Chris Brown Responds To Rihanna Interview


CB couldn’t wait til tonight. Concerned as to what Ri-Ri will say specifically about the night of Feb 8th, Brown’s camp just released this statement.

“While I respect Rihanna’s right to discuss the specific events of February 8, I maintain my position that all of the details should remain a private matter between us,” he said in the statement. “I do appreciate her support and wish her the best. I am extremely sorry for what I did, and I accept accountability for my actions. At this point, I am taking the proper steps to learn about me and grow from my mistakes. I only hope that others in similar situations can learn from our experience as well. Abuse of any kind is always wrong. The rest I leave it to God.”

On and on it goes.

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  • J. Saint

    Fuck Boy Brown.

  • NOUS

    And you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone…

  • Still <3 him.

  • Mark

    so you physically attack a female,you admit to doing it,but you dont want anyone talking about it,because if people talk about it in public,people who are not you,who can put a different spin on the story to the one your portraying we’l get to see you for the punk you really are.


    At first I kinda was annoyed of you @ calling him fuck boy, but he really is. Why can’t she talked about it? Its just like how winning awards is prolly a big moment in her life.. her getting the shit beat out of her by a bitch ass nigga is a big moment. Even if a chick did something to instigate a hit or close no need to do her like he did. Fuck boy brown!

  • Carl

    What a fuckin loseer.

  • Philly

    SHUT up and sing!!! Stop apologizing, We,she, they heard you already!!!!

  • Interscope Employee

    Fuck this FUCK BOY!!! Interscope aint got love for him

  • brady

    Private matter between the both of them? How SELFISH and DISRESPECTFUL. First of all you beat her and now you want to SILENCE her?? You asshole. She SHOULD be able to share her story, her experience, don’t throw it back on her like she’s “unclassy” for speaking about her abuse. What a loser.

  • Ryan

    You notice she didn’t want to talk about it until her album’s almost ready to come out!

  • brady

    uhm…his album is about to come out too and he’s been doing publicity as well. Uhm…did you not see the larry king interview (and no, stop lieing, it wasn’t just about his sentenced community service) and the MTV interview with Sway that aired today?!?!

    How convenient that he’s promoting himself at the same time.

  • mmkayy


  • Ryan

    Man they all doing it for publicity, I’m not siding with anyone, when he did Larry that was 2 months ago, the promo he doing now is cause he’s scared on what’s about to be said, but I just think it’s sad that they’ll use this unfortunate event just to promote an album!

  • Lynn

    Chris Brown what do u mean “The rest I leave it to god”? I have heard that comment before in a statement from you. Are you trying to say there is more to what happen that Rihanna did not mention and god will punish her? That tells me you feel no remorse and all your silly statements stating you are sorry! means nothing..No matter what , whether Rihanna went public or not. You should not care..just maintain the fact that you are deeply sorry. Maybe thats her way of dealing with the matter and letting her fans know exactly what happened because they have questions and she cares about them. You had your chance on CNN and you said you did could not remember what happened. You just proved you are a liar, the above statement from you confirms you do know all the details of what happened and choose to not talk about it. “Above all if Rihanna started the argument or attacked you, you should not have hit her…As a man u were strong enough to at least hold her tiny little hands and seek help if needed . Did your parents ever taught you ” to walk away”. You are wrong for biting and hitting her. Rihanna interview will not hurt your career..your stupid actions did.

  • H.N.I.C

    You stupid fucks sitting here writing all sorts of b.s are jus fuckin dumb sheep…its wrong for ANYBODY man or woman to put their hands on the other person…what c.b did was wrong yes ..we knw that but have any of you dumb sheep stopped to wonder why?what makes you hit someone you supposedly love like that ..that’s the question y’all should be lookin to answer instead of. Runnin around to go put on your I hate chris brown t shirts and pants ..the media don’t care bout what happened all they need is a story and viewers they could care less about how true it wake the fuck up sheep and stop believing everything you hear….

  • ‘Guyz’ C.B realy admit his mistake he is realy sorry!…c.b m happy u admit ur mistke n u r sorry!

  • TheCoolest

    It sounds like Chris is scared that Rihanna will talk about all the shit he’s done to her.
    I’m not an internet-gangsta in any way ,but he acting like a pussy….

  • webstar

    He sounds like an idiot…she has a right to talk about what happened…when you ASSAULT someone that is no longer a personal matter…that is public information. I actually liked this kid before this incident but now I can’t even listen to him on the radio…I change the station…he has lost so many points it is ridiculous. I’m proud of Rihanna for speaking out.