Rihanna On Alexa Chung

This afternoon, Rihanna gave her second interview since her attack with Alexa Chung. You know, the unfunny Brit on MTV. Anyway, Ri-Ri doesn’t discuss the assault, instead speaks on her new song penned by Ne-Yo called, “Stupid In Love”. Go figure. Fashion talk after the jump.

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  • Yas


  • Kez

    Shes beautiful!!! i love her!!!!
    cant wait for the 2nd clip!! 😀

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  • Flo

    Thanks a lot =)
    Will you post Part 3 (and maybe 4?) too ? please 😀

  • http://twitter.com/idruski pryncedru

    ILH! I love Her Forever!

  • CC

    Could u post the 3rd and 4th parts, plzzz????!!! :)

  • http://iheartjennyb.com jennyb

    shes horrible.

  • Brooksie

    I hope Rihanna knows she is not alone out there. Trust me, I have had my ass beat before and I understand where she is in her life right now. More then she might even know. I know the looks people will give her, the way they feel sorry for her to her face, but really talk shit about her behind her back, as if it is what she gets for staying with him. Abuse is crazy, and Rihanna, will hold ground, speak on what she feels she needs to, she is young, and beautiful, so everyone will attack her, even in the wrong. The one thing out of all of this that makes me sick to death, is TMZ and that photo, that was disrespectful! I am glad she talked about it, as there are two sides to every story, and speaking for myself, the girl is not always the victim, and in her case, she was attacked, and provoked. I read her police report, and the girl needs not for people to see her as weak, but as strong because look at her now, she is still going, not letting anyone knock her down, and that is what she needs to feed to the public! Do not feel sorry for her, envy her because she is strong!

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  • Joe Blow

    weres the rest.

    why dont you answer to my twits ***mad face***

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  • Ac@pella!

    Call me an asshole but…Tough love bitch!

  • Ac@pella!

    Still not buying it. In one story, she said Chris beat her ass and got out and dipped. In another, she said SHE got out the car and ran off until she could get help. Which one is it?!?!?!?…

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  • LakenBake

    Watching that broad model her clothing at 3:04 was painful to me

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