• jigga

    umm…so happy for you….

  • jigga

    is it any good?

  • Juicy

    i guess its coming pretty soon!! >Check Out Eighty6 “Gunz & Gol Pt 2 Right Here On Datpiff, Only Quality Music!!http://www.datpiff.com/Dj_Sam_Sneak_Eighty6_Gunz_Gold_Pt_2.m71210.html

  • yomammaoncrack

    packaging ?

    thats a promo copy (aka homo copy)

    that shit is for free

    i bet this album is crap

  • wow

    Judging from the leaks this album is horrible …

  • WTF is this..WALE!!!!!!

  • Yeah the album is decent, it leaked if you didn’t know

  • ohword

    happy to see wale get this big. i liked what ive heard so far from the album. back to the feature was ill so i wanna see if his album can top it. wales pretty dope live too with his band n shit. besides the fact he was over an hour late to the show

  • whatsnew

    Can someone drop the link if it leaked

  • p-wil$
  • Proper leak must be only a couple days away. Wonder if the hype will convert into sales or if he’ll sit next to cudi in the flop department…

  • 4410

    what is the name of the song? its soo smooth.

  • yo

    ya im avoidin that leak, tryin to support and cop this shit in stores cuz im a fan, but my boy who always diss me on bein a Wale fan told me he’s actually feelin it… if HE can admit dat than dis shits gotta b crazy cuz he’s always hatin…

    Nov 10th