Rick Ross Thanks 50 Cent In Liner Notes

On Triple C’s Custom Cars & Cycles thank you’s, Officer Ricky credited Curtis for inspiration. Too bad only 12,089 people read it.

thank you

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  • haha how stupid is this clown??? he really isnt in clue with the streets say he won officer SHUT THE FUCK UP disappear like ja rule did

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  • JihaD

    Wow… Wonder how he is going to delude himself into thinking 12,000 is a good look for him? Especially when you gotta split it 4 ways…. Plus we know Def Jam bought up 8,000 the day before the numbers were due (these niggas was sitting at 4,000 on monday morning….come on man, ya’ll niggas think William and the rest of his baffoon squad picked up 8,000 fans in one night?) so they wouldn’t totally be shitted on…


  • Can

    “crushing you gave me the confidence I needed to take over the whole game”

  • Truth

    Um, Ross did murder 50 in their music battle. 50 cannot see Ross musically or straight lyrically. Triple C’s album is kinda tough too. Too bad it didn’t sell like it should’ve.

  • twitter.com/robensz

    is that a custom van he’s riding or just a regular van def jam provided for their promo??

  • Brick

    …Ross, are you on drugs?

  • Brick

    (blank stare)…Ross, are you on drugs?

  • mmkayy

    Truth says:
    Thursday, November 05 2009 at 7:19 PM
    Um, Ross did murder 50 in their music battle. 50 cannot see Ross musically or straight lyrically. Triple C’s album is kinda tough too. Too bad it didn’t sell like it should’ve.

    lol are u serious..? hope not


    RAWSE did crush 50 musically, i mean even if u hate him u gotta admit that people finding out he was a C.O and his baby mama was on tape fucking some dude Pr0n style and on top of that ur enemy gave ur baby moms a book deal to air the fuck out of you and u still came out number one and did good number again should say something. 50 was entertaining but i think he should go out with this album. How is rapping about the same shit u did on your first album like 6 or 7 years creative? It seems like he gave in to people that want that old 50 knowing damn well he checked out 6 or 7 years ago. No hate just an observation

  • Shout out to people who say “Ross won musically” because they don’t wanna admit 50 embarrassed him lol.

    & how did Ross win musically?? I can recall a bunch of wack freestyles & 1 good diss song on his album. That’s it. Tia Told Me alone was better than all that shit together.

    Plus, Ross loss mad points for 1) calling into multiple radio stations & getting embarrased & having to leave or hang up 2) making countless cornball disses like calling 50 a “monkey” & “woodface” (admit it, the shit was lame) & 3) having his homeboy get knocked the fuck out lol.

  • poppasangre

    Fif got us saying “pussy nigga/u lost/ listen Officer Rawse:/I tell you straight “suck a dick”/ you try to come subliminal/’cause your niggas the police/my niggas is criminals” or “like every other word out your mouth is ’bout a bird/ and that you sold cocaine?/ shit sounds absurd…” Give it up, Rawse the Bawse stans. Ricky’s done. Especially when you factor in that the REAL Rick Ross is back on the streets. Check out how he feels about that fat ass C.O.

  • Nathaniel

    i think that psalm is for the righteous, ricky. drug dealing music doesn’t qualify…i’m just sayin…

    and did this nigga really think he was taking over the rap game? c’mon joe.

    furthermore, a “diss song” full of school yard jokes and threats is wack. i don’t care who is rapping it. if their ain’t no truth in what you rapping, u know, airing out the nigga u battling on some shit that could tarnish his image….

    then u gain no ground writing a diss. Ross lost…let the future run its course. you’ll see the spoils of war.

    pt1: triple c’s album floppity flop

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