50 Cent Takes Manhattan

Cameras followed 50 Cent to 34th St. last Thursday as he promoted his new fragrance, Power at Macy’s Herald Square. After, he stops by his BISD movie¬†screening. The kid’s got a hustler’s ambition.

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  • offfaketits


  • james bond

    fuck all the shine. fuck all the fuckery and what not yo….
    these real niggas right?…then why the hell Juelz shittin’ on his mans, right next to HIM!
    Kasa look bad yo…the nigga Jon Depp know how to atleast put on the image, that “fake it til you make it” shit…but Kasa is definitely the window into that house. Skull Gang?…pshh, yeah right….man it really DO seem like 50 the only nigga from NY that got his niggas lookin’ damn near his level..or maybe is it cuz he doesn’t do all that “flashy” shit..iunno..either way, Banks, Yayo all them niggas eatin’ good. wtf is up wit’ dat!

  • willie mcfly22

    u kno as long as fif is alive his niggaz gona b millionaires…

  • The Money The Power!