Drake Speaks On Lil Wayne’s Gun Case


As Weezy prepares to “go in” next year, there’s no doubt he has tons of music to keep him omnipresent. Young Money affiliate Drake spoke to Rap-Up on how he plans to hold it down for the label and how Wayne’s handling the situation.

“He’s dealing with it well. Wayne’s not usually gonna open up emotionally and tell you how he’s really feeling about anything. He’s kinda more concerned about getting as much music as he possibly can, so that when he’s in there, people are still satisfied musically with Lil Wayne product, and that’s just the mind of a true businessman.

“I’ll just do what I can to keep the whole Young Money/Cash Money team going, and I just want to play my part as a team member and keep the brand strong until the boss gets home.”

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  • john macabee

    is rap-up run by universal?

  • boss is gone. i keep hearing that drake is happy because he can keep all his rhymes for himself!

  • Young Sha

    I feel for Drake, he better watch his back around Baby..

  • keepingitreal

    open letter to drake

    now would be a good time to distance yourself from YM and become the individual star you deserve to be. because an audience can only take you on so many YM hooks and baby callabos before they get sick of hearing your voice on everything before your OWN album comes out. because really putting you on “every hook” and writing his rhymes still wont sell baby a million albums. lil wayne couldnt even do it. lol

  • popa sangre

    I’m not a Weezy fan but must admit that his latest mixtape, “No Ceilings”, goes hard. Check it out my people.

  • huh

    rap-up.com gotta be ran by jive because they ride the fuck outta chris browns dick in every way shit is biased but it looks like everyone else including elliott does too

    Drake aint what he use to be after he had a bandwagon of fans