New Music: MJ “Buttercup” (Unreleased)

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We’re still celebratin’ the King. This is the best tune off his finest posthumous release that I’ve heard thus far. Stevie Wonder wrote the following and how it didn’t end up being on an MJ album before is beyond me. If you don’t like this one, get the fuck off my site and don’t you ever come back. Ha!

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  • MikeBlud

    Damn this is dope

  • Mark

    sorry yn i can understand why this was never deemed good enough..

  • Easy

    Here’s another version of this joint from Carl Anderson, ’85.

    Not sure why the Jackson version never got out tho….might have been some label change issues or something.

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  • Kasgre01

    This $h!t is RIDICULOUS…

  • *sOuL*

    its cool. the lyrics are on point, mj’s voice is solid, the beat is tight also, just wished the hook had a lil more to it…

  • Billy Rae Valentine

    nice. YN have u heard “Hot Street”? or how about the totally different Stevie Wonder version of “P.Y.T.”?

  • TheUltimate

    loving this!!

  • Who Me?

    Friggin fresh!

  • c
  • kurt gobang da2nd

    actually, i don’t like this. probably because i’m 12 and the music of my generation sucks ass…
    just kidding. sorry youngins’…

  • rena

    why the hell was this never released, i gotta go buy this album

  • Dj Dodge

    GTFOH !! What A Banger ! Grrove Ain’t As Funky As Carl Andersons But .. It’s MJ , Tha King.. Love It..