Jay-Z & 2Pac On Premiere Issue Of RESPECT.


If you’re looking for Mr. Shakur, click here. In the inaugural issue, renowned photographers recount the stories behind some of the rap game’s most iconic images. Make your coffee table proud and cop an issue. RESPECT‘s on newsstands now.

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  • Thanks guys!

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  • mike

    dope pics

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  • Interscope Employee

    Why is Jay on the front page? Why not Pac? Pac is bigger than Jay my nigga!!!

    oh true, its jayradar.com , my bad

  • SouthernQueenD

    Uuuum…reading is fundamental, honey. It clearly says “If you’re looking for Mr. Shakur, click here”

  • who the hell launches a print mag in this day and age?

  • crazywaves

    The fact that jay-z is on the cover gives doubt. why are we riding jay-z’s dick. the man has done nothing for his people. he’s buried everybody that help make him. help a brotha out. you’s a motherfucker / Instead of trying to help a nigga you destroy a brother. im sure many other rappers would have been better than whos hot right now. how can you respect a man that brings the ones down around them to be on top. ill take loyalty of dollars man. done hatin

  • spliffffmonster

    Jayradar.com for sure.. Seriously this isn’t rap news.. this is fucking good morning america news.. how can this magazine shit so much on 2pac? these two had beef.. like Snoop said.. he ain’t gonna roll with Jay-Z and hasn’t because him and Pac had beef and took that to the grave.. Such a shame these promoters are just trying to make a dollar.. and a shame to the host of this site for promoting it as well. I hope you got paid to put this on your website homie.. otherwise you sold out just like hov did after the black album.. and thats real.. peace.. 2PAC would never ride with JAY-Z JUST LIKE he would never RIDE with JA RULE.. MAN THE INTERNET FUCKTARDS FUCK EVERYTHING UP.. NOW THEY ARE GOING AFTER HISTORY.. RIP 2PAC RIP

  • I would just like to add that if these people were actually intelligent or clever, they would be calling the site “rapJAYdar.com.” If you can’t construct a simple pun, your opinion doesn’t matter

  • rocstar

    why are all these commentors always so mad?

  • Rick Dickulous

    who gives a fuck what ja rule think?

  • SouthernQueenD


    Did Snoop not have a song with Jay just a year or two AFTER Pac died? Haven’t we seen NUMEROUS pics over the years with the two of them hanging out? So, what, exactly, are you talking about?

  • ioy

    splifffmonster smokin’ too many spilfs this morning

  • Destiny

    wouldnt that go the same for Diddy who snoop was once about to go on tour with?

    ya contradictin yaself homie.

  • Jayd

    Yo where can I cop an issue I already hit up barnes and nobles and they ain’t got any

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