New Music: Rihanna x Young Jeezy “Hard”


“Brilliant. Resilient. Fan mail from 27 million.”

DJ Enuff just went it on another one from Rated R. Now, that’s more like it. Hey, did Jizzle fire shots at Gucci? Need to listen again.

Update: Clean CDQ courtesy of BOBO. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Update 2: Dirty CDQ courtesy of Miss Info. Ri-Ri vs. The Bloggers. Ha!

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  • wow

    weak…not one of her best

  • P

    I LIKE IT…..

    Testanna ROCKs….. 😀

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  • Giovanna bad girl

    I love you Rihanna muito linda muito lindsa a musica.aew aew aew aew!!

    Te Amo Te Amo!!

  • Carl

    WTF is this shit.

  • john macabee

    few things

    chris brown lost…. jeezy is annoyed by gucci’s success…. and the dream is penning def jam out of the red

  • Mia

    What the hell is this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can

    Jesus, that repetition is driving me fucking crazy. It is so obnoxious, especially on a song like this.

    And all the dudes are going to have double Pause it when they get caught singing this hook.

  • Prop

    how long is the real song? Anyone?

  • Jazmine

    Straight Garbage!! Bitch bye

  • Jerry

    This is my new jam! Rihanna back baby! lol i love it! “Im rock this shit like fashion”Xd She is offcially the baddest bitch in the game! Go RiRi Bow down haters!


    Haters fallback….THIS IS A HIT. RIHANNA GO HARD!!!


  • Was she trying to say bloggers?



  • thecleaner

    “meet me at the top!”
    the hotness. not a good photo of rihanna u chose, tho. she look like her male cousin.
    Jeez rough ‘n’ ready as per usual.
    big song.
    “where dem bloggas at?” LMAO
    she’s killin’ the game right now.

  • rocstar

    im ina all white party wearin all black

  • Mia

    this song is ghetto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dickinyamom

    This shit hot…Jeezy get off Gucci dick that nigga doing him

  • Mia

    someone is trying to be like Sasha Fierce but this a a fail

  • Joe Blow

    Shit is Fiya

    [i]See my Louis chucks, Louis flag, Louis frames, Louis belt/
    What that make me, Louis Mane?[/i] – [b]Young Jeezy[/b]

  • dani

    @ can

    I SO AGREE!!
    and i usually like Rihanna…. but, the sound of her saying “oh yeah” is ringing in my ears. i’m not even tryna be funny… like, my right ear hurts and is throbbing right now.

    all these new tracks sound like hot garbage.

  • Tysonz

    Jeezy mad he aint poppin no more and all this becuz of some dude named Gucci Mane. Ten stacks on his head couldnt keep him down

  • ioy


  • louie mane


  • Oj Da Cornball

    Chic is talentless.

  • kingill89

    okay its official she crushing chris brown come on this shit go harder than That Transform Ya bullshit LOL how can you people say they this shit is not Jeezy murdered that shit cardiac Arrest Cardia A wrist come the fucc on

    I aint heard that russian roulette shit yet but this shit definitely in the paint going hard as a motherfucker then the innuendos get the fucc out here with that hate

    Rhianna may bot be able to stand in front of a green screen and trun into a car but why would you want her too shit she can ride me all day and throw the keys outside the window without me whooping her ass

    Tameka keisha ronya whatever the bitch name who keep postin negative shit about this girl need to get over it she killing this dude and still got him and every other nigga on her

  • kingill89

    and niggas keep saying gucci mane this gucci mane that gucci biggest selling record sold 18 k Jeezy is an another tax braccett

    Jeezy getting compliments from legends like Cube and Jay-Z

    this nigga Gucci accolades from Soulja Boy and Snoop on a bake day

    Gucci Mane will never open as big as jeezy will he has 2 songs thats it there is no buzz on that burrprint 3 bullshit

    and that wasted shit is old cuz

    Niggas saying Jeezy career is over But I bet my bottom dollar not only will Jeezy album sell more than Gucci but it will be better than Gucci Mane’s

    anybody wanna bet on who going to sell more i put any money on Jeezy

    yall gotta be realistic Gucci mane aint nothin but the new boyz with a little bit more features thats it

    only reason he getting love rite now is becuz Atlanta is showing him support to tr to fill the void TI left and TI still doing better numbers Than Gucci in teh precinct

  • Tam

    This song is HOT…go RIRI and jeezy!!!!

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  • And this is the reason I like Marvelous post.