else pays homage like that? Actually next time someone interviews NaS, ask him when is the KRS bio gonna come out.

  • sunraw

    What an ungrateful God!

    “Yo, I don’t ‘preciate ya’ll buying me a b-day cake, putting my born day business in the street”

    I’m still coppin that new jawn when it drop doe.

  • JihaD

    I dont know why this makes Nas a “Bitchass” all of a sudden. He’s fucked up certain things but other maybe the song not being as great as hoped there’s nothing to scold him over. I dont why Pro-rican rrhadd and JihaD thing this is some damming indictment or something.


    My comment was never directed at this particular incident, but is more of an indictment of Nasir’s career as a whole, which is littered with copious amounts of bitchassness that gets ignored by his fanbase after every mediocre album drop or provacative Album name. My point was that he made a song about anothers man’s life, then didn’t bother to contact him on some “Hey, I just put together this song about you. Is this cool?”

    I mean, if (for example) 50 Cent made a song called the “Unauthorized Biography of Nasir,” and broke this niggas career down, you internet stanleys would be up-in-arms about it, and this is a fact, particularly if he brought up A)Jay fucking his Baby Mama, B) Tupac sticking a gun in his mouth, and C) the Kelis situation, etc, even these things all happened.

    Does this make more sense?


  • Nnenna

    Why didn’t Ra tell Nas this when Sway asked him how he felt about the song 2 years ago when they did that MTV interview? Now all of a sudden 5 yrs later it’s an issue and he just so happens to be releasing an album. He’s full of it lol.

  • Nnenna

    What did Nas say in the song that can be seen as disrespect though? He gave props to someone who had an impact on him. He did’t mention Rakims child support arrest(s) or anything personal (and there’s plenty). He kept it respectful and honored the man. He should be greatful someone on Nas’ level was humbled enough to pay respects to him. I can guarantee no other “a-list” rapper would do it. Maybe even caused some younger kids to check his old albums out.


    JihaD, Why is Nas’ “whole career” always up for debate whenever his name is brought up? I don’t understand where you’re getting your information from. When did Tupac stick a gun in his mouth?! Since when did someone fucking with your ex girlfriend make you a loser? He had a kid by her and they parted ways, i guess shes never supposed to fuck another dude for the rest of her life right? I guess every chick you ever fucked swore off fucking anyone else cuz youre a godsend right? your logic is so fucking dumb. So fucking what? Whats the Kelis situation? Dude and his wife parted ways. the courts gave her the legal right to hit him up.

    There was absolutely no disrespect in UBR. What hes mad cuz Nas said his date of birth? Its fucking public record! I guess everyone Jay mentioned and gave props to on “Star is Born” should be salty too right? But Nas does it and he’s airing out Rakim?! C’mon man the “Fuck Nas Coalition” doesn’t know when to stop. Y’all niggas talk about everything BUT Rap!!! Your gripes with Nas has nothing to do with his talent, just your perception of fucking rumors you heard. Rakim makes no fucking sense with this one. I really don’t get it.


    …..and what is Rakim taking about Nas said his kid’s name in the song? He just said “Ra had his first born” WTF?

    Everyone knows your wisdom’s name is FeFe, you said it all in your rhymes!

  • Chris

    @ JihaD

    Most of the so-called criticisms directed at Nas are retarded internet acquisations or indictments that are somehwhat frivioulous. For example, Cormega saying he left the Firm because forced him to sign a production deal “because it wasnt real”. Apart from “These are Heroes” and the tax situation (which we dont even know is true) I would say most of his so-called “bitchassness” comes from bitchass niggas themselves just being bitter about him (Nature? Mobb Deep? Lake?)

    But here’s where your argument is fucked up. You’ve heard UBR right?
    Apart from him saying Rakim’s wife is Fifi (which he cautions with “I’mma be easy) what exactly is on the song that was so personal that required a phone call? Was he mad because Nas said he was born 68? The track doesn’t talk about his personal life at all, but just Nas talking about what he knew about Ra that everyone else knew.

    There’s a huge different between that and say 50 Cent making a song about Nas’ personal life. For one 50 wouldnt be making a tribute track, he would making a diss track and he would be talking about personal stuff. That is hardly the same as Nas making a track talking about Rakim’s career and how it inspired him.

