Rumor: Jay-Z World Series Opener Performance Cancelled


Uh-oh, I got a bad feeling about this one.

Well, after much speculation, it was recently announced that Jay-Z will be performing in Columbus on Wednesday night and pushing back the World Series Performance to Game 2, taking place on Thursday, October 29th in NYC.

Originally, Jay-Z was said to be doing both performances- Taking the field at the World Series and then flying a private jet from NYC to Columbus in time to take the stage but that plan has changed. Local online publication “The Lantern” spoke directly with John Vlautin from Live Nation Worldwide, Inc., the company representing Jay-Z. Vlautin told the website that Jay-Z will be performing in Columbus on Wednesday and, depending on the weather, he will be performing in New York on Thursday.

Source: Columbus Urban Life

I think Hov has a show in London, Ontario on Thursday. This whole thing might be a wrap.

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  • pyro


  • _god_mc_fan

    Damn! It would only be right if Hov performs! How sick would it be when jay drops ” I made the yankee hat more famous than a yankee can” IN THE YANKEE STADIUM… History for HOV and hiphop! and for the Yankees! Cause ofcourse theyre gonna win!

  • damn ill be the 2morrow either way.. hova get ur priorities straighht

  • SCC

    Game 2 wouldn’t be too bad if he could do it… same night Pedro starts… London ain’t too far from NY though, especially if he’s taking a private fuckin jet.

  • Dante

    Good. That track is garbage, much like the rest of BP3.

  • peeweehehe

    damn those are some big lips

  • jon

    does this mean he is cancelling the London Ontario show slated for Thursday or what ??

  • jon

    and dante if you dont have anything good to say, you know what to do…go elsewhere jay Z rulz…