Joe Budden Presents His New Girl

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Can you say, Life After Tahiry? While on the road, Mouse showed his legion of nerd computer geeks the new young lady that they’ll soon be jerkin’ off to. Her name is Somaya Reece. Does Joe’s new personal happiness mean the death of Mood Muzik? SMH. I’m too old for this shit. © Danny Glover


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  • smh this loser gonna cry over this bitch too?? joe budden is good on the mic but like he says on his track “No Comment”

    “be a legend in rap but a failure in life”

    he getting these women a shitload of shine with his bullshit then when they leave him he wanna cry like a sick puppy. i dont respect that shit…real talk….Reece a bad broad but niggas only boast about shit like that when they lack in certain other areas….in his case….Self-Esteem

  • YaBoiTone

    Another fake gangsta, thug, hard nigga wanna be presents himself. ty NO MERCY. lol. its always easy to spot u. Youre the ones who IRONICALLY call THE REALEST niggas fake, losers, bitches, and everything else. If you DONT get emotional after a serious relationship ends on some bullshit then u might wanna see a therapist cuz u got some other emotional issues that are gonna cause you to shoot up your job one day. lol. It’s pretty damn retarded to call a nigga “a loser,” because he chose to publicize his REAL, HONEST, feelings about an event such as this. And to say niggaz got low self esteem when they boast about a bad broad is the silliest comment of all? lol. sure SOME niggaz over compensate by doing this, but MOST niggaz are simply HAPPY that they have what they think is a good woman in there life. This is why niggaz with UGLY broads boast and brag the exact same way. lol. And if you’ve ever been in a GOOD RELATIONSHIP then you should know that hes just being a REAL NIGGA by involving her in his shit. If you got a chick u really feeling then YOU WANT HER to be involved in the parts of your life that make you the happiest. So basically my nig…..GROW THE FUCK UP. How long is it gonna take for niggaz to learn that the detached, bottled up, superhard, bullshit thug gangsta facade these other niggaz put up is whats really pathetic and sad. cant beliee niggaz still fall for it. especially when u live a REAL life everyday and u see what the reality of most shit is. budden is just being real. get off his sack.

  • I can’t say ‘life after tahiry’… but I sure can say publicity stunt…

  • BE

    Girls are like buses..

  • BE

    Oh yea.. I cosign YaBoiTone. “It’s only so long fake thugs can pretend”

  • B. Digital

    I thought Tahiry was one of the baddest chicks out there.. But Somaya, at least from this video and a couple of pics I’ve seen, IMO is an actual upgrade. With a woman like that by your side, I doubt he’ll put out a Mood Music 4 bka some depressive shit.

    No Mercy – If you’ve been in a 5 year relationship with a woman you were about to marry then suddenly break it off.. I’m pretty sure right afterwards you would be a bit emotional. In fact, it’s human to have feelings.

  • mithritades

    Wait til I get my money right laaa la la la..Then they can’t tell me nothing riight

  • RRcoolJ

    This chick is gonna “Make Him Better” (c) Fabolous ft Ne-Yo but Tahiry was a brickhouse that “I Can’t Let Go” (c) Fabolous ft Tamia

  • Interscope Employee

    you can tell HE AINT OVER TAHIRY!!! fuck budden. Somaya Reece is a pop. Game smashed that

  • Who cares who someone is banging? Are you dudes gay? you can’t get a female? Joe Budden is nothing but an internet gangster who got what he deserved & got tapped out…..He can’t come back from that.

    Anyone whose a Joe Budden fan is an obvious internet geek, and probably a part of his band of Internet Soldiers….lol, where were they to save him when he got snuffed out?

  • @ ya boi tone theres nothing wrong with having to see a therapist. i had anger management before lol niggas from the hood go thru shit like that all the time…wat im saying is that he needs to stop broadcasting his life on the internet. i mean hey if hes happy then thats good but i dont like goin on different sites and seeing him and his drama…i wanna hear some real bars and some inspiring music… more of them raekwon moments…theres also nothing wrong with him having an opinion and even making it public but cmon son ((c) Ed Lover) we know every single aspect of dudes life and thats not a good thing

  • MusikFiend

    The fact that you read this post means you car who she is Noles506 so please stfu. And all Joe Budden fans aren’t internet geeks fam. So you’re gonna say Joe isn’t a nice MC? And comin back from being tapped out? Yea he took an L we all have Ive lost fights in my life but fuck thats how you learn. But ur a hypocrite bro fall back.

  • JoeBuddenStan

    Joe Budden is the best. Fuck you

  • JoeBuddenStan2


  • yo

    did no one else notice the random porno flick at the end of the video???

  • mac DIESEL



  • you can see her tities here: