Pill Rummages Through YN’s Stuff

If you ever visit the Rap Radar Mansion, one of the coolest things is YN’s memorbilia. He’s seen a lot and collected a lot over the years. In this clip, Pill sorts through Elliott’s cassette tapes and then thumbs through his vintage VIBE magazines.

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  • soniccleaner

    “Hell naw! Color Me Badd!”
    “Public Enemy?!/ The *tape*!”
    “This a plethora of hip hop history”
    “This real shit right here”
    “Craig Mack: The Teaser.”
    “Mayne, these fools gotta a Vanilla Ice tape here.”
    “Look how biiiig a magazine was back then. Look how big this mufuvka is.”

  • Of The Wasteland

    Haha..seeing Pill amazed by some of this stuff makes me feel old =(

  • mithritades

    good looking out Bdot,them tapes took me back to a better time,b4 i was a hiphop snob(or maybe what made me this way)lol

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