R.A. The Rugged Man vs. Mayweather


Shots fired!

According to his XXL blog:

I went up to Eminem’s Shade 45 on Sirius Satalite yesterday at 5 p.m. to do what I thought was going to be a standard hip-hop interview to promote my new Legendary Classics Vol.1—a two-disc collection album (which in case you haven’t heard hit stores this week)—but the interview started becoming about boxing. I explained how I thought Floyd Mayweather was a great fighter but he needs to stop fucking around and start fighting the best fighters in his own weight class. When Mayweather was young and hungry he fought some of the baddest dudes he could get his hands on and I was a true fan, but after he fought Deigo Corroles in the early 2000’s he started taking fights more for money than legacy and actually began avoiding the tougher challenges.

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  • Dee

    RA speaks truth.


    That radio person seem like he was jealous …nigga it aint that serious goin at floyd maywather on the radio show aint gonna get you no money CRACKAZ ALWAYS HATING

  • YO

    RA on point. Nothing new.

  • AJ

    yeah cause de la hoya, hatton, gotti, baldomir, castillo, judah, and marquez must all be chumps…

    Floyd Jr is one of the best fighters of all time.

  • that was on our show called (the all out show) with rude jude & lord sear we are on the radio from 4pm to 8pm monday – friday! holla back..

  • feel good friday yall

  • djthreat1

    dont make it a black-white thing. a lot of white people like and watch floyd mayweather.

  • YO

    People watch floyd to hope he loses. His fights are boring. He doesn’t fight any real fighters. He’s about the money.

  • Sangano


  • Shout Out to Rude Jude and Lord Sear, All Out Show the best shit on Shade45, I’m mad I missed R.A. on there ’cause he’s a beast.

  • iLLersz1

    got to give props Mayweather do good radio ..

  • Killahh bee Dublin

    Respect –

    Ra u the fuckin man – fuck floyd ..he a bottler ….

  • Oh yeah, Mayweather = Fail on this one.

  • eseeify

    yup mayweather has a big ego, he thinks the world will stop turning without him… now i know why he is called money… the defens of floyd wont work on RA.

  • Grindep

    The Rugged Man owned PBF, big time! He jabbed, threw a straights, uppercuts and every punch you can call to PBF, and, Floyd failed to counter. Result, being kayoed by R.A. The Rugged Man.

  • bay area

    rugged man knows all in boxing, that was very entertaining. gayweather was screaming on the phone like a one dollar whore asking for attention. i think mayweather will fight ali, leila ali though.

  • max metaphor

    as usual, the gay dude’s whining like a little girl just to make you listen to him.
    let me ask you folks something, why would you give respect to a guy who doesn’t know how to give respect to others? gayweather groupies sticks with their master and whatever he says, and to tell you quite frankly these people like to be overrated and hates fairness and equality. they like false superiority, so why not give these d!ckheads what they want?
    false recognition. they just beg for recognition anyhow, so give them what they want

  • e

    R.A Rugged IS THE MAN.

  • Cali4nya

    They hated Ali the same way……FUCK’EM!!!!! Mayweather is pound for pound the best RIGHT NOW!

  • talkinboxing

    I host the top-rated Boxing Talk Show in the business….Talkin Boxing With Billy C….and I want to get RA Rugged Man on my show….any help in having him contact me would be GREAT…. Email [email protected]



  • 1st time tuning in . pure entertainment . i liked the brian kenny remark. RA was giving un-bias opinions and floyd took the defensive and once again he lashed out like a child . How can ppl compare mayweather to ali ? some people must have selective hearing.

  • Hey Billy,
    Drop me a line if you want to have R.A. on your show, thanks! -Noah

    [email protected]

  • AD

    de la hoya, hatton, gotti, baldomir, castillo, judah, and marquez were all chumps when they fought PBF, you are right AJ. De La Hoya – he needed a split decision to beat a old 34 Oscar, which Pacman needed six rounds. Hatton – The only true win I would say, and I give Floyd credit for it. Gotti – PLEASE this guy was just entertaining, but he wasn’t that good at all. Baldomir – Please see Gotti comment. Castillo – I think Floyd lost that first fight, plus this is when Floyd was being a BEOTCH and was actually fighting people. He became that way when he moved up to 147 lb. Judah – Talented, but a bum, he schooled Floyd for 4 rounds and then tanked. Marquez – Two divisions blown up, is a bum. Floyd got owned by the Rugged Man, the same way Pacman, Cotto, Margarito, Mosley, and Paul Williams would own him in the ring. Prediction: Floyd will never fight any of those guys, by the time his career is over.

  • jh

    R A looks like the tall robber from “Home Alone”….floyd is the p4p best stop hatin’

  • Mike

    Best PBF interview that I ever heard. 100 times better than the Brain Kenny interview. Maybe this is what Floyd needed to hear. Hatton had to talk shit to Mayweather for Mayweather to fight him. That’s not Pacquao’s or Cotto’s styles, but maybe if they do, he’ll fight them.

  • jim

    gayweather beating marquez… what is he trying to prove?
    that he can also beat who WAS busted by the PACMAN?!
    for that one fight he is back as the P4P guy?
    no way! he’s a faggot!
    RA owned him! LOL!

  • manny pacquiao will gladly fight gayweather in a BRASSKNUCKLE FIGHT. AND A RING MADE OF BARBED WIRE AND CONCERTINA.

  • Ian

    Pac-man will kick his ass into next week, mayweather is a money grabber, easy figh takin, bottlin chump… end of. why else would he be all worked up bout it? … all he has to say is, i’ll call anyone out… if he thinks he’s that good, which he knows he aint!

    R.A. – much love my man, good work.

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  • RJ

    RA hit a home run! Floyd is currently being branded as a coward who’s looking for easy fights. Floyd, you disappoint all your fans, at least what’s left of them. Fight Pacquiao if you have what it takes!!!

  • cage

    ra iz ah sick phuk
    that album feat. killah priest on chains iz dope
    dude iz stuck in tha underground
    sux 2 hav mad talent and nevah get recignition
    sattalight radio iz ah phukan joke yo. why pay money to hear tha same brainwashin fake ass rap shyt they play on tha radio ? shade 45 nevah plays real hip hop or shyt liek rugged man, rude jude and sear lord act liek faggots on air.once ah night thell play ah gangstarr er krs song but every other track iz feminem,snoop or gucci mane…whackk