Flick: Showtime!


You knew Kaseem had to come out and support his folks.

Sidebar: Spike tries to explain what happened to the Rocawear commercial. Ha!


Life Files

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  • John Jacob Jingle…

    Jay looks older with everyday that goes by.

  • Beanie is not on the picture?
    The roc is not anymore exist…that’s why jay look older….

  • sanfi

    i see jay’s wearing a hoodie with “do what thou wilt” across the chest. thats the famous line from alester crowley the devilworshipping freemason.

    i’m starting think ballarina p might have been right.

  • ^
    kill yo self

  • IrelandRepresents

    Jay-z’s bodyguard… there is a book deal in the making! I’d buy that for a dollar! Or even 20!!