    Here’s the truth: Rakim isnt bitter, he could have said that to Nas when they met face to face for MTV in 2006, but he said he was “honored”. He just seems mad that Nas said stuff that was already there (for example shouting out his album titles and then saying “the end.”. Ra must have stupidly thought that was a diss. Even though he said “until the next beginning” which Rakim said on a 2007 track “I’mm a pick up where Nas left off”)
    So the only reason Rakim is saying he feels funny now is because he has an album to promote and him saying he has a problem with Nas is going to give him attention. And it has….

    So no, your comment doesn’t make sense, sorry to say.

  • Chris

    Also B-Dot, that gif should be referred to Ra and Nas…because this is old head bitterness. We all saw that 2006 interview with them both.


    @ Chris

    You make a great argument and just to add to that, Rakim is too far of an intelligent MC to possibly take offense to Nas saying “The End” at the end of the song because the entire song was in biographical form, from stating the title “Unauthorized Biography of Rakim”; on to dedications (“my children, my child Destiny Jones, my niece and nephew…”); on to acknowledgments (“first off i wanna thank God…”); on to chapter 1; on to the epilogue (“mother was a jazz singer, nephew to R&B legend….”); on to discography (“paid in full….”); and The End, as in the end of a book. I think that shit is pure genius. Nowhere on there is Ra’s kid’s name mentioned. Maybe Nas’ brother Jungle should be mad too cuz he dedicated the book to his son and daughter. And its apparent that many of the guys commenting on this shit have never listened to Rakim’s catalogue cuz in it you’d hear FeFe’s name all through it so that was no secret. Maybe Rakim should sue Wikipedia too.

  • hl

    Damn Ra. I love the dude, but if he can’t see Nas was giving him props I don’t know what to say. Without Rakim, there is no Nas. Nas knows it and Ra knows it. Nas was just keeping his legacy alive for those not familiar with the 80’s. C’mon Ra, give Nas a break.

  • ironic

    Ok, perhaps i am waaaaay off, but two things. First, Ra started out saying he is a ‘conservative’ person. I gather he means he’s private and likes the mystique around his image. Putting his life’s detail on wax is a double egded sword where respect is given, but the so-called magic then disappears. On one of the tracks on Let the Rhythm Hit Em, I think he said “They even said I was locked up, The only Island I was on is the Long one”. From what I gather that was in response to rumors about him being incarcerated because he wasn’t out in public attending industry parties, and so on. Another possible scenario is that Ra reached out to Nas to be on Seventh Seal and Nas might have not responded favourably or at all. This might have made Ra wonder wtf!!! A Nas appearance on a self-released project would be a good look for Ra. This is pure speculation, of course. The only reason I suspect this as a possible scenario is because I havent really heard Ra say some off-beat shit. In a recent interview he even argued for a mutual respect approach when it comes to old/new school. Many of his peers are not nearly as open-minded on that issue as he was.

  • Nathaniel

    Nas “Untitled”

    ^that album will teach the youth for generations to come. if you’re only as good as your last work, then i have no complaints. there’s so much education on that joint. talk about representing Hip Hop, on some “each one, teach one” shit, Nas gets the applause.

    and the raw lyricism and storytelling is still arguably unmatched.

    -and after what Queenz posted about the MTV jawn, Ra doesn’t have a leg to stand on. discussion over, he’s bullshitting.

  • bucky love

    This Is 5 years too short


  • Rakim is a f*cking JOKE when it comes to this bullsh*t!!!! Nas has got to be the most criticized artist in the game!!!! People act like Nas abandoned them and left them stranded on an island or something worse!!! Nas was paying respect to Rakim…and the way Rakim is responding is as if Nas disrespected him and his entire family!!!! Rakim’s body language in this video speaks volumes…as if he has some true beef with Nas over this 6 year old song!!!! Rakim should have expressed this in the MTV interview…he so graciously did with Nas on MTV!!!

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  • iCandy

    He’s hip hop history… and he’s old as fuck. old people are always weird. this nigga should be happy he’s even being remembered at all with all the fuckery going on, the greats are being forgotten.

    and FYI nobody actually gives a fuck abotu how you feel about it.. but he did go a bit far putting your kids names in there.. your discography is here with us that’s all we need, keep your sour feelings to yourself